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41 1966 Fairlane GT 427

I owned the 67 version of this car, Nascar Stage 2 motor, once I stopped the wheel hop which was horrendous going and stopping, the correct headers, gears and carb(s) running at the largest NHRA track here in NY 1/4 mile was always in the low 11's at 126 - 128 MPH, - I'm another member of the "I wish I still had this car" club.

42 1978 Camaro

After 4 years of the extruded aluminum bumpers, an all new body color urethane front & rear fascia was finally added to the car. Intended to debut in 1976, production delays held up the restyle until this year. Now hidden behind the sleek new nose was the impact absorbing crash structure able to withstand greater than 5MPH impacts. The rear tail lights were redesigned as well, now incorparating 3-color lenses on either side of the fuel door in the center. The license plate was relocated to a molded in section of the rear bumper.

The Camaro wasn't just continuing to blow the competition away on the street, but it paste'ed the rival Mustang in the showroom again, outselling the Ford 247,437 to 179,039. There was no competition.

Removable smoke glass t-tops (CC1) were now available. The Type LT and Rally Sport were back, with the RS a separate model as opposed to a RPO. Z28 sales were going up, up & away... The only things slowing down were the cars themselves with the ...more

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43 1987 GNX

There is no better muscle car. Hands down the Buick GNX was the best muscle car ever produced. Amazing refinement, speed and torque for the era and comfort of a Buick. Way to go Buick!

#1 in my book! Only 547 made. Black beauty, simply awesome! See pics at: www. BuickTurboRegal. com

Buick took a stock Buick Grand National & made it even better by turning it into the Buick GNX!

Stop playing. What ran with this?

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44 1970 Barracuda

GM wasn't scared of this engine... The 1970 chevelle 454 ls6 was a hemi eater! With 25 more horsepower rated at 450 HP... Which was underrated

can't beat a hemi ,GM was scared of this engine.

The 454 is a gutless dog. My 71 cuda with a supped up 225 used to eat them. So did my brother's with 340.

All of the above muscle cars are cool in my book most of us owned one particular car over another because we came into a deal that was why I inherited an AAR Cuda 1970 mid year model I got it for $500 it taught me backyard mechanic skills I rebuilt the Carter AVS put in a Torker manifold and ran cherry bombs and headers it wasn't a beast right off the line but a high redline allowed you you keep the torqueflite in low gear a long time if you knew how to drive you won 95% of all street wars

45 1968 Mustang GT 428
46 1972 Chevy Camaro Z28
47 1972 Trans Am Firebird
48 1969 396 Chevelle SS

I had two of them. The styling the power everything

Just about the prettiest car Detroit ever built

49 1967 Nova SS

Cool car because my dad had one.

Best looking nova ever!

50 2013 Chevy Corvette V 1 Comment
51 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

I have a '05 Ram SRT-10 that I love to drive..505 HP and six speed but waiting for a Ram Hellcat..maybe before I die.

I am willing to bet that this is the best value for money cars ever made: 707 horsepower 650 lb feet of torque does a quarter mile in 10.8 seconds at 126 miles per hour top speed 199 miles an hour all for 61,000$$ seriously its got more power the an aventador and 1 sixth the price. and its not crude like a shelby gt 500 its got nice interior 4 seats its comfterbull too works great around town and you can take it to a race circuit go through a corner at 90 miles an hour and come out alive. learn more by watching jay leno's review of it.

52 2016 Chevy Camaro

Cool and fast. Comes from the '69 camaro. Nothing's better than this thing.

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53 1966 427 Cobra

This was super before the words were coined

54 1971 Mustang Mach 1 429
55 1970 Dodge Super Bee 440

My dad had one and it was king of the 67 1/4 mile. 6 pack 440 with high rise and reverse manual valve body ruled till it was sold. wish he would have given it to me. Plum crazy purple with white interior. bad machine!

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56 1971 Camaro V 1 Comment
57 1997 Viper GTS V 1 Comment
58 1970 AMC AMX 390
59 1964 Chevelle
60 1968 Hemi Dart

Fastest production muscle car ever built, it's power-train includes a 426 C.I. hEMI engine married to a A-833 4speed transmission and dana 60 rear end. Not to mention the car had weight reduction from the factory including aluminum fenders and fiberglass hood. The HEMI Dodge Dart could lay down a 1/4 mile in 9 seconds or quicker at speeds over 150 mph.

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