Back to the Future


This film is perfectly recorded, all the times of the film fit together, there is no mistake in them, in any of the films, it is possible to emphasize that the imagination of the creator of the film is colossal, great, since at that time no one I was going to imagine that there would be flying skateboards and things like that. (And that does not happen yet)

Should be in the top 10! It is one of the all time classics and any movie going person who has an interest in film must watch this to understand other movies and references. If you do not know this movie, you do not know film.

The best trilogy of all time! The best Steven Spielberg movie! The best Michael J. Fox movie! And the best 80's movie! Who the * would vote for Titanic or avatar-BACK TO THE FUTURE ALL THE WAY!

I was hooked on this movie since the first time I heard, "Great Scott! ". I didn't think it would be in this list, but now that I see it is, it should be higher. It might be number 1 in the future! (Get it? )

I love this movie so much! It's one of the best time traveling movies out there and I hope people out there get to watch it! (Except for China, it was banned there)

A true masterpiece of comedy. Love this movie. Cheers me up every time I watch it... I just don't understand why it is so low on the list. Every actor did exceptionally well.

The best movie ever. I watched each part back to back because they were so good! I loved the actors and the settings. It was so exciting for a considerably old movie.

Every time I watch it this just gets better and better. I watch all 3 of them back and forth. I think it should be ranked higher.

25? That's ridiculous! I think it's better than all the other movies on here but not enough people watch it because it's old... I 12 and it's the best movie ever.

This is the best movie of all time, I just don't understand why all the other random boring ones have ranked better than this! Michael J. Fox forever!

Why isn't this movie higher? I expected it it be at least number 8! Yeah it is an old movie but it will always be on of the best trilogies on the planet!

I've seen this movie at least 20 times and will continue to watch it! Should definitely be in the top 5 all time best!

lol back to the future is such a great film, but tbh i only really like the first one, its the best although the others are good. - Jeheffiner

It's not my favorite film! But I love it so much! It's one of my favorites and The Lion King and The Avengers should be behind it. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Best film of the eighties! I run a Film Club and every generation of kids who watch this film are absolutely hooked on it!

Best movie of my teen years. Watched to guitar solo with my friend of the time at least 50 times and laughed our eyes out.

This should be higher on the list since it is so funny, well acted, has a great plot, and is just all around a GREAT movie!

Great Scott! This has to be one of the best movies I've ever seen, when my dad showed me this film, I immediately liked it.. - carafa0123

This deserves the top spot. Great scott!

Glad to see it's 25, but it should be higher.

The story was way ahead of its time and the story is handled in an impeccable way filled with humor and thrill

Love this movie very much. Great script and very good acting. It is 1 of the best movie I ever saw. Great work!

Best Movie ever I must have seen them 25 times all 3 and every time a notice something that I have not before!

This SHOULD be the highest this is my FAVOURITE movie of all time I'm watching for the 50th time right now

One of my favorite ever a classic it has great scenes that don't feel dated, great characters, and story