Galaxy Defenders (McFly)


I am so proud to be a Galaxy Defender! I honestly believe that the GDs are the nicest fanbase around! While all other fanbases are arguing or competing with each other we just sit back happy in the knowledge that us GDs can just appreciate our boys and their music and not get involved in any other fan drama! We have stuck with the boys through thick and thin and there is nothing better than being in the crowd of their concert and putting your fist in the air with all the other GDs and chanting "we don't care! "


This Guys make my life worthwhile Their songs are are amazing, their friendship is true, they are... Everything! GALAXY DEFENDERS STAY FOREVER!


We're the best fanbase because even if a year is over, we're still together, it's not always easy, but remember... WE'RE HERE FOREVER... To protect the galaxy from dinosaurs, bananas and Darth Vader. We're not just girls ( in the case of the girl)... We're that girls, the party girls, the star girls the weirdos with no name who like to party on a Saturday night and always remember to smile to the world even if it's the end

I think they are the best band ever. Their music style is truely unique. They compose most of their songs, they do their own arrangements, and the band has just such nice brotherhood and friendship. Danny's voice is so fantastic and deep and it really sounds good in contrast with Tom's which is high and just so rich... And Dougie sings also; his voice is unique! And Harry is such an amazing drummer. They are my truly idols.
They are the only persons in the world who really understands me. They are everything. They helps me in difficult moments; They makes me laugh in bad times, when I would just cry... I really love my idols. And I always will. They changed my life for better. Since 2006 - ever.

McFLY changed my life for the better, because of them, I'm so happy, they've gotten me through so much. Their songs are amazing, they make me happy when nothing else can. Because of them, I've discovered some amazing friends, and fan fiction, and now becoming an author of fan fiction, I've decided I want to be a writer. They are everything to me!

We're the best fans because we support the best best in this universe. And unlike other fanbases we don't FIGHT! We support them and love them and their families and friends. Also, when they said "It's not always easy, but McFly's here forever" They actually meant it. We're also here for you, when you need us MCFLY ARE HERE FOREVER

Galaxy defenders care so much for mcfly. We love mcfly so much and we know they care about us to. I mean if they didn't why would they have put up a super site for their fans. I mean they even have all galaxy defenders in their song star girl. "Galaxy defenders stay forever never get enough of you". So come on galaxy defenders it is time for us to vote for them.

McFly is a best band of the world. If you listen they, you go to wonderland. And the galaxy defenders are a best fan in the world, because we are very passionate to McFly. We are proud to be a Galaxy defender. Because Galaxy defenders stay forever

Mcfly a probably the only band EVER to put their fan base in a song! They have a true friendship. They love their fans so much it is unreal. They have made a whole site for their fans called supercity and it truly is a supercity. Don't worry Mcfly galaxy defender will stay forever and no WE can't get enough of you Mcfly

McFly is a breath of fresh air. They are so inspiring. They are the most awesome, fantastic, incredible band ever. Their songs always inspire me. I have been a fan for 8 years. My life has changed since the first day I was acquainted with McFly.

We are the best because support the MOST AMAZING BAND IN THE WORLD Mcfly is absolutely all for our 'GALAXY' they really changes our lives with your music and your personalities teach us to stay strong and never stop smiling; It's not always easy but Mcfly and Galaxy defenders are here FOREVER

Galaxy defenders are the best seeing as we have a strictly champ and a king of the jungle who else would you wanna love? Tom Dougie Harry and Danny produce some amazing music for us Galaxy Defenders and I am proud to I have been there since day 1 and will be here till the end GO GALAXY DEFENDERS!

It's all about Mcfly, the best band have the best fans.
Mclyers are a family, cause Galaxy Defenders stay forever

Galaxy Defenders are the best fanbase because as McFly says in their song "Star Girl", GALAXY DEFENDERS STAY FOREVER. And we are here because of McFly, because it is not always easy but McFly's here forever, and so are we.

We're the best, that's it! We've been here for 8 amazing years! And we're standing here forever! We're the best because our guys make us the best... We're all over the galaxy! McFLY is everything to us. We couldn't live without their music or them. Galaxy Defenders stay FOREVER!

Cause I'm Galaxy Defenders Stay Forever. It's not always easy but McFLY is here forever! We are the best fans in the universe!

I've been a fan of McFly since they began, they have been through so much and come back fighting even stronger! I love these boys forever and ever. I will never stop supporting their music or their life's. Thanks for being there McFly, we all love you loads

Galaxy defenders.. Stay forever! Because we are so damns awesome! The mcfly fans are the BEST... Just that is the reason why you should vote for galaxy defenders. We support them anytime

I grew up with McFly while every other girl my age was going wild about the Jonas brothers. They've always been my little secret and, without knowing, they've always been there for me. McFly is the best and so are Galaxy Defenders.

McFLY is perfect. They mean absolutely everything to me. One of my favourite things about them is their friendship. It's inspiring.

GALAXY DEFENDERS SHOULD WIN GUYS, VOTE! We are the best fanbase ever, who support the guys like more than the world, no matter where they are, we made them win a lot of things by supporting them. ITS NOT ALWAYS EASY, BUT GALAXY DEFENDERS ARE HERE FOREVER!

McFly is the best band and we are very proud of support them in everything.

Galaxy Defenders stay forever.

Been a Galaxy Defender since I was seven (am now almost 15) so I love McFly with all my heart and know that they are extremely talented and genuinely very nice people!

I have never met a fan base like the Galaxy Defenders. We stick up for one another and we're a family. We love McFly and each other. Galaxy Defenders stay forever!