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241 Jewels
242 Fighters (Christina Aguilera)
243 C~LUVers
244 IFC
245 The Wall-Nuts

Gotye fans from across the globe who interact with the artist, his community and each other! Representing a brilliant body of musical work by Wally De Backer

246 Simpsonizers (Cody Simpson)

There isn't much hate in the Cody Simpson fandom but as in every fandom, there are the obsessive ones who don't take criticism from non-simpsonizers very well. Mostly, they're calm and nice people.

247 Overtunist (TheOvertunes)
248 Anti Anggun
249 Fans (JKT48)

J: joyful
K: kawaii
T: try to the best

Jkt, fortyeight

JKT48 GO INTERNATIONAL. JKT48 SISTER GROUP AKB48. JKT48 from indonesia. They are not girlband

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250 Blinkstar V 1 Comment
251 Boys and Noise
252 Sex Pistols
253 Misfits
254 Slash Gash Terror Crew (Blood On the Dance Floor)
255 Venom
256 Mercyful Fate
257 Diamond Head
258 Bad Brains
259 Bad Religion
260 Black Flag
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