Pulp Fiction


What? Forrest Gump is number two? I thought we knew back in '94 that Pulp Fiction was way better than that movie and that Gump's Oscar win was ridiculous. But apparently I have to vote for this movie just to get it in the top five. There are a couple movies I would accept being put above this film, The Godfather is one and I would even let The Shawshank Redemption slide a spot above this maybe. However, Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie and one of the greatest ever made. Firstly, it's unique. Quentin Tarantino is a great director and only he could have directed it. It's brilliant; the dialogue, the camera work, the awesome soundtrack, the cast. I like to say that there's two kinds of movies. Smart ones and dumb ones. Smart films are superior but are sometimes difficult to watch multiple times. Dumb films (like comedies and mindless action movies) aren't as great as smart films (in fact sometimes they're not good at all) but you have to watch one every once in a while because they're ...more

I totally agree every one of Quentin Tarantino movies are great he is a great director and the only movie I thought got to high on the top ten was forest gump "what ain't no country I ever heard of" - Dustin

A kick ass movie. It brought back Travolta, and basically invented Sam Jackson and Uma Thurman. Best script ever. Best and most unique characters conceived of in any film. The dialogue isn't plot driven. The dialogue has just as much care out into it as the plot, which is told in an inverted order, and in 3 different perspectives. There is so much dialogue, all of it quotable, and while most films have "that one amazing scene" this one doesn't, because there is no tedious or in intriguing scene, it's perfect from start to finish. This movie's soundtrack rivals that of Saturday night fever. This movie has so many pop culture references, South Park would get a boner.

But best of all, there isn't a single bad performance in this movie, every performance is perfect. Pulp Fiction isn't chronological, but itge different worlds fit together like a jigsaw, something later films would try and fail to do. This movie has been quoted to death, and Ezekiel 25:17 is now on a poster ...more

Truly Quentin Tarantino's greatest film, Pulp Fiction is awesome. Although hard to piece together, it greatly overshadows any of his other films. It has a ton of great actors in it and one of the weirdest yet greatest directors to date, it makes you stay up late at night thinking about who was where when what happened and what happened after that. When you finally figure it out, it is a fulfilling thing.

If there were one movie that I could say has changed my perspective of film, it would be this slice of genius. It redefined the necessity of dialogue and toyed around with violence like no movie before it, and stylized crime with incredible finesse. This is absolutely my favorite movie of all time.

Pulp Fiction is an awesome movie not just because of the acting and directing, but also because it doesn't just focus on one plot. The fact that there are three stories intermixed throughout the movie is just one of the many things that makes this movie great. John Travolta owes the revival of his dead career to this movie that is for sure!

Best movie I've ever seen, classic gangster movie with some funny moments

A masterpiece. This is one of those films that you can enjoy no matter what mood you're in, and whether your brain is turned off or on. It's an intelligent, well-written film that can be taken at face value as well as carefully thought about. - arbeZameniC

In my opinion, it is the least predictable film ever. When I watched the store-scene, I was like: "What just happened", and that was in a good way! The amount of hilarious comments from Jackson is not even countable. It is just pure class!

This is one of the greatest story lines of all time, well directed, awesome actors, not to mention that's the first time I've seen a movie start with the ending of the movie. You have titanic in the top ten... Excuse while I HURL!

Quentin Tarantino is a remarkable director and writer. Everything about this movie from the cast to the soundtrack to the chronology of events portrays the brilliance of this man. This film was innovative and inspiring for the era, should definitely be #1.

Just fantastic. The dialogue feels natural, there's clever jokes, entertaining wit, both amusing and nail-biting scenarios, great acting, all balanced throughout all of the stories.the crowning achievement of the movie industry.

Brilliant writing, brilliant acting, and brilliant directing what more could you want. It has a perfect cast the energy never lets up and it is just a fun wild ride.

Hands down the written movie ever. It was as if God were helping Tarantino write the screenplay. Incredible acting performances, impossibly good direction, everything is stellar and may never be surpassed.

One of the best ending scenes ever seen n a movie. this is a definite classic. Also, one of the best performances I have ever seen from Samuel L. Jackson. This movie is a must watch for every movie lover out there. ok just let me post the god damn comment

This movie just blew me away. Although Forrest Gump is amazing I think it's overrated and Pulp Fiction should have got the Best Picture oscar that year and definitely a higher rank in this list.

Of course the best one! Pulp Fiction has a complicated plot, and it is full of action: its storyline is confused, but the way Tarantino decided to shoot the plot is amazing!

Why is Forrest Gump ahead of this? This, is an unforgettable masterpiece. While not my favorite Tarantino movie (as Reservoir Dogs is better in my opinion), this is my second favorite and should be much higher than Forrest Gump and The Dark Knight. Literally nothing is bad in this movie. - ClimaxDome

WTF are 'Titanic' and "The lord of the rings" doing in top 10 instead of this masterpiece of filmography?! I love Tarantino and this is his best movie ever (kill bill is right behind it)

Hands down the best movie I've ever seen, everything in this movie is nigh perfect and it is infinitely quotable, only movie that comes close in my opinion is The Big Lebowski

The greatest movie hands down, the great acting, seamless story and unforgettable characters make it tarantino's masterpiece without a question

I thought people were mad when Forrest Gump won Best Picture over Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction is more entertaining, more classic, unique, and funny.

A totally incredible masterpeice . . . if my words sound a little off, it's because I can't describe it well enough.

This should be in the top fifteen at least.

It's the greatest movie I've ever seen, undoubtly. But it would'n be so successful without such a cast and mixed events. Tarantino is the king of the world! - Metalexander

It is NOT Pulp fiction that I believe should be in the top 10 list.. It's Sin City, or Kill bill.. Still Tarantino deserves to have a movie in the top 10.. That's for sure.

It's influence on me was huge. It made me aware how dynamic movies can be with its clever dialogue, shifted structure, and memorable scenes.