Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back


Clean harmless fun, if there is no film around such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs then would choose The Empire Strikes Back. It really does strike back! The Rebels though usually have some ingenious plot to get the cheap tactics to work in their favor and then the Empire's expensive war toys they have get clobbered by these groups and outcast which band together to stomp out organized crime of the Empire in this case the Rebels reinvent themselves and seem to bring peace to the galaxy from oversize machinery. It really is a thrill to try and decide wrong from right on Star Wars at times as well here. - iliescu

It may sound nerdy to say this but who cares it's Star Wars. Yes the film series itself only arguably had 3 actually good movies (the first 3 released). But those 3 movies are some of the best movies of all time. Yeah the effects are dated but there's not much we can do there. Star Wars was a huge success itself, but Empire tops it any day with its darker, suspenseful theme. This is my favourite movie of all time with Back To the Future 2 and Lord of The Rings: Return of the King filling number 2 and 3 respectively. Empire Strikes Back just awesome

Best Sci-Fi movie out there. Has one of the most iconic scenes, lines, clever script, plot, and showed a great deal of character interaction. The effects of this movie was so great for its time and was insanely full of suspense. The ending wasn't as happy as everybody expected, but it certainly did leave a cliffhanger. The ending would just make you upset, making you want to say "What about Han Solo? " Those were my thoughts when I first saw this movie and I actually thought they'd never save Han again. Most of the scenes were improvised and were later iconic. Most of all, it had the most iconic spoiler in movie history and this spoiler never leaked so easily at the time.

Most crucial Star Wars film in the entire saga, and one of the greatest casts any director could assemble. I can still explicitly remember watching Vader tell Luke he was his father for the very first time and the suspense and element of surprise the movie had to offer was absolutely surreal. From the rugged fearlessness of Han Solo to everyone's favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett, this is the greatest film of all time.

Truly, by far, the best movie series ever. I remember the first time I saw Star Wars, as a little child, and it was unlike any other movie. I became a fan almost immediately and even started playing around with Star Wars Lego. Those were the times. - Best time to watch Star Wars (in my opinion) is during the Christmas holidays.

The Star Wars franchise is the most influential franchise, sparking books, fan movies, toys, blankets, toothbrushes basically almost anything. And I think that is a good reason for the best movie in the Star Wars franchise, The Empire Strikes Back, to be one of the best movies, if not THE best movie of all time.

This movie is my CHILDHOOD. I have watched it countless times. Even though other movies were more mind-bending and psychological, this story is just simpler and more memorable. I thoroughly enjoyed the lightsaber duel more than I enjoyed the suspenseful two boats scene. Star Wars is my life.

As a Star Wars fan, I can honestly say this is the best Star Wars movie! (which narrowly beats A New Hope). This movie is just superb, made with a prime George Lucas. This is the sequel to the movie that started it all, and it somehow managed to be better than its predecessor. Come on people, 7 is too low! Get this in the top 3! - TheWiseOne

Impressive second part of all time, lots of memorable moments and twists. As impressive as the movie the special effects and of course the soundtrack, still remains as one of the most important music in my collection.

Along with Episode I is the best movie in the Star Wars Saga.

A New Hope was first and will always be special, but this was pure excellence. It took the characters we love to the next level and introduced classic new ones. The excitement, the humor, the pain. The story. It's all here. It's a Sci if film but it's also not a Sci if film. Perfect.

Star Wars is awesome it is a family classic that is every kids movie back in 1977 Luke Skywalker is a childhood hero and han and chewy are on the funny side darth vader was awesome when he cut Luke's hand off Star Wars empire strikes back is the best movie of all time

This is amazing! I have to say this never and I mean never gets old! It is action packed full of excitement! And when you see those space ships go by your heart just races and flows with excitement! It's not my all time favorite, but it is definitely one for the ages!

There is no doubt that this is the best science-fiction movie of all time. The Empire Strikes Back deserves a much higher rating. I mean, come on! Any movie with AT-AT walkers, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Yoda and the most shocking plot twist of all time deserves at least the top three! This movie is 2 hours 17 minutes of cinematical perfection. Not to forget the Imperial March song and the first time we see the Emperor.

Love it best/most thrilling star wars film out of the star wars franchise. Hopefully the new ones 7,8,9 will be just as good though doubt it due to the fact nothing will ever be as good 4,5,6

The movie was okay to me because I was 6 when I saw this and I was bored and I watched this over and over and it stills somewhat bore me. The dialogue is a major reason. Yoda is boring the second half of his screen time, Boba Fett is only seen for a few movie scenes and the Empire basically won the whole movie when they took Hoth, captured Han, and amputated Luke. True this has the one of the greatest plot twists in cinema history I agree with that, but it wasn't THAT entertaining. I'm just being honest.

This movie is my CHILDHOOD. Just saying the name instantly brings me back to being a child and being amazed by the spaceships flying around and horrified that Darth Vader is Luke's father and it's just so nostalgic. And that's all there is to that.

This is a great list and it's hard to choose my favorite from this list but I have to give it to the Empire Strikes Back for its good music (imperial march) good storyline and everyone was shocked to hear that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father.

A great twist chapter in the Star Wars saga. Episode V proved a well-defined sequel to its prequel. After Episode VII, I like Episode V. I love the introduction of many characters and also the first hand-to-hand combat between the father and son.

Oh yeah! This movie is a classic! It may be cheesy at some parts but that and the awesome idea for Star Wars is what makes it awesome! I mean it's got your chosen orphaned one, your princess, your Flynn rider/sarcastic person, your wise master, and of course the big hairy dude that makes no sense but is really helpful anyway. Oh, did I forget the droids?

I'm a major Star Wars fan, now, this is just one episode of Star Wars, all episodes of Star Wars make one movie, disregard Episode I, II, and I, since they're amazingly retarded. Definitely the best movie in the entire universe.

The greatness that is Star Wars will forever be engraved in the timeline of humanity. People live and die by it. Religions have rose from it. All the star wars movies will keep influencing humanity till the end of days.

Seriously think about how radically different life would be without having had Star Wars in it. It is a timeless series that will ALWAYS be relevant and the values it instilled in me as a child stay with me to this day.

This movie is amazing and I love it with all my heart and I am one of the biggest star wars fans you will ever know but this particular film as a whole is definitely one of the best of all time.

This movie was great for all its great action and conflict like father vs son. It also pokes and darth vader's past and shows vader that his child did survive despite his telekinetic choke hold he had on his wife.

Best classic around with among the best scenes. Also the greatest character interaction in science fiction. Everything about this film is memorable and is another reason why the 80s was such a great decade.