The Matrix


Glad this is top 10. I've seen many of the others, but the Matrix is just so endlessly watchable! Absolutely mind-blowing and thrilling, from second to second, from beginning to end. Brilliant acting, awesome and super original story, twists, turns, action, romance, coolness. An absolute masterpiece of cinema. Almost everything about this film is perfect... Almost. No film is, but this is the closest, I think.

I love this movie than any other. Especially I like the dialogues in this movie. I had watched it at least of 50 times. and would like to watch this for any number of times. The unique fighting choreography makes this movie apart from others. For me it still stands on Top 1 for ever.

I gave this a plus because it was the best, in my opinion, over what had been chosen as top ten so far. The Matrix blew me away. I could not believe the depth of the writing, the special effects, and the impact it had on me. Just a very awesome movie.

Some others that should be top 10, like Schindler's list and Raider's of the lost ark deserve a place on the top 10 as well. - sharzi

one of the greatest seris around even though idk wtf there saying lol - AcoupleOFmeanMOTORscooters

The Matrix should be the best movie ever! After I saw this movie for the first time in the movie theater, I could not stop thinking about it. It has so many layers and underlying meanings, that it keeps being a good movie, even after seeing it many times.

The Matrix trilogy was well ahead of it's time and took the world by storm. Keanu Reeves was brilliant in this, the first movie is the best but the 3rd is good too, especially the epic fight at the end. That alone is the best movie scene ever created. - DalglishIsBack

The movie got me gripped in with the storyline and it was amazing. The main character - Neo is not just badass but also built with character and something about the storyline is engrossing. - FlamingForever

The Best Sci-fi movie ever made. No blooming special effects.
It has clean editing. Nice plot and a Perfect story line.
2nd option you must go for is INCEPTION. 3rd THE GODFATHER.

I really love this movie, its my favourite. I watched it so many times and each time with the same curious attention. the idea was more than brilliant, keanu and all the other actors were fantastic. to me, its more than a movie.

According to me Matrix scores as the best movie of the millenium, It had all, excellent graphics, beyond imagination concept, fighting scenes, technology used to the fullest and great acting by all actors in the movie...

Maybe it's not the best EVER, but still, this is an awesome film. The Matrix trilogy is easily one of the best works ever shown on screen. Not only does it have many classic action scenes, but the plot also hints at what's going on in the world today. - DesL42

The matrix was one of those films that makes you question yourself. The idea was brilliant and the potential for the idea paid of in this brilliant masterpiece. Why won't the quality bar go up?

The Matrix brought a whole new concept to the action movie table, and changed the very genre forever. It's my favourite movie of all time and deserves to be at least in the top 10 of this list. - zero557

Mind blowing philosophy, religious symbolism, insane (and insanely fun) fight scenes, martial arts, Goth culture, and an industrial metal soundtrack come together to create a masterpiece that is mind bending, moving, and fun.

The Matrix was, is, and will be the best movie of all time. I still wonder whether the world actually exists, it's gotta be the cleverest story ever and Neo is like, the coolest movie character ever. - dimitrisbellamy

It revolutionised the film industry. The whole concept of the film is incredible, let alone the plot, action, acting and brilliant directing. The actors even did their own stunts, they had to spend a year learnig Kung Fu. That's dedication.

The best action movie I have ever seen in my life! I wish they could have made more these days of such high quality action packed movie. It would make an increasing profit in the box office.

The Matrix is simply one of the most amazing movies ever! It's philosophy is probably almost the equivalent to that of ancient Greeks... well maybe not, but still, rock on Matrix! - Markojukicpro

This should be number 1. Matrix should definitely be in the top 3. Be it story, action, screenplay, animation/effects/graphics, direction, whatever you consider, this movie is flawless. It's just brilliant.

I love this movie, it makes me think about what is really happening to us that we might not know about. The sequels to this are pretty good also. Defiantly worth a watch 9/10

The Matrix made a huge change in action movies and defines a whole new phase of what reality really is! I just love this movie and have watched it 4 times and still have a lot to learn from it...

This movie was my favourite movie because of the thrilling action sequences and visual effect, along with an awesome soundtrack to set the mood. God Bless this movie - roblist

My number 2 favorite movie for a reason. So much awesomeness put into it, you feel like you are in the matrix too! Well acted and I love the actors a lot. 10/10 - PugLlama

Wow! Creating such a film requires massive creativity. Thinking about the film just boggles my mind and love it to watch over and over again. 1st or 100th time it's all amazing.

If you like action, drama, fight after fight, Matrix is the movie for you. One of the best movies I have ever seen. Not to mention there are sequels!