Titanic is the best movie of all time. No questions asked. This is my story Okay so it was like January 3rd or 4th maybe and I was hanging out with my boyfriend and my friend basically everyone knows my titanic rule that I don't watch it with anyone and after like a month of trying to persuade me they convinced me to watch it with them. Okay so we always watch movies in my basement so I bring the DVD downstairs and put it in the DVD player and I started screaming that I didn't want to watch it to stop the movie I didn't want to see it before the movie even started it was literally the paramount logo. So after a little bit of crying I finally calm down and I'm doing okay until it gets to the "I'm flying scene" and I started bawling I was trying SO hard not to cry but I couldn't help it. Then I put the second DVD in and there was some crying throughout the whole second DVD more intense than the "I'm flying" scene tears but nothing to major. Then the closer we got to ...more

Titanic is a movie that reminds people of what true love is and how long love can last. I'm so happy that somebody made such movie that can be remake by the future generations. This movie became hit because aside from the beauty of titanic ship itself, the love story between jack and rose is also beautiful because only love can change a woman by a man. Great movie ever please have a remake of titanic. I'm sure this is going to be hit again

Titanic is my favourite film for many reasons! Firstly, Leonardo DiCaprio is in my opinion one of the great actors of our generation and doesn't fail to impress in this film. James Cameron's direction is absolutely stunning, the music and storyline are breathtaking and it is definitely one of the most heart-wrenching films of all-time! This truly deserved the 11 Oscars it received!


One of the best films of all time. If not the best. Everything the story represents is truly amazing. This film can capture anyones heart. Of all the films I've ever watched this truly is the most captivating story. How this film isn't number one I cannot fathom. No other words can describe this film other then shear perfection.

I can watch this film every day of the week for the rest of my life and still fall in love with the story every time I watch it. Truly amazing!

Agreed. Whatever made James Cameron think of this, I don't care, I'm just glad he thought of this. I fall in love with this film every time, The cast was just brilliant. I really thought Kate Winslet should have won for this. And Leo's character, Jack... Oh my gosh, just absolutely incredible and their love is so inspiring. This movie can inspire us in so many ways. One of the best films ever made in history hands down.

With no doubt this movie is the masterpiece of all masterpiece movies.
The music made by James Horner I think is the best soundtrack ever made for a movie
The directing from James Cameron is genious, the special effects are marvelous, with other words the movie is an all time Nr. 1 it is A TITANIC MOVIE! - MatrixGuy

Titanic is d Best Movie ever! No matter how many times you see it you just can't control your Emotions n still get goose-bumps... It never gets old... Comparatively it is longer than other movies but still you'd find yourself glued to the seats.. If there's anyone who hasn't seen Titanic, that person hasn't really lived the life yet!

Absolutely amazing movie. Must be my most favourite film of all time; how two people from completely different classes can be soul mates for eternity. This film will lift your hearts and give realisation how there is a soul mate out there for everyone, even if it means finding them somewhere you'd never even dream of. I fell in love with the story and the characters.

Titanic is a very sad movie but it's also a very good movie at the same time. I also loved the characters, Jack and Rose, because their love story is so sweet but also very tragic like many relationships. I also loved the forbidden love type idea in their relationship and, to be honest, this is kind of a Romeo and Juliet type thing... The only difference is that Titanic is more realistic.

I really want and love this movie you know after I watched this I cry. You know I wish I met a guy like Mr. Jack Dawson... You know if you ask me who will I want to marry my answer is only four letters and that is JACK! I love you jack with all my heart I really do. THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!

From: Ms. Patricia "Rose" Dawson

One of the best movies ever made. And I bet ever one who has watched it has shed a tear At least once. So glad they remade it for younger audiences how wasn't able to watch as a kid. AND ITS IN 3D! And able to think that its actually a true story. One of the best Movies ever made. (: AND KEEP VOTING. ALMOST AT NUMBER #1

I saw this on Hulu. Is amazing of a movie it was, I just hated the kissing scenes. They're TERRIBLE AND LIFE SCARRING (to me and probably only me. I hate romance in all media, that's why). Besides that, it was a fantastic movie. The plot was epic, the characters were great, and the performances were gold. The best scene was when the string players were playing Nearer my God to the and the other things happening during the song. - PhoenixAura81

Honestly this movie should be number one. I will never ever forget how great this movie. For the rest of my life I think it will be hard to beat. Looking for a love story... Look here. This combines the romance at its best and tests your emotions to the limit. Whats it doing down in number 3. - Hybridking

A timeless movie with amazing acting and an incredible storyline. Those that actually think about it will realize that it is about so much more than just the love of Jack and Rose, there are so many other ideas in this film and that's what adds to the love story and makes it so amazing. - neemsay

I don't care what any of you comment back, honestly, but Titanic is one of the most, and probably the most, beautiful astonishing movies ever. It took a real life situation and turned it into a love story. This movies commemorates all the couples and all the people who had lost someone on this ship. I don't know about you, but this movie was amazing. AND the music.

Abosolutley brilliant movie! Loved the relationship between jack and Rose because how often do you find a poor man and a beyond rich woman fall in love? James Cameron deserves an A= on this movie. Titanic is one of those movies that no matter how old it gets it will always be a classic. My parents love it, I love it, and hopefully some day my kids will or the next generation will too. Leo Dicaprio was perfect for the role of Jack, because 1, he is one of the greatest actors of all time and 2, he was extremley attractive which made girls love this movie even more.

Best movie in the whole world. It changed me. It moved me. I know that might sound insane. But when a movie is that good, it can really change you. There's so many more deeper meaning than what is showed and it's all together an amazing movie, with amazing actors.

Any movie that has a running time of over 3 hours that had me going back to theater to pay full price more than once is a winner in my book! It had everything... historical accuracy, action, suspense, comedy, drama, tragedy, love story, great costumes, great acting, awesome cast... what more could anyone ask for!

best love story of all time biggest blockbluster of all time really titanic is the only movie to show the people how the true love is I have no words to show my feeling about titanic is the best movie I have ever seen in my life

The movie Titanic and the movie soundtrack My heart will go on is the legendary, the immortal and unforgettable, which can take a place in your heart and touch it deeply and lasts forevermore. It's genuinely amazing and incredible, it makes me cry and understand what is the meaning of true love

This movie is a million times better than the godfather so what you people where thinking of putting 10 percent to the godfather and 8 percent to titanic people please use your brain and think! Cause even my 9 year old daughter sophia loved it no movie has the power to beat the titanic and no movie will ever have that power that this movie has!

I loved the movie I have to say it is a tear jerker I've watched it millions of times and I have never got bored of this incredible journey and how love could last over a 100years this movie is a have to see but get your boxes of tissues ready and have a journey through the loving sad funny TITANIC.

This film is one of the best ever made without a doubt, this is an excellent representation of the disaster and has an emotional affect on everyone who watches it and was the most successful film of all time until another james cameron film, avatar came out so how this isn't the greatest film of all I don't know

How the hell is this in the top ten? This movie is just horrible. Where do I begin? It's one of the most predictable movies I've ever seen, the characters are unlikable, it's predictable, it makes no sense, AND IT'S PREDICTABLE! - toptenzen