Music means ilayaraja.. Ilayaraja means music.. He cannot be compared by the awards won by anyone.. Ilayaraja's music is beyond awards.. The internal touch which nurses our soul is his music.. Any musician can win awards.. But no one can rule our heart like raja's music.. He is like the red colour of our blood, which can't be seperated.. No one yet born in this world to fill his space, no one can born..

Ilayaraja is undoubtedly the maestro of music! Its not fame that really counts. Ilayaraja's music is a wonderful synthesis of east and west. that's why the BBC survey conducted in 150 countries across the world won placed him 4th in the top10 list. Ilayaraja's music is evergreen. If we listen to mustafa mustafa song by ar rahman in 2014 we would definitely feel awkward. But Ilayaraja's compositions have stood the test of time. He is the Indian Bach and our greatest fortune.

I believe there is no need a comparison between genius like Raja sir & AR. He is naturally talented genius, and he could compose any time any where not like AR join peace by peace. India's one and only genius up to the date, Oscar is not the scale ( even though AR got Oscar through back-door ). If you feel Raja's sir pure music will tells you.

Simply the best music genius who touches the hearts of people. His music is not something which will stay for one or two months and then forgotten (like those done in present times by other music directors), these will be heard by people repeatedly for very long time to come. His is a class of pure music--- a pure music which deserves a lot of respect and it cannot be compared to the cut copy paste music directors of this generation. Lots of so called hits (composed by other music directors now a days) are a bits and pieces which are cut, copied and pasted from some other remote part of the world.

Everyone else makes musical compositions that are interesting, enjoyable and even mesmerising. But Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja is the only real Music DIRECTOR who directs the audience through his music, and brings out the right emotion, at the right proportion, at the right time in the film. That's the toughest job of a composer. Making songs is much easier in comparison, yet he has produced super hit songs as well, and has already crossed 1000 films. He is beyond comparison to any other musician in the world.

He literally ruled whole south india film indstry for 30 (70's,80's,90's) years dude! He got a cm back now with "neethane en ponvasantham"... ARR's started his career under him... First asian to do symphony... Gold medalist in violin from trinity college-london...

Ilayaraja should be the first in the list. I am unable to find words like others to express about his music genre. He is totally differentand we can call the music in India as RAJA GENRE. His music shakes our body with raising hairs. We can tell simply HIS music mixing in to our soul and functions our body well.

Before listening the music of Ilayaraja, Ar Rehman is my best music director when starting to listen the music of Ilayaraja then Rehmon stood in 2nd position. Rehman sir music gives very happiness but if you listen 100 of times may you get boring at one time but Ilayaraja songs never get boring. That is raja sir music, Raja sir music very spontenious... Ilayaraja music like a flow in river, Rehman music like a flow in canal water...

Raja Sir is the one of the finest music composer in the world. He is renowned for using the western instruments with ease and at the same time making easily understandable to a layman

Who has composed more number of songs they are the best music director always as the person is having more money is called richest person. Popularity not directly related to talent.

Duration also matter, taking one year for four movie anybody can do based on permutation combination.

Beethoven also confined with particular region it doesn't mean he is less talented

Ilayaraja sir music is like meditation and all types of feelings we get in listening to its music.

Illayaraja Sir Is a Great Music Director In India. If You Listen Raja Sir Music It Will Really Touch Your Heart And Soul. There Is Some Power In His Music And He Is Great Legend In Music. I Think Illayaraja Sir Is number 1 Music Director In India...

Talking about Ilayaraja means talking about music. He is the only composer in the industry who eases the director's effort to a greater extent. Actually his bgm score is enough for most of the scenes, there is no need for dialogues. He is a library for today's music directors and tomorrow's.

A great music director whose scoring has been part of the soul once you immerse yourself!

Illayraja's compositions are so powerful and soulful, we can connect ourselves so easily with his song in one way or another and sometimes you will feel like have a slip of fall on the musical nectar. He is truly a genius and redefined his music so many times with new ideas which never go unsatisfying fans like us at different decades, his compositions are remarkable and of course is limited to the Southern languages, is a only drawback that North Indians may not be aware of his works, anyhow if someone from North accidentally have a chance of hearing his works will definitely appreciate him without any second thought.

The only Indian Composer who has got complete knowledge about Musical scores and notes. I do not think any other Music director in India writes musical notations within few minutes to compose a 5 minute or 6 minute song. He has vast knowledge in composing, mixing, Orchestration, musical arrangements.. And last but not the least, He is the first Asian to compose Symphony in front of the Queen of England at St Alberts hall in UK.. There is a difference between Music director and composers.. All others are music directors but Illaiyaraaja is a composer..

The creator of music and understand the music feed to especially human beings and all living organisms, one movie ilayaraja sir did music with elephants are acted real wild elephants come to near the theatre and listen the songs and go back for almost 30 days its miracle by him


No words to explain his caliber. God of music composer. What I explain to his composing. I didn't born when he started his composition but I cheerful ful that I am the one to listen his great compositions.

He is the king of music and god of music. don't compare to AR rehman please. because His music touches directly to the heart. No one can compose like this kind of music yet to 100 years.

The real music comes out from nature, and that music is the soul. Ilayaraja knows exactly the same soul of music. he simply makes great compositions that are certainly the most appropriate songs for the provided situations. The vast number of films he did is just an example of his passion for the art. He is very intelligent and I believe he is a gift of God.
AR Rahman is also a great musician but Ilayaraja is the best composer ever. With limited set of instruments present at his time, he produced different sounds unlike the situation with rahman. People say Roja, Bharateeyudu, Gentleman etc.. are the best classics which is true to an extent. But Geetanjali, Dalapathi, Swathimuthyam and many more like Shiva, Abhinandana,... Too many are regarded as ultimate in their respective genres. Ilayaraja made excellent songs in almost every field like sad songs, love songs, duets, senti, devotional, cultural etc.. when compared to rahman who hadn't touched as many fields as Ilayaraja ...more

A. R rahman is boy.. That he number 1 India.. Because given as one good composer for as..

When indian music was only 'indian', he was the first, to recognize the joy that can come about by bringing western harmony based quality to film songs, consistently and literally hypnotized masses with his melodies and accompaniments and arrangements, all before the uber-tech age... Pure sound, breaking-the-erstwhile limits and many can't-get-it-out-of-my-head melodies that go on all day long with you. Incredible fountain of melody. No wonder they call him 'isai gnani' - the one who 'realized' music.

The last real composer in Indian movies.

Will we ever praise, if any painting was done by a computer program? Program paints a face, then u make it smaller or bigger or childish or angel face or a cruel face or an ugly face, then the computer adds color to the back ground, you adjust the colors RGB numbers, then the program adds scenery, you adjust it, you overlay with another beautiful back ground taken from the internet and so on. It comes out great. Is it a great painting? Are you a great painter?

Music means raja. each and every sound he composed are the only music. It reaches every living even non living cells of human / and other living things plants and animal even nature. no one (others) can reach his foot in terms of music.