Star Wars


Surely Number 1. and I'm not a fanboy. In terms of entertainment, cultural impact, and industry impact, the greatest ever. It changed filmmaking forever. It revolutionised special effects through ILMs collaborative interdisciplinary work. It brought back classic epic orchestral film scores. It generated mass marketing and promotional products never seen before at that scale and created a collectibles industry which thrives today (but there is a landfill downside). It took unheard of or quite new actors and made them global stars. It created archetypal characters which are recognised the world over. It broke the studio system for good. Arguably it created the first film, game, books etc franchise. It has lines of dialogue known across the globe. It successfully blended numerous genres and cultures into a seamless believable universe. It fostered diversity by the concept of different races, genders and peoples living together in a shared universe. And as well as all that, it's a load of ...more

Best movie ever! This sci-fi classic introduces great new characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and so much more. The action is top notch. And he best part: It is the original Star-wars, the best movie series ever!

The best of the Franchise and it is so much better than the others, it has great acting. The success of this movie is unbelievable, it was the highest grossing movie at one stage and it lives in our hearts forever!

This movie started it all in ways of Special Effects. I can't imagine what movies would be like without George Lucas' innovations. Seeing this movie for the first time is like going to Disneyland for the first time... Magical!

I can't wait to see the new movie the force awakens. (SPOILER ALERT, LUKE TURNS TO THE DARK SIDE) I think the only thing that would make Luke mad is if someone said that Hon Solo is better than Luke.

The number one movie of all time. Godfather and lord of the rings just can't compare with this and the dark knight. Both equally number one but considering what a classic this is, Star Wars.

The entire Star Wars series is amazing. The prequels are fairly bad, but they opened us up to a new part of the Star Wars universe we had never seen before. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have the Clone Wars show.

More star wars knew it. Also I really liked a new hope cause the plot is cool and the first star wars movie I saw

Seeing this list made me wonder how are culture has come to rate Super Mario Bros. and Twilight above the genius of Star Wars. - fimbulwinter

Star Wars was the movie that redefined special effects. In addition, it has an excellent plot and great feeling. The force is strong with this movie...

Better then Empire. Fast-paced storyline that develops it's characters along with presenting us with an amazing climax.

Wow, the star wars movie is the best. It's cool how they show the bullets and people blocking them with there light saber. It has mystery.

This was my childhood. I can't explain why I watched this movie so many times at the age of 4 or five, but I just did, and have no regrets.

Star Wars is the best. It is the future of the world! I used to think its babyish but after I watched it, I thought George Lucus was the best director in the whole world. By the way, my favorite character is Luke a skywalker for destroying the first Death Star. I love Star Wars.

Paved the way for all new movies, at the time nothing like it had been seen the greatest cinematic experience ever

Starwars i an awesome movie with action and romance. This movie should be in the top ten and not at the end

It's just unexplainable how good these movies are. Only about the thirty billionth Time I did a marathon

It was the movie that made me fall in love with going to the theatre as a child. It has defined the future of special effects industry and the science fiction genre, raising them from b rated mundanes, to the movies that demonstrate the most humanity.

It should Be number 3 at least, it is a huge classic movie, who could forget that line, use the force luke.

Star Wars is the best series of movies ever. I've watched EVERY movie and I love them. Go GEORGE LUCAS!

The most iconic Science Fiction film of all time, and the one that renewed interest in the genre.

I like these movies, and my fave characters are 1 Princess Leia, and 2, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

Star wars is one of the best movies I have seen and they are making a new one and yeah it is awesome

Very hard to find someone who hasn't watched star wars. I have no words for this movie. It's the best.

How is Star Wars 12? Only the best movies of all time. (At least the originals) Han Solo is the greatest. - 3103460