E.L.F. (Super Junior)


Since the beginning, it has always been Super Junior and ELF, ELF and Super Junior. And though sometimes Super Junior and ELF go together with DBSK and Cassies and/or SHINee and Shawols, and/or other fandoms but at the end of the day, it is still just us - Super Junior and ELF. US IS ALL WE HAVE. Where will you ever find idols treating almost 600 of their fans to a warm cup of coffee after watching their performance on a chilly night? Where will you ever find idols praying and crying for their fans that died? Where will you ever find idols giving chocolates to their fans at their concerts? Where will you ever find idols treating their fans ice creams during summer? Why am I an ELF? Because it is all worth it. Because Super Junior is all worth it. I am an ELF. Because being an ELF is such an honor. I AM PROUDLY SAY I AM AN ELF THAT WILL SUPPORT 15 GUYS THAT WILL NEVER BE REPLACED

ELF and Super Junior is ONE
ELF Without Super Junior is NOTHING
Super Junior Without ELF is NOTHING
So, ELF and Super Junior is ONE

I'm Proud to Be ELF
Because Super Junior Always Care All ELF
Super Junior and ELF is Example of Endless Love
Love, Dream, Miracle, Friendship, and happiness
Always Share All The Taste of Our Life, with Super Junior and Another ELF

What is The Most Awesome Miracle of ELF?
This Is, My 13 + 2 Prince
LEETEUK, he is our angel, angel without wings which became a perfect angel
HEECHUL, he is Our Cinderella, Cinderella from mars which became a gorgeous people
HANKYUNG, he is our chinese prince, prince of china which became one and only prince of china
YESUNG, he is a our someone who has a powerful voice, a singer which became a big star
KANGIN, he is our Great Father, Father who protect all family
SHINDONG, he is Our Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Who make our have a best day
SUNGMIN, he is king of aegyeo, the ...more

Super Junior is one of the best group for me. I used to never read everything about them but right now I write this opinion because I already felt the magic that SuJu gave to me.

When I down or sad, just listen to their song or watch to their shows makes my mood lighten up. I am being ELF not only because of their face, not only because of their song, not only because of their wittiness, but I like them because they are bunch of amazing member who packaged in a group named Super Junior. SuJu taught me everything, about family, friendship, respect, loyalty and many more. I always proud when I said that I am SuJu's fan.

Super Junior = The Last Man Standing
We will always standing for you and support you no matter what because we are ELF and you are our Super Junior

This is the best ever! ELF love SUPER JUNIOR
This is the best ever! ELF love SUPER JUNIOR
This is the best ever! ELF love SUPER JUNIOR
This is the best ever! ELF love SUPER JUNIOR

Elf will always standing still behind these men who were "the superman"

I can't begin to describe why E.L.F is the best fandom ever. Like it's name, ELFs are really ever lasting friends - they are always there to chat, share, comfort, support each other and are true friends and family. With Super Junior as the leaders who truly treat their fans like friends with true concern and love, it is no wonder that ELF is truly the best fandom ever.

I'm an ELF myself. This group made me realized a lot of things for music. KpOP is really worldwide and this fandom makes a person really proud of their idol because of what they give their fans. Ever lasting friend is what it says, a friend that you share you share your interest with and a growing fandom, still spreading it's disease to newbie kPOPers that will surely love the dorks. Makes us laugh, cry, shout, buy, blog, meet, and love music! So please make us to no. 1! And oh! In our hearts, SUPER JUNIOR is the best! LAST FANs

ELFs are the best fandom ever!
Even though I'm also other fans, ELF is my real family
"Promise to believe, love and Protect Super Junior as an Ever Lasting Friend" this phrase always reminds me to ever bash or anything because I don't want to dirty Super Junior's name

To me, being ELF is like a religion. People always say we're obsessed, but no, we're really not. To me, Super Junior gives me the chance to love unconditionally, and to be loved back. Super Junior teaches me to work hard even though the odds aren't in our favour, Super Junior gives me so much strength. I honestly don't know what I was doing in life before I found out about SJ. To me, being ELF isn't just supporting these 15 boys, its to love them and accept them for who they are. Super Junior is the reason I cry, laugh, and smile, the reason why I go to sleep late, the reason why my pocket is always empty. But I don't regret it one bit, because they're worth everything. Super Junior worked really hard, no joke. At the beginning, they were seen as the group to be disbanded soon, the group left-over after SM picked TVXQ. Netizens were forever lashing out at SJ, picking at Shindong for being a bigger size then usual, for heechul being unable to sing etc. But ELF doesn't care, we accept ...more

Super Junior is the first Idol who make me wanna sacrifice my money to buy any stuff about them... Everyday my love for them keep increase.. I promise to myself that I'll always stay beside them, never leave them.. And together make Pearl Sapphire Blue World... We'll never stop to influence others to become E.L. F

E.L. F will always support Super Junior whenever they need us, whatever happen to them, Super Junior is the first and the last Man Standing in My Heart... No other can replace their place in my heart... Their song echoed in my ears...


ELF are amazing fandom... They are not just fans for Super Junior, but also friends and family for super junior... ELF and Super Junior share love and affection in the shade of sapphire blue elf family.. ELF and SUPER JUNIOR, we promise together to fill the world with our pearl sapphire blue balloon...

Being an ELF is the best thing that has ever happened to me because I've never felt this happy supporting an artist until now.. Super junior has always appreciate ELFs support and they never let us down.. They always put ELFs in front no matter what the event is. We, ELFs also have never been tired supporting them.. SUPER JUNIOR ELF=1

ELF & Super Junior have the best relationship with each other. Without the other, the one cannot survive. They share laughter & tears & sorrow and happiness. It's not just a fan-idol relationship but an relationship that last a lifetime and transcends not only to their idol life but personal life as well. They make each other strong.

I will be forever an ELF. I will never turn back on the oppas. Through thin or thick, I will always support them. ELF's are nothing without Super Junior as it is vice versa.

We are the 16th member of Super Junior. Being with them forever.
Saranghaeyo Super Junior!

We are proud to be ELF. They are so care of us, Super Junior, I will support you all forever! Please stay healthy! We all shed tears and share joys together! Remember Super Junior just have Elf and ELF also only have Super Junior!

If there's a thing that I won't regret in my whole life is being an ELF.
Only God knows :
How grateful I am to be one of the Pearl Sapphire Blue.
How grateful I am to see those 13 to perform together.
How grateful I am to meet the Superman of my life.
How grateful I am to be one of the family.
How grateful I am when the say "Thank You" to ELF when they win any kinds of awards.
How grateful I am when they mention the name "ELF" in their tweet.
How grateful I am to be called with the name "ELF".
How grateful I am to be called an "EVERLASTING FRIENDS".
How grateful I am when they always says "Thank you" when it should have been me who said that.

There's nothing that I'll be grateful than meet those 13.

Even if I didn't knew them for so long, they're like my family. A family that will support and protect each and every member of SJ and this fandom. Super Junior made us felt that we're not just fans but they're friends. ELF SUJU= LOVE... We Prom15e to 13elieve!

Being ELF is the most happiest thing in my life... When we support our super junior, it's kind like we support each other... ELF is like family... If suju happy, we are more happy than they are... And when they become weaker, we will make them become strong with our spirit... Super junior and ELF, DAEBAK!

I think only the ELF that are considered by the family by their idol, that is SUPER JUNIOR. ELF is always willing to do anything for a smile spreading across his face to see their idol, SUPER JUNIOR. ELF even willing to keep online and vote for SUPER JUNIOR support at all times. They always support their idol, it proved of any projects that they do for Super Junior. ELF and Super Junior relationship was very close. Each other trying to one another happy. SUPER JUNIOR present their best performances to SUPER JUNIOR. And ELF provide feedback by always support anything to do SUPER JUNIOR.

Of course ELF we and SJ need each other. SJ is nothing without ELF, and ELF is nothing without SJ. Yeah we are a bit rude if you do something bad to our oppa. But that's because our love and our protectiveness. So don't even bother to talk bad and do something stupid to our oppa.

I love you so much
You pride yourself as an ELF ELF is because when you are yourself. I feel free, do everything you want: love Suju, News Suju and Suju side protection. We will always protect you... Because we are Ever Lasting Friend If one day the world has betrayed Super Junior, ELF will also betray the world If the sky is falling down, there were households Super Junior ELF support If you have to cry, let the cry to ELF Super Junior Super Junior is the heart of the ELF; ELF is the world

No other than ELF! I feel like I have second family when I'm talking to others Elfs! We support each other and our idol always remember us as a family, not only as a fan

E.L. F, a short term for EverLasting Friends. Just as the name stated, we'll forever be the friends of the most talented yet down-to-earth boyband, Super Junior, supporting them in both good and bad times. This fanbase is dedicated only for Super Junior and forever will be. KEEP ON rocking' ELFS! SUPER JUNIOR, WE LOVE YOU!

Even though I am not an elf in the beginning, I am one of the hardcore elf now.

When I first know about kpop, it was around the time when kyuhyun and the others had that car accident. Reading the supportive comments from elfs around the world, I feel really touched by the relationship between the idol's and their fans.

Then, many other things happened. Kibum's disappearance, Hangeng's lawsuit, Kangin going to army... Throughout all these, elfs still stay strong for the sj members, still continuing 13elieve and later, prom15e. Their love cannot be described in words, it is expressed through years of faith and promises.
Suju and elf=fighting!

They care for us in a way I believe cannot be expressed in words.
Their dedication to us in all they do, shows me how much they love us.
The way they humble themselves every time, thanking, bowing in every stage, through all the kinds of crap they have been through. They are not arrogant.
Their desire to give their very best in every situation, good or bad.
The quiet way they stand by each other, the way they support each other through thick and thin shows me the depth of their brotherhood.

The way they treat us, we know, we feel the love they never managed to explain.
Because Super Junior never planned to build a fandom even from the very beginning.
They desired a family.
And that is who I am. Who I am proud to be.

I am an E.L.F.
And I will stand by my boys forever.

I'm proud to be an ELF
ELF means smile when Super Junior happy
ELF means tears when Super Junior have no good story
ELF means that word of encouragement when Super Junior desperate
ELF means shoulder to cry... Super Junior
ELF is the fulcrum means when Super Junior want to lean on
ELF means that advice when Super Junior to stand between two turnoff
ELF is the first thought that when Super Junior wake up
ELF means forever and ever in the next Super Junior
ELF means angel in my heart... Super Junior
ELF that is home to Super Junior
ELF means that Super Junior wings to fly so high, so far
But there is a sense that nobody can deny

ELF means friends forever by Super Junior...

... Forever side, cheer, and encouragement.