The Godfather


I'll admit, this is my 2nd favorite movie tied with Cast Away. Cast Away is just so breathtaking and amazing, but I am just as obsessed with this movie as well. Now let's talk about The Godfather. The storytelling in this movie is something we don't get nowadays. We have movies with explosions, no character development, god awful acting and no plot. This is top notch acting and Brando outdid himself on this one. The plot is so intricate and deep and relies on storytelling along with action for a portrait of a mafia. The character development and the emotion also makes up a good chunk of this movie. There is one scene where man beats up and hurts a women, while in a relationship. This was so sad and emotional and also shocking. There are also more shocks in the movie. To top it all off, the color of this film is amazing. There is a golden tone in some scenes but also scenes with no "color tone". Yellow is a prominent color for objects in this film and just a prominent color in this ...more - cadencr22

Personally, I would consider both Part 1 and Part 2 at the top of the list. Either way, this is definitely the best movie of all time.

Is it my favorite movie? No, but it's definitely up there. But in terms of quality, it's cinema's all time high. It has everything: Oscar worthy acting (Brando got the Oscar), incredible direction and cinematography, possibly the best script ever in a movie and a ton of quotable lines (I'll make you an offer you can't refuse). Simply put, this movie is a work of art.

But what puts it over the top is that not only is it beautifully crafted, it's also incredibly engaging and entertaining! There are several movies that can be considered art (like Citizen Kane), but man of them come off as boring. This however, is not just a landmark in terms of quality, its one of my favorite movies ever that never bores me. There are so many layers to this movie, yet the outside layer by itself is incredible, and the artistic elements make it that much ...more

I'm ten years old. I like Disney films and my favorite Disney film is Bambi. But my favorite movie is, well, I gotta give it to Jaws (1975). But 'The Godfather'? I can't wait until I'm older, because I HAVE to see this film. IT SOUNDS GREAT! My parents won't let me watch it, but I'm excited to see it! My top ten (10. Simpsons Movie 9. Dark Knight 8, Sleeping Beauty 7. The Great Mouse Detective 6, Scrooge 5, Bambi 4, Home Alone 3, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 2, Home Alone 2 1, Jaws)

Finally! Something in the number one spot that deserves to be there! This is a superb movie. I have watched it at least fifty times and I still adore it and watch it as if I've never seen it before.

The theme song just gets me every time...and Al Pacino in this movie is kinda cute. - NicePants

I am 13 years old. It frustrates me that people my age cannot connect to me because I love old movies. Seriously! They think Jack and Jill is good! Anyway, The Godfather is such a timeless masterpiece and it makes me happy to see it #1 on the list because it IS #1. It actually was the highest grossing movie of its time. Marlon Brando and Al Pacino worked really well together to create a film so wonderfully magnificent. My second favorite is Orson Welles Citizen Kane followed by The Godfather part II.

Be proud of yourself. Most kids these days aren't as intelligent as you. - JakePlaid

Younger people won't get this movie, I would know I'm a millennial but even if that's true I still get why this movie is the greatest it is because of all the small details and how everyone talks, Marlon and Al did amazing as well, and when Michael shot the two guys at the restaurant I could feel the pressure, but because of lack of action young people won't like it

It just gives and gives - I saw this movie every decade from when I was 18, and every viewing yields something new that as a new viewpoint that comes with age and experience. One day I'll watch is when I am the Godfather's age, when my kids are grown up and I will see yet another angle in this incredible movie.

This truly is the greatest film ever, you can watch it time after time and not get bored. Every time I watch this film you notice something else that you didn't notice the last time you watched it. Everything about this film is class from the acting to the directing and rightfully deserves number 1 spot

The original Godfather completely ranks as the best film ever made due to the actors, actresses, plot, directing and everything in between. Never again will their be such a more powerful, intense, "can't take your eyes away for even a minute" without missing something great!

No film can ever touch this, except The Godfather Part II, and not just because it is well shot, or edited or anything of the like. This is the greatest film of all time because it has a sheer grandeur that no other film can match. It is a darkly epic tale of a gangster, a father, a man. It is beautiful, and has some of the greatest performances ever seen on film. This is a film you have to respect, something you have to think about, and take time out of everything else for.

The godfather is very awesome. It is very cool cause its about the mafia. I mean, what better movie is there that shows the mafia all BEASTLY! This movie is a have to see man! It is totally awesome. I love the godfather man.

People are really voting star wars onto this list? The movie that killed cinema? Rocky kinda helped, but rocky is at least twice as good as Star Wars. Movies were no longer made to express opinions. Movies weren't an art form after Star Wars. It became a way to make money. The Godfather is and will always be the greatest film ever made.

You can't refuse this movie. Everything from the iconic score to the cast from the sets to the script everything was at a tier 1 level. The magnum opus of Hollywood by a mile (I can only think of one close second **cough cough** citizen Kane) - Ledjam17

Come on, Godfather's not first? It's gotta be first, you guys! It has everything a gangster movie should have, and it has a family aspect, and relationship aspect, and it's just damn awesome! This needs to be first!

The Godfather is that kind of movie that make us feel the story like if we were there with strong feelings and an incredible perspective of a lifetime.

While obviously a great movie with great acting, pristine writing, and unnaturally awesome casting of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, this movie made offer critics couldn't refuse, as the good things that I listed created the best movie of all time. - NoEntranceHere

Whoever voted the titanic is truly idiotic. Terrible acting and a very unrealistic representation of the time period filmed. Quite laughable really that it is on the list as some of these movies such as the Godfather Shaw-shank Redemption etc.

MArlon Brando gives his greatest performance and one of the best of all time in the Godfather. Robert Duvall, Al Pacino and Robert Denero also give great acting roles. The film is definitely the greatest of all time. - batman360

This is my favourite movie of all time. Schindler's List and Cinema Paradiso are up there as well, but this takes the bill. Just look at the incredible directing, acting, and film editing, and you know it's the finest piece of cinema ever produced.

Al Pacino's character is so capturing
The way this movie has an effect on today's culture is breathtaking. It has the most soothing sound track and it definitely deserves to be number 1.

Amazing cast amazing story amazing plot and superb talented actors and actresses lots of suspense lots of awesome memories the best movie ever greatest gangster movie in history and also the greatest movie and awesome music also

One of the greatest films of all time, absolutely amazing. If it wasn't for The Godfather and its breathtaking scenes, directing and award winning actors, American crime films would be completely different.

This is a pure masterpiece in film creation on all levels! The Godfather is a perfect mix of action, drama, storyline, plot, quotes and classic and memorable characters. An absolutely outstanding movie that is worth the 3 long hours!

Greatest movie of all time has it all great cast, love, hate, action, fear, emotions and Marlon Brando at his best with Al Pacino by his side being the boss way before Scarface.

Well anyone can comment on a movie that's not so good. But what can a person comment on a thing which sets standards on the society. It redefined the whole Hollywood from merely making movies to making masterpieces.