Only a handful of films shook me to my cultural core like this film did. Films took a leap in quality in the 2000s but for its time, Braveheart was way ahead of it's time in fundamental quality - acting, directing, cinematography, score, etc. Unforgiven was a couple years earlier and also had that appeal, but in general, the late 80s and early 90s produced some overrated films compared to best of the mid-80s. Criticisms of historical inaccuracies in Braveheart is myopic and selective at best, considering what most films do with artist's interpretation. - NedKelly

The best war scenes and also most bare asses in one camera shot plus a wonderful love story romeo an juliet style and rustic uniforms of the scottish made you feel apart of the film Plus I think its worth mentioning That Braveheart is also perfectly named film,

I think this is the most beautiful movies I have ever seen.
So I love this movie and William Wallace is real man at the end of this movie I take responsibility and I am sure that in the end of this movie you will have a crazy smile on your face.

When William Wallace is giving his speech at the Battle of Stirling, I get goosebumps every time. This movie is phenomenal in every way possible. The best fighting movie of all time. It's better than Gladiator.

a more passionate film doesn't exist! true to emotions and history, makes this my favourite movie of all time.

It is the best movie of the world. Really, its wonderful sacrifice for the freedom. We must learn from his sacrifice. Wallace is the name of sacrifice & freedom icon. - jubair

Greatest movie of all time, excellent soundtrack and an amazing performance by Mel Gibson. Took home 5 oscars and over 10 nominations.

William Wallace is the man, especially when he smashes that guys face in with the ball and chain after he finds out his hot girfriend was killed!

He will "Never Surrender" --Great battle scenes, English treachery, Scottish bravery--visit Stirling and Edinburgh in Scotland and see where it all happened 700 years ago!

I've seen this movie like a thousand times and could watch it a thousand more. Such a beautiful inspiring story and amazing battle scenes.

This should be in the top 3 films of all time. It's captivating, emotional, well scripted, well directed, and great acting.

The historical inaccuracies are there, but so is the emotion, drama, and so on.

This Film has kept with me since I watched it a thousand times as a kid. It's absolutely masterful in the art of film making.

My favorite part is his speech its awesome
- aj1028

I do agree with shawshank, excellent movie, but Braveheart is in my opinion the GREATEST movie of all time. I 100% give this movie the number one spot.

An epic... A reflection of history of England, mel gibson was able to portray effectively the character of Scottish man.

When I was 12,i believed it's the best movie I had ever seen. now after many years I believe this is the best movie of all time.

I had just watched this film,
its absolutely brilliant.
quite sad near the ending and when his wife dies :'( - daviboy22

Mel Gibson went all out. Watch the movie but really watch it and you'll see how beast he is

The Godfather should be this movie's only competition.

I can watch this movie over and over again! Some of the all time best battles with lots of great acting! Ireland, It's my island! Love it!

This at least should be in the top 10, if not number 1! It shows so much courage and pride!

Braveheart is one of the best movies have seen. this movie has so much passion and spirit. This is amazing!

this movie has everything from action... love... and even comedy.

i am half scotish and half english it makes me proud to be scotish
- mitchell