Schindler's List


Why is this movie not with the top ten! What happen profound... History telling in a manner that is bound to leave you thinking and pondering over a lot of questions... From who are we as humans? Are we able to forgive and to share the bond that humanity is all about... Why do we fight when it belongs to no one and yet to all of us.. And yes to see a man crying for the rings he wore... That could have saved someones life is definitely beautiful...

The fact that "Schindler's List" is 22 is sad. The film has one of the most profound, heartbreaking plots of any film. Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are incredible, nobody will ever make a movie as profound as "Schindler's List" it's movie that hits hard and shows things the way the were. Nobody can watch through this and shrug it off like nothing. No, it is an incredible film that you'll never forget about something we must never forget.

There has never EVER been a movie as profound as Schindler's List... Watching this movie is an experience... The way it moves people emotionally is amazing... It just goes to show how amazing a movie can be, and how awful the human race can be, too. Excellent cinematography (I love the black and white), acting, screenplay, music and everything else. Definitely Spielberg's best. The best movie of all time, hands down!

the definitions of exactly how cruel and exactly how passionate human kind can be. - I<3Queen

The movie is an absolute good... The movie is Life... Its dramatic, its emotional, its moving, Its powerful, it makes you cry, it punches you in your gut, it chokes you with the cruelty, then revives you with Hope, Love and kindness.. This movie is not an art, its LIFE!

In my opinion this is the best movie I have ever seen. I am there when I watch this movie. I may have seen this movie at least ten times. One reason is the film is based on facts. It is not the subject that makes it best. It is so real I never thought I was watching a film. Thanks to the director for taking me to Poland to see how the Jews suffered. This film is on par with Dr. Zivago, Ryan's Daughter, and The Fiddler on the Roof.

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This movie should be on the top ten definitely. It is a beautiful story from one of the darkest times in world history. The acting is great and just the thought of Oscar Schindler becoming a hero to so many people is very moving.

Amazing movie that had me speechless by the end. Was well acted, written and directed. Tells a true story that can profoundly change how people view the world. It was a masterpiece that will be remembered for a long time. - sharzi

Spirit of the humanity in the backdrop of genocide!.. Remarkable Film, Superlative Moving Experience!... Spielberg at his best!

Schindler's list is obviously a fantastically executed film. It just bugs me that that the German characters are speaking English. It removes the authenticity which is probably the movie's weakest point.

I'm really surprised to find this movie so far down the list. This movie was a real story about how one man changed so many lives by risking so much of his own. This was reality. - MaryMag

An amazing film that trains the mind to know what one person can do to "change the world entire" The reason not more people voted here is because we do not want to feel!

In my opinion, this should be much higher. It is one of the greatest movies of all time, and it expresses a profoud message. The story is phenomenal, about a man who complied with the National Socialist party, who, in the end, saved over 1000 Jews from their extermination at Auschwitz. That is why this should be much higher.

24, Schindler's List is only number 24! Why this movie is amazing just amazing. Why is Twilight on this list, I thought this was suppose to be best films, not worst films of all time, someone answer me?

The representation in this movie is so very real. I have met a holocaust survivor who was saved by Schindler and who actually stars in this movie. Incredible story, should be top 10!

Why the hell this is so low. This is one of the finest movies ever made. At least should be in top 5. People are really insane to put harry patter and avengers in front of this.

Schindler's List deserves to be in the top ten, watching it brings the rare experience of heart-wrenching emotions with a spirit-lifting sense of morality in people's nature and contains some of the best filmaking features from great direction, editing, make-up, cinematography, music, and characterizations.

Man, saddening movie, but so moving. I'm rather young and wasn't able to understand the business aspect of it, but was able to understand what was going on overall. - kkang

Should be in top 10 The true story of the cracifices these people make and working together don't see much of that today, today its all for myself thinking also raising their children to think the same way. they need to know that what they have today comes from the past that we can change are self and change history young er generation need to see movie like this, A book does not show the emotions that comes with the cracifices in this movie great movie

Nothing needs to be said. Just watch the movie. You'll understand why this needs to be in the top 10, deserves to be in the top 5, and could easily be in the top 3. - BKAllmighty

Why this position is very down... This is the best historical film of all time! Please.. Vote this movie guys! This is best steven spielberg's movie

I would say it was the most real movie in the list. At least to my knowledge, beautifully made especially the scene with the 'little girl in red'.

Liam Neeson is a great actor and I was crying during the end. If you love a historical movie about Oskar Schindler, this is the best pick.

The GREATEST movie ever made in earth... made by GOD.. this is the sole movie that made me burst into tears during climax.. no one must miss it.

This movie is one of the most important movies ever it gave us a realistic of the holocaust and what happened and it shows that one man can do a lot for people schindler took all of his money just to buy as many Jews as possible oskar schindler is one of the greatist heros of all time