Dears (Dimash Kudaibergen)


Dimash Kudaibergen 's "DEARS" is the best fan base! We are from all over the world and we support Dimash in every way possible and, because we are from all over the world that will be 24/7 because when one part goes to sleep the other is already awake and continuing the support. Dimash deserves the best of everything, his voice is miraculous, his personality is angelic, brilliant and uniquely talented, stage presence is unequivocally overpowering, you just can't take your eyes off him, his moves for dancing are awesome, even though he doesn't dance much, when he does everyone goes crazy, he's that good! There is a very strong connection between him and us, his "dears", it knows no boundaries, we are always there for him, and always will be.

His love for his fans is already legendary, he calls them Dears and The Best of the Best. In return they are there wherever he is to offer support to him and his staff. Thousands find mutual support in his fan clubs where they meet and get to know people from all over the world who have the same crazy obsession with Dimash and his purpose to bring the world together through music...It is a mutual admiration society. He says the Dears make him believe in love and unity and peace and the Dears say Dimash makes them believe in love, unity and peace. A perpetual motion machine generating love to spread to the doesn't get any better.

Dimash, an amazing and extraordinary singer with a fantastic voice of 6 octaves! Today you are a little shocked, but please do not stop on this! Watch and enjoy his performances he is delightful! He performed at the contest I'm a singer in China and took 2 place there, but for us he is always the first! This contest consisted of 14 rounds and lasted 4 months. Dimash was the youngest participant! In this round he will sing the legendary song of Fredi Mercury Show mast go! He will perform magnificently! 4turetube will be a very beautiful and gentle song in Chinese, knocking out And in general it is necessary to listen to Dimash tour round by round consistently, since in each performance he reveals himself in a new way and his voice and genres of performance are also different. This fantastic young man can sing everything from rock to opera, in any range, in any language and using any singing technique. He is a genius in music, he is the god of music, he is the music itself!

Dimash is a precious gem that was gifted to us, his Dears, and the whole world. With a uniquely beautiful voice that mesmerizes and makes you breathlessly watch him perform, you can't help but love him. And that is why we, DEARS, support him in everything he wants ro accomplish, and it's not a childish whim. He is an incredibly mature young man. So his fanbase will always be by his side supporting him, behind him to watch his back and catch him if he feels faint, and in front of him, always cheering him on. Winning a poll is good, but being there for Dimash, win or lose, that's what a fanbase is all about!

Dimash is the rising superstar from Kazakhstan, already known all over the world. Fantastic, well-trained singer/crossover...He is the reveal of 2017, definitely

Dimash is absolutely, without any doubt whatsoever, the very best singer and entertainer in the world today. If anyone who hasn't seen and heard him perform yet, happens to do so soon, he/she is sure to be as captivated as all of his current fans ("dears") are. NOBODY is as great as Dimash!

Dimash's Dears are the most fantastic fans in the world. Dimash is not just a uniquely talented singer, but he also loves and cares for his fans like no other!

Dimash is the fastest rising star of 2017. Not only because he is a uniquely talented singer, but because of his ownership of the stage, his involvement with the audience, his unique cultural traditions that make him a humble human being despite his fast growing fame and fanbase. He's charismatic, has complete control of his voice when he sings, he's kind, loving, caring and so much more, despite his young age. His fans are exponentially eveery day, you listen to him sing onece and you're forever in love with him and his God-given talent. He's the best singer that has started to shine this 2017. Forever his fan.

He is already well known in Europe and Central Asia for years. He has just started to promote himself in China in early this year. However, he already conquered the Chinese fans but he almost attracted the fans from half of world based on the people recognized him on YouTube, tweeter, etc. He already had had several big concerts this years and will start his world in January 2018.

Dimash Kudaibergen is a best singer I have ever heard because of his amazing voice and great personalities who can make people fall in love with him and going crazy about him. He is so adorable, loving and very friendly with his fans (Dears). We will always support him and pray for his success in the future. May God bless him.

Dimash has an extraordinary voice, vocal range that spans 4.5 octaves, a world of passion and vulnerability when he performs, and a sincerity on stage that is unprecedented. He is a gifted musician in every way. Off stage, he is a humble, gracious, and grateful man.

Dimash was just revealed to the world this 2017 and his fan base is already counted in the millions al over the world. We have fan clubs in countries I didn't even know existed. All languages, all cultures. Dimash has brought his "DEARS" together with his unmatched musical talent, his charisma, his loving care for us 'his fqandom' his dears. We have accomplished so much in so little time, for him. In time, we will be the biggest fandom EVER!

Fans of Dimash, the most active and friendly fans in the world! The army of his fans is very numerous and multinational! To meet and see off your idol anywhere in the world is an obligatory privilege of his fans! All fan houses, around the world, closely communicate with each other, are engaged in charity on behalf of Dimash! They arrange flash mobs and actions in support of their idol!

Dimash is hands down, the best singer I've ever heard! He has the voice of an angel, and has been registered vocals that go 6 octaves! He could be an opera singer, but chose his path as a "pop" singer! I have never had a desire to go to any concert, because I fear crowds, however, should Dimash come to Canada to do one, I will not miss it! He is humble and number 1!

Dimash is the most talented, yet self-effacing personality I have ever known. If you have never heard him sing you are missing a once- in-a-lifetime voice. You will have a hard time believing your own ears! Gotta hear him to believe he's one of the greatest! Google him & listen!

Simply the Divine Singer! Dimash is one and the only! We are blessed to whitness and live at the same time with such a miracle! God bless his talent! Once you've heard him singing, you will love and can't help yourself of listening to him again and again. Dimash has raised the bar of professional singing to the toppest possible height to date that it makes almost no sense and no chance to somehow compete with him. Not at all. Yet, he is very humble, charming, handsome and open-hearted young man. He is all-rounded versatile singer, composer, instrumentalist and whatnot with solid professional background and career. Dimash's powerful, rich-coloured, tessitura, quality voice, and gently angelic timber hits right into the core of your soul! Every song by him is a total masterpiece and blows your mind away!

Dears are the most powerful and therefore the best music fandom in the world. They are incomparable in their devotion and dedication to all aspects of fan support, love, admiration, enthusiasm and loyalty to Dimash. They are united in their international connections, friendships, camaraderie, cohesiveness and collectivity to represent Dimash Kudaibergen with respect, appreciation, tolerance, patience, trust and most importantly, love.

Dimash Loved by fans all over the world of different generations and nationalities foreign fans even started to learn Kazakh language and his culture and support Dimash flying to his concerts from different places of the globe this young genius is very intelligent pure and wise kazakh man with very beautiful personality full of talents and Best Voice in the World make people fall in love with him in a minute!

Dears are very important to Dimash. He always manages to let us know how much he loves us, he is not embarrassed to say I love you in public. He has a special purpose to bring love and peace and unite dears from all over the world together. We are able to feel love for perfect strangers as we chat together. This is totally awesome. I am so greatful to Dimash for sharing the gift of love and the happiness we all share. Dimash thank you so much for being an exquisite person who showed so many lonely people that we are not alone. Our love for you grows each day.

Dimash music amazed me and so many other people. His personality changes me and my life as well. If there's any shock therapy for love and peace, Dimash should be on the recipe for every psychiatrist on earth. So Dimash's fan base is the best fan base in the world since it containing people from various backgrounds united by love and peace he brings. We are Dears of Dimash

You here his voice once and you will never forget it there after.

A year ago Dimash, new on the scene in China, dubbed his fans his Dears! They have finally settled on peaceful coexistence since the epic battles of 'I love you." "I love you more" though still trying to express that love in ever escalating cycles of sweet actions. Dimash feels deeply that as a singer, without his dedicated audience he has nothing and his Dears go to great lengths to accompany him in every venue, airport, support giant electronic billboard ads and even bought him a custom blue mic to match his costume for his first DDynasty World Tour Concert! All requiring an amazing level of unity, coordination and skills.Dimash&Dears inseparable!

Dears or Dimash's Dears IS the Best Music Fan Base. We support Dimash 24/7. We make him #1 in every poll in no time, because nobody can compete with Dimash. He is a genius, he is brilliant in everything, singing, performing, dancing, comunicating with Dears. He is loving and caring, there is a strong connection between us, which makes him the most powerful man in the world.

All you have to do is listen to his songs, get to know his heart and you are captured. Dimash is one of those miracles in the making. He will go down in history. We are privileged to be able to listen and watch him at the start of his journey. I do not say that lightly. I am one of his dears. - Joyinlife

This is why I vote for Dears (Dimash Kudaibergen) in this category. Dimash is the most hardworking and diligent, adored by his worldwide Dears. Consequently he is deeply, profoundly respectful, the humblest artist, but especially towards his Dears.