Best Multiplayer Maps In the Halo Franchise


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1 Blood Gulch - Halo: Combat Evolved

This creates of a serious of maps, to Valhalla, Ragnerack, and is a big part of Forge World, which is the best forge map by far.

So classic can't beat it every ideratin after it is great... Ecxept bloodline... To bright

2 Guardian - Halo 3

I apologize for my extremely terrible list for the best halo maps, I had made this list a few years ago when I was both younger and dumber. I will make a newer version of this list if anyone wants to come see it

3 Valhalla - Halo 3

These are basically the same map, and upgrade that couldn't of gone better.

4 Construct - Halo 3

Beautiful map. So dynamic with the lifts and the BR corridors. And this map is bearable when not Team BRs

5 Sword Base - Halo Reach

This map pisses me off because the one floor level only has like two entrances, unless you want to get dmr'd a thousand times while you're in the air.

6 Beaver Creak - Halo: Combat Evolved
7 Sandtrap - Halo 3
8 Headlong - Halo 2
9 Last Resort - Halo 3
10 Ascension - Halo 2

The Contenders

11 Exile - Halo 4

It has the tunnels for people and the roads for vehicles, and is outfitted with gravity lifts and mini bases. There's nothing like it in the Halo franchise.

12 Lockout - Halo 2
13 Chiron-TL34 - Halo: Combat Evolved
14 Damnation - Halo: Combat Evolved
15 The Pit - Halo 3
16 Foundry - Halo 3, Heroic Map Pack
17 Sidewinder - Halo: Combat Evolved
18 Infinity - Halo: Combat Evolved
19 Battle Creek - Halo: Combat Evolved
20 Countdown - Halo Reach
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1. Sandtrap - Halo 3
2. Blood Gulch - Halo: Combat Evolved
3. Last Resort - Halo 3
1. Blood Gulch - Halo: Combat Evolved
2. Lockout - Halo 2
3. Guardian - Halo 3
1. Blood Gulch - Halo: Combat Evolved
2. Guardian - Halo 3
3. Foundry - Halo 3, Heroic Map Pack

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