Best Multiplayer Maps On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


The Top Ten

1 Dome

With good hiding spots and vantage points as well as ambush spots, dome can be a good map for most players

2 Seatown

Setown is best for carepackeg

3 Hardhat

This is an construction site and it is quiet small and it is good for killing - abs786

great one - MaxiThresher

4 Underground
5 Resistance

Resistance is one of my favorite maps because of the house in the center that everyone wants to get into and it has some good spots for sneaking around and staking out

6 Village

It's very open and close quarters like dome but it's not as hectic as dome, which is a definite plus. It fits many different game styles, and as of now I tend to snipe on it

7 Mission

This is the best map because it is good for killing and easier to kill - abs786

8 Arkaden

Arkaden is another good map because it has hiding spots, sniper perches, camping places and good rushing zones and even places that almost everyone wants to be ( in the building top floor)

This is a map that looks like that mw2 map terminal but this time is not in an airport - abs786

9 Outpost

It is a good place but it is for good hiding places but hard to kill - abs786

10 Bakaara

The Contenders

11 Carbon
12 Fallen
13 Lockdown

Come on lockdown should Be a top 5 maybe top 3 contender the house for sniping the tunnel and overpass whichever you guys want to fight for its great for kill confirmed and run and gun play style

14 Bootleg
15 Interchange
16 Piazza
17 Terminal

One of the best maps in Call Of Duty History. Great for search and destroy and infected. Legendary. All time favorite.


18 Downturn
19 Overwatch
20 Sanctuary
21 Black Box
22 Foundation
23 Liberation
24 Parish
25 Off Shore
26 Boardwalk
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