Movie Review No. 2: The Big Short (2015) (SPOILERS)

You read the title!

The Big Short is currently in theaters now. If you would like to not hear spoilers, go see it sometime!

The Big Short was a movie I've been waiting for all year. It stood out for me, and not just because the trailer played my favorite Led Zeppelin song.

When it was finally released, I looked at my schedule and decided to see it today (December 28) at 6:35 PM. And so, I did so with my older sister.

This movie, I suspected, wasn't going to be all that depressing. Then I realized, this film is about around six men trying to fix this huge trouble with the house marketing and banks, and suddenly, in the end, it all collapses. Like it says, 8 million lost their jobs and became homeless. (And that was in the U.S.)

The film really gives you different emotions. It can make you laugh, it can make you on the verge of tears (me), and it can make you feel pure anger. What I like about this film is that it doesn't have a happy ending, no matter how much you want it too.

The performances are outstanding.

Christian Bale: Funny, charming, yet such a saddening character.

Brad Pitt: You may look at him like some creepy, dazed guy, but he knows what the hell is going on. He's smart and plain serious. Probably one of my favorite characters in the film.

Steve Carell: Easily the most depressing character in the film. His angered, painful expressions you see can make you feel somewhat... Guilty. And when he just breaks down into a sob over the guilt of his brother's suicide just takes your heart and shoves it into a shredder. Seriously. PAINFUL! Anyways, probably the best character/performance in the film.

Ryan Gosing: Sarcastic, hilarious, great performance.

This movie is amazing. In my opinion, it's easily one of the best I've seen all year.



This was an amazing movie. It deserves to win a bunch of academy awards. What I loved about it was that at the time of the crash, people who didn't lose jobs and homes and people who didn't work in mortgage companies saw this as a tragedy, but probably didn't stop what they were doing to take action or really to just try to feel the pain of everyone who was affected. This movie shows that the crash was something so terrible that it deserved much more than just a few newspaper articles, and it forces people to take time out of their day to understand the pain of those who lost their homes and to understand the criminality of the investors who put them on the streets. Great review, by the way. - Songsta41