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These are the top moviestars on MovieStarPlanet! MSP is the best website ever.

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1 Directioner1018
2 Pumpchkin

I love Pumpchkin. She was my inspiration to play the game. Yeah, people say she is an idiot for never playing but people are spreading rumours that pumpchkin has been hacked! She is playing on Pumpi, her backup account, now. Don't believe me? Search Pumpi up!

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3 Gamerxoxfnaf
4 Confidentially<3
5 Twittergirl@
6 mybeau

Shes really into her fans I'm her fan and her friend

I think she is creative with movies nowadays

Mybeau is really cool! I wish I was her friend

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7 Pandabae*
8 Vanessa018*
9 Cutestuff.
10 Jason524

Not that many Canadian guys get noticed for this category

Wow I never thought I'd see him here

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The Contenders

11 shortmovies''
12 Freeforall!

I didn't realize she was on the list! I just added her! :) look her up-she's someone special. Though shes a bit of a unicornaholic...

! Have u not met her? She Goes to a chatroom and WHAM its alive. She's no VIP but she's someone special. Look her up?

This girl is sooo nice! She's super trendy too! AND buys her friends their WL's all the time!

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13 Kylie Kardash
14 Devisugar
15 Partygalyay!!!*
16 Elesaplasma
17 Donnie C
18 Izzywizzywooxox
19 Californiaswaggirl1018
20 Joanna.petty

Joanna was my role model. I loved her and always will. I need her back

Joanna gave back to all that supported her. She gave people their full wishlists for god sake! She also responded to everyone that talked to her. Joanna is just over the top one of the nicest person I've ever met on MSP. I really do hope she comes back. ;-;

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