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21 Ditmas

Best song on Wilder Mind. Criminally underrated.

This is my favourite Mumford & Sons's song by far. - RichardSSG

This should be in the top five. Fantastic song

My favourite M&S song - great vibe, great lyrics.

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22 Wilder Mind V 1 Comment
23 Below My Feet

Below feet is not worthy to be this low should easily be top 5 so melodic and soothing one of those songs that will always make you smile!

Below my feet is just such a beautiful song, seriously most of their songs are just amazing but give this one a listen and see for yourself

My favorite Mumford song by far. The contrast between very small and quiet and bombastic sounds gives me chills every time.

When the final chorus begins, a different kind of shiver runs down your spine..has to be top 5

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24 Broken Crown

I can't believe this is so low on the list.

Amazing song, my favorite. And man, this song have great competition, two incredible albuns. Should be higher on the list.

I don't understand why this song is so underrated. It's so beautiful and sad.
This is my favourite song EVER. I love it.

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25 Whisper In the Dark

It should in in top ten such a nice song

Can't believe this is so low - top 3 for me!

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26 Thistle & Weeds

The music of this song is simply awesome and powerful

I love this song just the whole everything about it

Are you kidding me? This is the number 1 song.

It has to be at least in the top 10!

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27 The Boxer

I suppose that most people haven't heard this. They did it better than Simon & Garfunkel, and for a Folk Rock Band, there's no better compliment

Absolutely LOVED the song! They did it better than Simon & Garfunkel in my opinion!

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28 Home

Beautiful! Best song ever! Makes me cry!

"I ran away in floods of shame
I'll never tell how close I came
As I cross the Holland road
You went left and I went right
As the moon hung proud and white
You would of loved it here tonight"

Love it!

29 Lovers' Eyes

This song is easily there best, like a lot of there songs it starts of slow and builds but the execution here is fantastic, I can't think of another song that comes close to this, it is there magnum opus

I don't usually like slow songs but when it is this amazing and moving its hard not to, should be top three in my opinion can't believe its not in the top ten, such an underrated song, listen to this before you vote and youll understand why it deserves to be much higher

Great song, I was going to vote sigh no more but 27th? Really? So underrated, vote it up!

29! this is not justice! simply the best by mumford. r u kidding me? this one deserves a top three spote after the cave and believe.

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30 Liar

It's just so great that I can't describe it!

Best mumford n sons song. Should be number one. Excellent music. Love everything about it and I'm a huge fan. This song is number one

31 There Will Be Time

This whole EP is one of the best group of songs they have ever recorded. There will be time is a beautiful song, same with wona. If you like MAS, check out Johannesburg.

32 Hold On to What You Believe

Can't believe this one is the last one... Seriously? It's such a powerful song.. But of course The Cave would be the at the top... Ugh

Such a powerful song with a clear and inspiring message should be higher on the list!

33 The Enemy

The Enemy is perfect. It's so soft and sorrowful without being overdone or melodramatic. My absolute favorite

34 Where Are You Now

Really a very good song should listen it patiently I can guarantee than this song would be at number 1

It's so awesome... love it every time I listen to it..

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35 Monster

An absolutely breathtaking ballad. Definitely a highlight off of Wilder Mind

I'm so disappointed, why isn't this song higher

The chorus in this song is just amazing

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36 Reminder

"Constant reminder of where I can find her, a light that might give me he way"
Short, soothing and entrancing. This song deserves to be in the top ten for sure!

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37 Cold Arms V 1 Comment
38 To Darkness

Perfect song really feels like gonna go in darkness but luckily just escaped beautiful song what is it doing here it should at least be at top 10

39 Learn Me Right

This song, which was in Brave, is so wonderful. Its moving and passionate. Its also in their album Babel. I love these lines: "you said yes as I said please." I also love the songs Lover's Eyes and The Cave.

40 Snake Eyes

HOT DANG. Okay I was getting a little worried after the first two releases. Didn't give me the goosebumps like their old stuff. This one finally did.

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