The Dark Knight


The finest acting performance by Heath Ledger and finesse executed by highly esteemed director Christopher Nolan generated what I believe to be the greatest film of all time. If this one isn't, then Forrest Gump should be. This movie is full of so much more than just raw action. It has deep meaning, symbolism, and powerful dialogue pertaining to a story that endlessly keeps you on the edge of your seat and have you begging for more when all is over. Personally, I love the dialogue between Alfred and practically everyone he talks to, because he is full of so much wisdom and insight with an answer to everything. Also, the Jokers dark views on chaos and Batman's opposition to those views was very interesting as well. The whole plot of the movie goes far deeper than epic fights, gadgets, and stunts, this movie even teaches us all a lesson, but you have to watch the movie yourself to understand what that is.

Christopher Nolan is a genius. All of this movie is a revolutionary, unmatched masterpiece, but two scenes in particular come to mind. SPOILER ALERT! First is the scene on the bomb-rigged boats. Whether conscious or subconscious, every viewer of that scene is deciding what THEY would do, and most choose that they would kill the convicts (since most viewers associate themselves with the citizens, and not the convicts). This makes it so incredibly heartbreaking and humbling when the viewer sees the convicts choose to save the citizens, because to the viewer it feels like THEY were just saved. Second, the scene where Heath Ledger is standing in the road, wide open, with Batman zooming towards him in the Batpod. The Jokers true intentions show through, and they are to break Batman. He shows just how much of a psychopath he is, screaming the eternally echoing "HIT ME! ". This forces batman to decide: justice or revenge. I won't spoil what happens, but it shapes the viewer's idea of who ...more

One of, if not my all time favorite movies.

I love Christopher Nolan's Batman movies.

Heath Ledger did an outstanding job as the Joker in this movie. By far the best antagonist I've ever seen portrayed in media.

The movie has an amazing soundtrack, courtesy of Hans Zimmer, and is full of great actors, wonderful directing, and clever writing with some very memorable quotes.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn. "

A movie that has everything I admire about movies: 1) character development of a hero who fights for something bigger than him and "does the things no one else could". 2) an INCREDIBLY acted bad guy who is entertaining, does and says things that are mind-bending, and opposes everything good the hero does in order to try and watch the courageous fall (that opposition makes an amazing story! ) 3) a genius score written by the master of film music composition, Hans Zimmer. His moods in the tracks and themes are so iconic, and illustrate the rise and falls of the hero

Absolutely the best comic book/BATMAN/Superhero Movie I ever seen and I still enjoy watching it. Absolutely a true master piece Batman movie and with such stars as CHRISTIAN BALE as BATMAN and HEATH LEDGER'S phenomenal performance and portrayal of the psychopathic and dangerous JOKER. Aaron Eckhart portrayal as Harvey Dent and the seeking revenged TWO FACE. Gary Oldman has done amazing job in his role as JIM GORDON. BEST DAMN BATMAN MOVIE TO DATE!

This movie whether you are a comic fan or not, is simply amazing. It is a fun, emotional film. It is simply a work of art. This is a film people still talk about till this day. It is beautiful in every way, and to top it off. Heath Ledger as The Joker was truly amazing. Go watch the film. Christian Bale does a damn good job as Batman. So does the rest of the cast, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, and Maggie Gyllenhaal play there roles respectively. Truly in my opinion the greatest film ever made.

People say this movie is over rated because of joker's performance. But the movie is far more than joker's amazing performance. Batman as a symbol of hope turns himself as a villain in the eyes of the people so that they continue to have faith in good. A hero who wants the people to be the heroes of the city and doesn't want them to depend on a masked vigilante to fight crime. Amazing.

This vote is not here without Heath Ledger with his portrayal of the Joker. Absolutely mesmerizing and terrifying yet you can never take your eyes off the screen. The Nolan brothers are story-making geniuses. Christian Bale cemented his legacy as possibly the best Batman ever, and Aaron Eckhart as Dent/Two-Face was spot on. My favorite movie of all time. - AJLuffred

This is the greatest movie I have seen. The Godfather, Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club and Pulp Fiction are supposed to be good but I have never seen them. So that means The Dark Knight is the greatest movie I have ever seen. Amazing plot, acting and cinematography. Not to mention the greatest acting of a villain ever by Ledger.

Its just a win in every way. It has amazing directing, the best acting, intense soundtrack, and a mastermind of a story. Such a shame the academy awards didn't see past the comic book/ action movie genre to give it any awards that it most definitely deserved!

The best superhero movie ever made, christopher nolan is a genius and one of the best of this decade. This is the best batman movie and a much much better movie than the lord of the rings, this movie should be at least on 2nd position, not less than that

Incredible acting, not just from Heath Ledger but Christian Bale and every other actor in a major role. It has a fast paced and captivating soundtrack, wisdom and shows that a movie can be action packed and still ask profound questions about society and human nature. Christopher Nolan delivers a plot so full of twists and turns that it feels taken straight from reality.

Easily the greatest film of all time. The perfect combination of action and drama along with amazing acting from Heath Ledger who played as the Joker. It was tragic that he death occurred before the movie was released. If you like comic books you have to love this movie. It only furthers the fact that Batman is the greatest superhero ever created.

Was made such excellence and the cast was just perfect, how can you forget The legend of the joker, and the man who brought the character to life HEATH LEDGER, after watching the movie it leaves a mark on your heart, it takes you away to the GOTHAM...

I really love this film it's a great plot, too bad the one coming out this year the dark knight rises is the last in the series. Been a fan since I watch batman begins for the first time. Even though I like marvel comics better this ones better than most of the marvel ones other than spider man, x men and fantastic four.

I liked so much this movie, because in the world of the batman's comics: is a fantasy world, but in this movie, the incredible director Cristopher got adapt this movie in the real world, and nowadays in where we live. Also, at finished to see this movie, leave the sensation as all that happened in the movie, that really happened in an any city.

I've watched loads of movies. Every movie on this list for sure and about 99% of movies on IMDb's top 100. I have to say this is my favorite. Best movie of ALL TIME. I feel like people don't really have the nerves to call a movie other than Shawshank, The Godfather (which is my 2nd favorite), Forrest Gump and few others, the best ever. But I'm going to be honest. BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME! - logifannar

this movie is just AMAZING, all action lovers are going to love this movie. both the joker and batman was better than ever, but my favorite actor is clearly the joker. I recomed everyone to see this film!

What? How could this not be in Top 3? It's the greatest movie I ever seen. It's better than the all the top 10 movies above here. Perfect cast, plot, direction & superb acting by Heath Ledger & Christian Bale makes this the best movie of all time.

Heath ledgers portrayal of the joker has to be one of the best acting in history, every detail he put his performance as the joker was outstanding. He did not just play the joker in some he became the joker to portray him now that is acting. Heath ledger is easily one of the best actors of all time and its tragic that he died so young R.I. P heath ledger

The Dark Knight is the best movie I loved every moment in that movie there hasn't been a super hero movie that has topped The Dark Knight in box office sales this is a must have movie it's better then all movies that have came out in recent years.

I always remember the atmosphere this Film generated when watching it. This film has an endless amount of climaxes and superb filmography, excellent acting, a provocative score and genuine action. Best Comic Book Movie... well done Nolan.

This movie is absolutely EPIC everything is amazing the story, characters, action everything and what makes this movie so much better is the perfect performance of heath ledger who plays the joker his role made this movie stand out and his tragic death will always be remembered long live the clown prince of crime

Nothing can touch this film, Heath Ledger and Christian Bale are some of the best acting talent ever to grace Batman, this film should be at the top. This is a film that really makes people think and feel into it as well as being very entertaining. The best movie ever made.

Ledger's interpretation of The Joker can only be described in one word: iconic. Everything about it was just mesmerizing. The way he talked, the way he portrayed himself it was simply... amazing. In my opinion, he was the greatest Joker ever created, no doubt about it.