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1 The Cave The Cave

Ah-mazing! The lyrics and music alike. My favorites:
1) The Cave
2) Little Lion Man
3) I Will Wait

This is an amazing song. Down to every single note and every single word. It left me breathless, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. Something only Mumford & Sons can come up with.

This song is absolutely amazing! This was the first Mumford and Sons song that I heard and it will forever be my favorite! My favorite thing to do is play it in my car with the windows down and the volume cranked up. Try it! You haven't lived until you do, trust me!

This song made me think of about life. Not love or anything cliche... Every line adds to the beauty created by the music and the lyrics. It's a treat for the ears. Maan I love his song...

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2 Little Lion Man Little Lion Man


"But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line
I really f***** it up this time
Didn't I, my dear? "

This Verse was really cool to me and loved the instruments and has deep and high grade lyrics with a great meaning

Great Great Great song... I say Hopeless Wanderer is #1 if you did it today.

This song conveys so much emotion it has a very special place in my heart to be honest:-D

This was the first song I'd heard of theirs, still my favorite of the lot.

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3 I Will Wait I Will Wait

Best song of them. It is just perfect. I wish I could be one of your son laugh out loud

I would be sitting on the couch, watching T.V., when this song get stuck in my head. And it's awesome. I can't help but sing to it, until my sister's just like, "shut up"

Are you kidding me? This is the best one!

This song is so awesome! I love everything about it,the lyrics are great,the harmony is great,and best of all my favorite instrument the banjo is amazing in this song(this song actually made wanted me to play banjo)

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4 Sigh No More Sigh No More

A great song with powerful shifts in the flow of the song. Meaningful lyrics. The soft beginning makes the dynamic end sound great.

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5 Dust Bowl Dance Dust Bowl Dance

This deserves to be in the top ten, it is amazing, tells a complete story, dark and mysterious, definitely is better than some in top ten

Hey 7nth place, honestly this is my favorite, but I understand why others don't like it as much but at least its in the top ten

This song moves every fibre of your being and encompasses everything that mumford and sons is as a band. I LOVE this song

Incredibly deep, powerful song. Great ballad.

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6 Roll Away Your Stone Roll Away Your Stone

Underrated Mumford & Sons, song.
Should be higher, listen to it a couple of times before it catches on.

--Batman Out

Very Awesome! Emotional and has a great meaning. Marcus is at his potential at the part about Stars... Love it

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7 Babel Babel

It's true the lyrics are not as strong as the other mumford and sons tracks.. However this for me is the best song by the band

Love love love this song! Hands down one of my favorite... It makes me smile makes my heart beat faster- this is the song guys!

Most energetic! Love love love it blah! Adore can't even talk right now.

One of their best songs. The music, the lyrics is just amazing. I wonder how it isn't in the top ten.

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8 Believe Believe

I still can not believe (haha) why this song is such underrated... Their album "Wilder Mind" was the first I have heard from this band so I don't know about their old style... But I like this kind of music which is presented in this album so I really like these songs (for instance Believe, Snake Eyes, Hot Gates...). The style is a little bit similar to the band Coldplay, which produces very good music, too... - TopTenMusic

It's so different from all their other songs... it sound like the traditional British Alternative.

Best M&S song ever.. It's new so many haven't probably heard it.. Search for it, listen and download. Real new style.. The best!

Best ever. Simply best ever.

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9 Awake My Soul Awake My Soul

This song is so beautiful... It is such an emotional and beautiful song :D

Every time I listen to this, I feel something special about my self and it literally is soul awakening song. It is in my all time favourite list for a reason.

10 Lover of the Light Lover of the Light

Top three are amazing songs, but this has definitely to be my favorite.

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The Newcomers

? After the Storm After the Storm

This song is so much more beautiful than most realize. It's touched me in a way that no other song has ever done. It changed my life, and it should be higher.

Of course "The Cave" would be at the top... Dunno why I bother looking at these lists. What's ACDCs? Oh yeah Back In Black... Kings Of Leon's? Of course, it's Sex On Fire... So insulting to every band that has a list... Uughgg

So calming and beautiful, I feel like I have meditated after listen to this song.

So motivational listen to it when you need a pick me up :-D

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? White Blank Page White Blank Page

Awesome song, so deep and meaningful. This was the song that made me love Mumford and sons. It came at a perfect moment and it has been my favorite since then.

Love this one, it has so much emotion, the official music video of it is just amazing

I love this song really no one knows about it but its great

Probably the best song by them!
Deserves to be higher!

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11 Winter Winds Winter Winds

Some of the greatest lines in there: "Pestilence is won when you are lost and I am gone. " Another fantastic line that is found is "The shame that sent me off from the God that I once loved, was the same that sent me into your arms. " Pure genius. Marcus Mumford also claims this is his favorite. It should be higher.

I think this one was written by Winston...anyway, it's beautiful, never fails to make me cry

Great song probably the best I've heard by the band, should be higher up the list.

My favourite Mumford track. Very surprised this isn't in the top 10...

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12 Hopeless Wanderer Hopeless Wanderer

Probably one of Mumford's most underrated songs- technically brilliant instrumentally as well as emotive lyrics that complete a memorable song.

Mumford and Sons best song ever. Highly underrated. "Do not tell me all is fine when I lose my head I lose my spine."

The Whole Package of a song. The rhythmic transition works beautifully and the banjo get's you up and about! Up there with Little Lion Man

Fantastic and brilliant...i love this song

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13 Holland Road Holland Road

Definitely my favourite.
Especially like the lyrics "But I'll still believe though there's cracks you'll see, When I'm on my knees I'll still believe, and when I've hit the ground, neither lost nor found if you'll believe in me I'll still believe"

Favourite song of them. Really touching!

This song should be much higher in this list.
Probably in top 3. Lyrics are awesome and music is equally good.
Loved it!

Best song on Babel.

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14 Ghosts That We Knew Ghosts That We Knew

Love the lyrics: "Hold me still, bury my heart on the cold, hold me still, bury my heart next to yours." Gives me the chills every time.

Such deep lyrics. I love the "oh they gave me such a fright"

There best song, all of they're songs are the best!

"You saw no fault, no cracks in my heart
You knelt beside my hopes torn apart... "

These lines gives me chills, every time..

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15 Tompkins Square Park Tompkins Square Park

Masterpiece! I love this so much its incredible

Best of mumford and sons rock song ever

A masterpiece, absolutely beautiful!

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16 I Gave You All I Gave You All

How can you say that your truth is better than ours?
Shoulder to shoulder now brother we carry no arms.
And the blind man sleeps on the doorway his home.
If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy I could've won.

I don't know why, but this always gets me.

It's this song that made me listen to them more... So powerful and a lot of people can relate to it

Way better than some I'm the top ten. Tells an emotional story, unlike songs like awake my soul and timshel, sorry but those sort of seem repetitive or not making any sense.

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17 Timshel Timshel

This song really gets to your heart. It is so beautiful and it's probably one of those songs that can save lives.

This song represents all the strong independent people out there like my bestie BECKAY amazing lyrics adore

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18 The Wolf The Wolf

This song is epic. The way they sounded the lyrics is awesome.

Mind blowing track. so energetic and refreshing. Love you Mumford and sons

This song is one of my most favorite songs only because of marcus"s voice and the Jazzmaster guitar build at the bridge through to the end, like you hear in the GOTR trailer.

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19 Ditmas Ditmas

Best song on Wilder Mind. Criminally underrated.

This is my favourite Mumford & Sons's song by far. - RichardSSG

This should be in the top five. Fantastic song

This ist my favourite, should be at least top 5!

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20 Broken Crown Broken Crown

I can't believe this is so low on the list.

Amazing song, my favorite. And man, this song have great competition, two incredible albuns. Should be higher on the list.

I don't understand why this song is so underrated. It's so beautiful and sad.
This is my favourite song EVER. I love it.

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