Marvel's The Avengers


My favorite superhero movie, exactly what a big superhero team up should be. They don't waste time developing characters, because they already did in the preceding movies. The action was awesome, the plot is surprisingly enjoyable, and the characters were surprisingly humane.

I like dark knight, but it took itself WAY too seriously, even if it did work. Plus batman sounds ridiculous.

This movie was just as big and awesome as you would have hoped.

Mind Blowing! The acting, The dialogue, The plot, The effects and The directing, all were on spot, the movie is a modern masterpiece, by far the greatest comicbook movie of all time, it's innovative, cool, awesome and has amazing philosophical questions and thoughts on things like heroism, subjugation, human nature and evil, the perfect movie, a modern-day classic, this movie made history, 30cyears from now everyone will remember The Avengers as the first movie to bring together some of the most iconic and popular superheroes together in the perfect nerd fest that is a mixture of great acting, amazing directing, incredible dialogue, genius plot and mimd blowing special effects making this movie one of the best films of all time both visually and artistically.

There's no way in hell this movie should be so high up the list. Simplistic plot, woeful acting and boring as hell. Obviously there are too many children voting

I HATE this movie; not because it is a bad movie, but because of what it has done to the franchise. One cannot watch a Marvel movie any more; you have to watch all movies prior to and beyond said film to understand the whole story. Point and case: Iron Man 3

Somebody tell me why the hell is this movie number nineteen. It has great action and humor and the fights that go on with captain America and iron man are historical. In fact iron man is so humorous.

It such a great movie I watched it over and over again. It was perfect all the action in the movie was very detailed and awesome. It is just such a great movie

Come on... It has every possible reason for being in top 10

By putting this on the list, you're overrating the movie. This list is the best movies of ALL TIME. Avengers was a good movie but it doesn't deserve to be on this list.

It changed my life and turned over a new leaf for me. It opened up the world of superheroes, which became a new found interest to me starting from that night when I first saw it.

This is a great film, except that THE VILLAIN IS JUST AS BORING AS EVER MARVEL! If Ultron is a good villain and the actors keep up the same performance, we will have the best Marvel film ever.

This movie is so overrated it doesn't mean that it is the best movie of all time and I found the characters quite bland except for Iron Man

Marvel carefully planned and released 5 or so origin stories before making this Universe establishing film. Great visuals, ok story, but great comedy. Think about it, when this came out in 2012, comic book fans had been waiting decades upon decades for a movie to have all their favorite heroes to come together. - AKASHPAWAR

The guy with the suit, the guy with the hammer, the guy with the shield, the guy with gamma radiation, and some one with a bow and arrow

I watched it for the Ironic IRON MAN and the Masculine HULK and it was worth it.

Shouldn't be in the top 20, okay movie but definitely not 18th best movie in history

HAHA SCREW YOU MARVEL DARK KNIGHT IS HIGHER. But in all reality this movie should be in at least the top ten, it was awesome

YES! Possibly my favorite movie right now

This movie is AWESOME! I saw it so long ago and when I came out of the theater on opening night I was blown away by everything about this movie!

Every studio executive and his dog are now trying to build an extended universe movie franchise. This is the one that started it all. - jezza0

Fun but the bit where they fight the generic aliens, I sleep

With a plot full of twists and intrigue and a stunning lineup of names in an ensemble cast, this movie is one of the best there is.

I was really impressed with this movie. Humor, action, not too much swearing all combine to create a spectacular film.

Avengers is what everyone was waiting for I remember seeing a little peak of it after a Captann America movie. I thought that was just one of the greatest ideas in the marvel industry at that time. Really great stuff keep it coming marvel.

An epic movie for everyone to enjoy, in fact, although I am not a fan of marvel superheroes, I still like the movie

I just saw the Avengers all parts because. I Love Captain America. And also Avengers.