I can without a doubt say that this is the best movie I have ever seen. This movie is currently at #11 which is great but I have seen all the 10 movies above and I love them as well, don't get me wrong, but this movie does every aspect to perfection. The story is impeccable and every time I see it I notice something I hadn't before and another piece of the complex puzzle falls into place. The acting is superb, there isn't a single performance that isn't perfect. I challenge anyone to find a movie that has a better overall collective cast effort. The special effects are unreal. The scenes with Arthur in the hotel are some of the best technical achievements in movie history. The action is fantastic and you are on the edge of your seat throughout. And last, but certainly (certainly) not least, the musical score is one of, if not the best movie soundtrack that I have ever heard. I listen to different movie scores occasionally while working, and Hans Zimmer is definitely my favourite film ...more

Are you kidding me Inception is at 77 its the best in my professional career as a movie critic its the all time greatest movie flick ever I gave it a 4 out of 5 and 9.5 out of ten it made me cry with its emotional sound track and the visual effects were really good and this was nominated for an oscar but lost to an A- grade movie which broke my heart when they announced at the awards which I was at thats right I've been to 7 academy awards and this was a massive shock I could not help but cry so lets vote guys on this great phenomenal movie to br number one and if you have not seen it than don't vote for it until you have seen this masterpiece of work
well done Director Christopher Nolan thumbs Up!

It is rare to see a movie that is so well planned out yet does not feel staged. Ever single moment of this film is vital to the plot and pacing. Rotten Tomatoes gives this film 86%. That is great news. That means that this movie is so good that it was not made for the masses but for people who value intelligent movies. This is the greatest movie of all time. While it does not revolutionize film like A New Hope or The Lord of The Rings trilogy it is a perfectly crafted piece of art. This movie shows that you can follow the basic action movie structure and turn it into something beautiful.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. The acting is extraordinary, and the director is literally a genius. I love the story, and everything about it. It is like a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream. I love the non gravity things and the time differences, and the never ending staircase. Most of all I love the ending. The main character gets to go home and be with his children and then you see the spinning top and you're like that "uh oh". It is a phenomenon.

I've watched this movie at least a dozen times and each time I find my self immersed in one of the greatest films I have watched. The cast is phenomenal, the writing is extremely well done, and the action and special effects really brought the whole thing together. Combine all that with a plot that dared to try something nobody else did, and you have yourself a great film that will keep you wanting more.

I think that this movie really raised the bar for science fiction in 2010. It has so many good special effects that blow my mind. I have been involved in many theories about this movie, and how Christopher Nolan put all the pieces together for this film, I have no idea. It truly is an ingenious film and it has a beautiful soundtrack. Much love to all the actors in Inception, they really did a great job!

It isn't the best (the best isn't on the list. Titled, "The Gift" and was made in 2015), but it's the best from the given choices. After I'd say Star Wars 5, then The Godfather, then Fight Club, then the Matrix. Titanic is horribly overrated. It's actually pretty bad. Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption are both grossly overrated, too. Those two aren't in any way bad, they're just said to be the vest and they simply aren't.

Original and intense with such great character development and such a unique storyline it drives me nuts. It takes intelligence to understand this movie and is actually a lot of fun to explain to other people. The music is a fantastic complement to the film, especial at the part where Arthur fights the bodyguards in the constantly turning gravity. Every time I watch it I find something new and it makes me like it so much more. An intant classic.

How could you NOT vote this for the best? It's MIND BLOWING! SERIOUSLY! Every time I watch it, I have crazy dreams, it's the only movie I've ever seen that makes my mind hurt, and yet, I love it! The score is also amazing. Hans Zimmer has pulled off possibly the greatest soundtrack ever!

Its one of the smartest movies ever! Everything makes you pay all the attention on what's happening, and if you don't, you can't understand anything! So, is a great movie for people who likes to think while is watching something, and not only watch a simple movies.

Best Movie Ever! Hands down. The complexity of the plot is intriguing, the effects are superb, and the actors' (primarily Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy) performances are impeccable and very underrated. Christopher Nolan can obviously do no wrong. Definitely my favorite movie of all time.

This is so good none of my friends have seen it I'm 13 I just saw it I've seen many movies it is now my favorite movie of all time sorry for the really long sentence. There are so many good things about it that I could describe, but instead I'll just say this: WHY DID IT NOT WIN BEST PICTURE?! I DON'T SEE THE KING'S SPEECH UP THIS HIGH ON THE LIST!

Talking about science fiction. Oh my god, inception has got everything. I mean how could it be at no.48, with such an amazing different concept. It just rocks. You just can't go away for a second while watching. By far the best movie I have seen so far. And where is The day after tomorrow?

I am 17 years old and I have watched all these movies... Inception is the best movie for me... I find godfather so boring and the most slowly movie. The century has changed and you need to understand that it is difficult to watch a movie from 1940-1980! The cinema has changed and needs new ideas and inception is the new idea!

It is a great sci-fi films of all times. And it is superb from intellectual prospect but the story gets slightly cliche. In my opinion I would rather say that the movie is magnificent in technological ground and the overall film making is outstanding. So it deserves to be on the top ten list of greatest films of all times

It's simple. In terms of combining raw, integrated visual and sonic entertainment, intellectual stimulation and emotional heft, Inception is second to none. Its only flaw is its gunfight scenes. If you don't think so, you haven't seen it enough times, or perhaps you lack the acuity to grasp its sheer magnitude.

It will blow your mind, this should be in the top 3. Chris Nolan is a confirmed genius in my book after watching this. The storyline, the screeplay, the concept, the acting, the cinematography, hans zimmer doing the score, the confusion, the depth that went into the characters. This movie is nothing short of a masterpiece and should have gotten every oscar up for grabs.

It is a FANTASTIC movie! At the end, I was FURIOUS at the producers for not letting us see whether the top would stop spinning or not. Then again, I guess I actually enjoyed how they left the ending up to the viewer, to decide whether Cobb was in reality, or Mal really was right the whole time, and she is still alive...

Take the little known phenomena lucid dreaming, and fit it into a heist movie. Get a great cast, and mix them with the mind-bending possibilities of lucidity, and combine it with all of the intrigue and plot of a heist film. My friend, you've got a recipe for the greatest movie of all time.

One of the best movies I've ever seen and it's amazing from the start till the end. If any of you haven't yet seen it yet, I recommend you to watch it. The dream concept and plot of the movie is just outstanding and even though I've watched it many times still it is interesting to watch. - RohitC

Inception is shockingly brilliant! The special effects are incredible, the action is superb, the plot is well-moving, and the storyline is powerful. This is Leonardo's best film!

The comment below mine is absolutely correct man! Finally got someone who is not complaining about the confusing part of it because I didn't had any problem in understanding that this film is just the best of the bests!

This movie is genius. Someone who created the idea is the most genius. Very unrealistic yet very realistic. After watched this movie, I started to think that "what if this life is just like a dream? And I will wake up if I die".. Just scary and beautiful

This movie is very cool and it is one of the top 10 favourite movies in my opinion. Great Consept, soundtrack, great ending, great storyline and great fights! The first time I watch it, I was confused, but once I watch it again, I started to understand it more and more. This is the best movie I ever see! Leonardo DiCaprio's acting was great! Thank you Nolan for making this movie! I really like it a lot!

Very clever film and brilliant concept, it really gets you thinking. This and Shutter Island are really good films that play with your mind. I can watch this over and over again and never get tired of it's genius.