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These are the top moviestars on MovieStarPlanet! MSP is the best website ever.

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21 $rap Princess$
22 Baddazzle It!
23 Ohhltzautumn
24 Gorgirock
25 Ninoi
26 Ishacool

She's awesome! Please vote for her please cause she might be quitting!

She is the most prettiest girl on Msp! She's like another version of Pumpchkin so search her up if you can!

Aww Thanks So So Much that's Really Kind Please Watch My Latest Sms On UK MSP! - Ishacool

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27 Hollyrenee

I hate Hollyrenee she gives me headaches - ishacool

28 Papa the Dino
29 Raretrade
30 Heyhey1554
31 Zendaya Luv Girl
32 Tanaman
33 Rock Fashionista
34 Alliyahpernouncedalea
35 Katieluv621

She's a friend of ishacool and Pumpchkin and gives out wishes for autos!

36 Sparklystuff

If you are reading this.. , well, you are... And if you are on uk msp search her. Watch her movies they are awesome

37 BrightGreen
38 Burgicon

I hate that girl Smellicon - ishacool

Its already taken eww

39 Lilipadlea

I didn't expect my bestie to be here laugh out loud

40 Luvmeh

She is the best... And very sweet

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