Egnomacs Movie Review #3: The Shawshank Redemption

egnomac The Shawshank Redemption was a movie I've herd about but never paid to much attention to it, that was until watching an episode of Family Guy "Three Kings" where they spoofed 3 works of Stephen Kings books including Stand By Me, Misery and the last one bieng The Shawshank Redemption and it actually got me interested in watching for the first time and I was really blown away by it the acting, the story and the moving message of never giving up hope even in the darkest of places.

The movie follows Andy Dufresne whos sent to Shawshank prison falsely accused of murdering his wife and lover where he meets and sparks a special friendship with Red the man who knowshow to get things and knows the ropes of the prison, as expected prison life is brutal in Andys first night he an the other prisoners are hosed down and drenched with powder before marching to thier cells butt naked while the other prisoners taunt them as Red says the first night is always the hardest as the prisoners do anything they can to take thier minds off prison life including purposley trying to make one of the new ones break all for a bet in one brutal moment one of prisoners breaks down in tears before one of the guards surprisingly well performed by Clancy Brown the voice of Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants comes in and mercifully beats him to death. Over the course of the movie Andy is beaten, raped and humiliated but through it all still maintains his sanity eventually beinging change to the prison even gaining favor from the warden.

Another moment from the movie that stands out is what happens to prisoners after be realeased , prisoner Brooks freaks out after finding out he's being released which surprising until Red reveals that Brooks had spent most of his life behind bars and now been completely institutionalised in here hes someone important on the outside hes no one, one line Red says sums it all up about the walls of prison " First you hate them then you get use to them", when Brooks gets realeased life on the outside becomes too much and commits suicide.

Andy eventually realises that hes has enough of prison after the Warden reveals his true colors and after he orders the death of one of the prisoners who Andy has been helping get his degree who holds knowledge that could have gotten Andy free, Andy desperately wants his freedom back and is willing to crawl through a tunnel of crap the most memorable momentin the movie is when Andy after crawling through all the sewage tears off his shirt as the rain is pouring down on him getting that first taste of freedom in a long time, not only escaping but also revealing all the corruption that went on in Shashank prison, Red eventually is released and keeps his promise to Andy following the instructions he leaves behind and both reunite.

Over all its a wonderfu movie with solid acting both Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman have great chemistry hatdly any real flaws although if there were I hardly noticed.

My Final Thoughts: The Shawshank Redemption is by far one of the greatest movies ever made right up there with The Godfather such a shame upon its released it didn't recieve much praise but over time its become a real classic.


It's definitely my favorite movie - visitor

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Great review! - PeeledBanana

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