The Lion King


The characters, the music, the colours, the feel good storyline; this has to the best movie ever, let alone best animated film.

The Lion King is an animated Disney movie, so you probably wouldn't jump to call it "the greatest movie ever". But if you really think about the plot, it's an amazing story with lots of deep meanings and life lessons behind it. You have to consider it one of the most exceptional movies of all time, and it can definitely be compared to huge theatrical films...even in spite of the fact that it's a cartoon!

Watching this movie reminded me of my childhood. An that, in my opinion makes this one of the best movies ever made and certainly the best Disney movie. No other movie can make me feel like I am in my childhood again sitting on the couch watching movies with my family.

I love this story! One of the Disney movies I've watched as a little girl! If you don't like this movie just a little, than you probably have never seen it before! If you haven't seen it before than it's your loss! - JHLover321

This movie doesn't deserve a 37! This should be in the top 20 at least. Best Disney film, no doubt about it. Best Disney music, best Disney plot, best Disney everything.

the greatest movie ever. Its the Disney version of hamlet. I've seen it over 150 times it gets better every time. WOW!

Best movie no argument. I would definitely rate this number 1. Amazing movie I watched it 3 times and I'm still not bored. But it's very emotional.

Regardless of the fact that it's animated and made for kids, it is still great. You are lying if you say you don't like this movie. LYING!

Thank you very much! I finally see you like the united states because I see you making fun of the president when you talk about politics. Enough said...

I think this movie deserves a bit higher ranking than this, because hands down best movie I ever watched from my childhood.

Best movie of all time! Can't believe this movie came out the year I was born. This movie doesn't age! Never seems to out grow modernization! Classic...

Still tear up every time I see this movie, anyone who watched this growing up can still remember the first time they saw this classic film.

I loved this when I was growing up, and I still do! Way better than these movies for kids what are made these days. - Tesu_Cassells

Best Disney movie ever made, They maybe proud of making the film. I think this film must at least come in the top 5.

The lion king 2 was just as stunning. I grew up with both the movies and can still appreciate the films today

I know every single word, song and character script. That's how many times I've watched this masterpiece

The movie and musical of Lion King is not good but totally magnificent because from all of those reviews Lion King had it was all positive feedback and is and will always be the best movie ever in Disney history.
26th January 2013

It has music, comedy, love, life and death! What more could you want from the best Disney movie of all time, it can't be topped.

Best movie ever! So touching and comovent. But it is also fun and comic. It shows the best of two sides. The characters are well done and the dialogues are well structured. Last but not the least, the songs are delightful.

It is the best movie ever i wish they would show it on t.v some time. - Bellzie

I'm no 12, but I grew up with this movie, and It's gotta be one of the best movies ever!

What a classic. The one movie meant for children that adults can truly enjoy also!

The lion king is awesome, I loved it since I was a little kid and I still love it now!

If the Lion King doesn't enters the Top 15 at least, Disney fans are gonna be angry.

I really like this movies and share the love between animals like human