The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


I can't believe this isn't number one this movie series had such a huge impact on my childhood. Everything about it was just great the characters, the fighting scenes, the plot, and in some ways the fact that it was a long. Just the whole trilogy in general was amazing. No modern day movies can even contest this and if you were a 1990's kid and you haven't seen these movies then you truly have not experienced your childhood to the fullest.

The trilogy as a whole is unforgettable movie making, and the final film brings it home in spectacular fashion. The adapted screenplays paint a slightly different picture than the books, but are no less compelling. I only wish that the extended version of The Return Of The King would have been presented as the original theater release. The extra scenes don't drag the movie out like some extended DVD's, instead they only enrich the already stunning story telling.

the incomparable conjurer in the list... words fell short for this inexplicable viewers pleasure... actually not just the movie... the best ever trilogy... the story is well directed and pictured with amazing effects... which takes us to an adventure that never ends...
a mind blowing spectacle...
and by the way... it is an epic movie... not a novel
and P. Jackson's done excellent job in realizing the J. R. R. Tolkien epic... - underhill

I'm sorry, but, this is probably deserving of number 1, even with the GodFather up there. It just captured the whole Lord of the Rings feeling so well and the movie is done ingeniously... think about it! Every movie that comes out now is only worth however much it stands up to Lord of the Rings!

I just finished the Fellowship of the Ring book in the Lord of the Rings series and I'm starting on the Two Towers book. I read An Unexpected Journey and watched the three parts in the movie. I really need to read all of the series before I watch any more movies. Or else I will be all excited and I might scream at the top of my lungs. That might not be my best choice, either because I live in an apartment. But still, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to watch this movie.

The best movie my eyes have witnessed I have watch it about 30 times with it's 2 prequels and I still think that lord of the rings trilogy is the best. These movies are my all time favorites especially this one! So if you do love wars, action, fantasy, myths, Christianity, J.R. R Tolkien (the writer of the books) it would be also your number 1. Legendary books converted to legendary movies!

The Lord of the rings is an emotional and beautiful story, about friendship. The movie takes you to an other world, where the magic make you to fell things, which can be fell only in this world. The movie is in our heart and it will stay there until we will go to Grey Havens.

All Three of these Movies are AMAZING, anyone can agree that so much work. Love and time went into each of the films, the people filming them had a passion for the storyline, and everyone involved shared that love for the story! I can never get bored of them! Some of the best adaptations of books ever made!

The Lord of the rings is the best movie there is. it is as simple as that no movie can do better then the director and skilled actors keep on voting!

Ps. all three movies rock no other movie can claim that

There may be some films on this list that are better in certain areas than the Return of the King, but overall, this film covers all areas better than anything else on this list; scripting, costume/make up, fight sequences, cinematography, scores/soundtracks I could go on, the fact the fantasy genre is rather looked over in the academy awards, for this film to be the joint 1st highest Oscar winning film of all time including Best Picture, Visuals, Director and Score and 7 others surely puts it up there with the best of the best, not only this, but with the books being good, living up to the original 'Tolkien' feel was a tough challenge, but the Return of King not only delivered, but set a new ground breaking level for visuals that will inspire sci-fi/fantasy's for decades to come... Definitely one of the greatest things to ever come out of cinema.

Director Peter Jackson's genius camerawork combined with J ARE ARE Tolkien's middle earth creation, It really is a true master piece that captures the audience into a world of its own! & Details in music scores, scenery and character's individual traits have all been captured in this great 3 hour movie

This is a fantastic movie. The only problem is whenever I watch it, I can't stop thinking how great Eragon would've been if Peter Jackson had directed it. The movie is brilliant. So much detail was used to create Middle Earth, and all of the characters were great. In many series, sequels get worse but this was the best of the series.

People who haven't voted for Lord of the Rings: return of the King have never seen this film, how come that the best film of all time which received 11 oscars isn't top 1? Have you ever seen a crazier creature than Gollum? Have you seen a better magicians than Gandalf? If you've never seen Lord of the Ring:return of the king, you've missed your life

Deserves this spot. Peter Jackson needs to give up on the hobbit. He will never make a movie like this again. This kind of movie comes very and I mean very rarely. Peter Jackson, you will never make a movie like this again. This movie is my all time favorite movie. I suggest everyone to watch this movie! It is fantastic!

It's like in the great movies list, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes... you didn't want to know what was number 1? Because how could it be number one if it wasn't from Tolkien? How could the list go on when so much bad has happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even bad movies must pass. A new vote will come, and when it comes it will shine out the clearer. Those are the movies that stay with you. That mean something. Even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I understand. I know now. Folk in those movies had lots of chances of turning back only they didn’t. Because they were holding on to something.

That there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it's worth voting for.

By all you hold dear, on this good earth! I bid you vote! Men of the west!

This is favorite movie of all time, and my favorite Lord of the Rings movie. The plot was absolutely amazing, the battle sequences even better, and the movie nearly perfectly matches the book. It's hard to find a movie adaptation that stays so true to the source material and still manages to be one of the greatest films ever made.

I love all the lord of the rings movies. the for movis ahead should be behind it.
1)lord of the rings return of the king
2)lord of the rings fellowship of the ring
3)lord of the rings the two towers
after that I don't care - cormac710

The Godfather is good, but the Lord of the Rings - Return of the King is EPIC. It's pretty hard to top a movie that is based on one of the best fantasy book series' of all time - especially when it's done this well.

This movie touched the hearts of tens of millions of people in the world. There is no explanation on how life-changing this movie can be. Peter Jackson made it sensational and epic at the same time. Great movie and it deserves to be number one. - jprg12

This is the best movie in the entire world! There is no doubt in my mind that any movie could beat it. Orlando Bloom is the best actor EVER! The picture quality is excellent and every scene makes me feel like I am right there alongside the characters.


Most beautifull movie ever made, I watched all parts 6 times now and I still get chills 10 times or more on this part. this is and will always be one of my favorite movies, if not the best :), The Lord of the Rings. Best story movie ever made

Many people are still denying this comment: it is hard to find a movie like this one, a movie that is so long and yet worth every second of it! So, if you are one of those persons, I would recommend one thing... Actually watch the movie!

If a great movie makes you feel like you have achieved something after watching it. That movie is LOTR:3. Without a doubt the greatest movie ever made. I love the above movies but just ask yourself: After watching which movie did you feel so happy or say to yourself: THAT WAS ONE HELL OF A MOVIE! That was what I felt after watching this movie. I am lucky to have seen it on the BIG screen. LOTR fan to death.

My absolute favorite without a doubt! Peter Jackson created a masterpiece in film history with this film, taking 11 Oscars, only achieved by titanic and Ben Hur, including best picture and best director! It combines all the elements a great movie needs from an excellent soundtrack to great battles and showdowns. This film will always hold an impact on people and film. Great job Peter!