The Godfather, Part II


It was so hard to watch, not just because it was complicated, evil, gripping, or sad, but because it was all of those things put together. It was basically two movies, but when you put them together the suspense skyrockets. Truly the best movie of all time, though the first comes very, very close.

The godfather part II was definitely the most superior of all the others in the trilogy! Part I was amazing! But came nowhere close to II, Part I was just pure crap all over! Andy Garcia ruined the whole film for everybody. This one, had the most Oscars, and also starred the two greatest actors of all time as the leading roles: Robert De Niro and Al Pacino! De niro took out the oscar for best actor!

Definitely Al Pacino is an amazing actor, and this movie was entertaining, it rivals Godfather, Robert De Niro's greatest performance - roblist

Equal, if not better than the original. I rate the Godfather as my all time favourite and a 10/10 movie, so Part II must be 10+ and equal favourite. - Myke1

Let's just reflect that Twilight appears higher on the list than Godfather Two. I think any credibility this list has is gone.

Easily the greatest gangster film of all time and possibly the number one movie ever made, Part II is one sequel that steadily improves upon it's predecessor. This film is a true masterstroke, with not a single flaw. It includes possibly the best on-screen performance of Al Pacino's career and a host of other electrifying performances from actors Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Lee Strasberg and Michael V Gazzo. The cinematography is beautiful and the script is immaculate. Everything from to script, to the music, to the costuming is pitch perfect.

This is the greatest movie of all time. I can't even believe its this far back on the list. Start voting people. - diego19073

This masterpiece might not be better than the original but it deserves a higher spot that's for sure - roblist

This and the first one should be in the top 10!

Al Pacino is better in this one than the first, all the actors do a pretty impressive job.

Should be on the first page at least.

Best story telling ever. Great follow up to the Godfather, except better.

The godfather is the greatest Trilogy and the Godfather II is the greatest movie!

Al Pacino is the greatest actor of all time

Come on people! This is an amazing movie, it rivals the GodFather!

Godfather Part II featured true acting and pure film making

I suppose better than the godfather

Better than the original by far.

I think it is better than the first one...
Please do NOT kill me, it is an opinion. And the cast is as good, acting point on, and it deserves any oscar nomination. 10/10 - PugLlama

This is one of the top5 movies that ever made. I don't know what kind of ideas that you had to settle down 'back to the future'upper than this movie!

Now this movie definitely deserves to be higher,I like this movie more than the part I - zxm

This was rated number 2 in "Top 250 films of all time" by IMDb
This deserves to be higher.

Robert de niro's performance is uncomparable and a great screenplay.

It had brando and Al Pacino probably one of the 2 best actors to ever grace are eyes and screens if you don't love this move when you see it and you haven't seen the first one watch the first one my mom let me watch this after she went and saw it in the movis at age 16 it was probably the best movie I ever saw ^)^