Top Ten Best Muppet Movies

The Top Ten Best Muppet Movies

1 The Muppet Movie

The first AND the best

That was a really good movie I really liked it

It is the very first Muppet movie created in Muppet history.
Asked for this for Christmas of 2015.
I can not wait for this.


2 The Muppets

Has 2 of my favorite Muppet songs rainbow connection and Life's a happy song. Even thought Rainbow connection is not from here whatever.

This reboot of the Muppet franchise was just brilliant. To play off on the fact that the Muppets weren't popular anymore was just genius! This movie has a lot of laughs and a lot of heart. It is so great that people are finally appreciating the Muppets again.

This is the moment that the Muppets are BACK. This is a really touching story with a lot of fun and it proves that the Muppets will actually never be forgotten. I know it's a new movie, it's not legendary yet but it really should no. 1.

Especially because of Walter.

3 The Muppet Christmas Carol

arguably the best of the countless interpretations of the classic by dickens, though zemeckis recent take on it is not far off. funny original and sweet, muppet christmas carol deserves the number one spot

Although the original Muppet Movie is great, and rightly deserves to be in the top spot, there is something about the Muppet Christmas Carol, that is also very charming.

This film defines me. I did not know who I was or what to do with my life, until I saw this film, this film will solve anyone's problems with anything

Fantastic movie, easily one of my favorite Christmas movies

4 The Muppets Take Manhattan

so cute! I LOVE the movie, I remember watching it in the third grade! LOL.

So great! It is such a masterpiece!

5 Muppet Treasure Island

Tim Curry as Long John Silver! Plus, it has one of the best opening scenes in a Muppet movie.

Best songs, funniest, best storyline (some muppet movies can get a bit sidetracked), and Tim curry! Doesn't get much better than that.

Underappreciated entry and a strong contender in the series for the best combination of action, comedy, and heart. It has a great time filling classic roles with the muppet cast while wisely leaving the central parts to two perfectly cast "human" actors.

6 The Great Muppet Caper

This one is my personal favorite Muppet movie (right next to the very first one). It may be similar to other caper films, but it's still a fun watch.

It was a great original movie, but also similar to other caper ones.

Grossly underrated.

7 Muppets from Space

It is so funny. Animal goes wiled. It is just so funny. Miss piggy gets happy gonzo is taken a way. The whole movie is funny

Awesome funk soundtrack. Great gags. Big name guest stars.

Rob schiender in this one

This movie has to be the greatest Muppet movie period. The legendary Dave Goelz's Gonzo pulls off a sincere, heartfelt performance that makes us feel so sad and sorry for him because he's the only one of his kind, but then happy when Gonzo finally meets his real family. Oscar material indeed! Steve Whitmire's Rizzo and Kermit, Bill Barretta's Pepe and Bobo, Frank Oz's Miss Piggy, Jeffrey Tambor's K. Edgar Singer, and Pat Hingle's General Luft were also BRILLIANT in this film!

8 Muppets Most Wanted

This movie was good not because it was a "muppet" movie, but it was good because it was a fantastic film alone.

It's a really good movie I saw it in theatres I really liked it

Really feels like something Jim would make, it's the best. - Rowlf

The best film ever animal is the best

9 It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie

MGM sucks!

Well I liked this movie when I was younger but if I was to rewatch now it will probulay not be as good as I remembered I mean it's obviously not as good as the original muppet movies the ones that were actually done by Jim Henson don't get me wrong I don't think this is a horrible movie I think it's way better than the muppets wizard of the oz which I personally think is worst muppet movie out of all of them but I know people rant on films like this and muppets from outer space and Kermit swap years saying there the worst they were the nail in the coffin for the Jim Henson company and the muppets but truly I think the wizard of oz version is worse I think people rant on that one to but anyway the main problem with I have with this movie and I think a lot people do to is that the film was starting to get too adult for a children's film but don't get me wrong I don't think adult indeuuos is bad in a kids and family film I just think you shouldn't make them too obvious I mean some kids ...more

10 The Muppets' Wizard of Oz

Jim Henson is spinning in his grave

Worst thing muppets ever had there named slapped on

Thought this movie was great

It was a childhood favoriteof mine

The Contenders

11 Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird

This isn't even the Muppets! - RalphBob

Many of the Muppets are in this movie. It was like a crossover between Sesame Street and the Muppets.

12 The Christmas Toy

I have not seen this in ages, in fact did not know it was a muppet movie. Loved in a lot as a child. Kinda like Toy story and the Velveteen rabbit combined into one.

The rumor about Toy Story being a rip off of this is fake.

13 A Muppet Family Christmas

THIS isn't even a number

Every December, my family would make some popcorn and put this VHS in. We would always laugh and smile and even had some memorable parts. This truly is a masterpiece. - Spicygarlic

14 The Dark Crystal
15 Kermit's Swamp Years
16 Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

Saw the movie many times with grandchildren...but not enough.

17 Elmo's Magic Cookbook

Elmo's Magic Cookbook is a great movie! I am 10+ years old and I still love it. I watched it just about every day of my life ages 3-6. We rented it from our local library on VHS. An ad for Sesame Street Live that I saw the other day reminded me of it, so I looked it up on YouTube. And I decided it is still a good movie, if not great! Watching it urged me to buy it on DVD, so I now own the movie I was once so close to. My favorite part is the "Speedy Pizza" part, when Grover keeps screwing Mr. Johnson's pizza order up. If you haven't seen this one, DO SO! YOU WON'T REGRET! BEST MUPPET MOVIE EVER!

I am 10+ years old now, and some may say this somewhat "dorky" movie is for 4 year olds. And I watched this movie just about every day of my life ages 3-6. We rented the VHS version from the local library and my sister and I loved it. Just the other day, I saw an ad for Sesame Street Live, and it brought back memories of my childhood. So I looked it up on YouTube, and I am still happy to say that this is a good movie.

18 Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas
19 Labyrinth

Why is this so low? This is a classic!

Cool. - Misfire

It’s a great film with great song and DAVID BOWIE is their more to say

20 The Muppets at Walt Disney World
21 The Frog Prince
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