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281 Led Zeppelin
282 Hedcases (Hedley)

I'm Crazy For Hedley. I would do Anything, even give away my Pocket Full of Dreams. Hedley songs make me feel Invincible when I feel disheartened. They give me a Hiding Place when I feel like there isn't anywhere to go. They are Perfect, no matter how many times they say they're not. If you aren't a Hedcase, it's Never Too Late. Vote, or you may just be left On your Own.

283 Panda Hive (Desiigner)
284 Cheetahnizers (The Cheetah Girls)
285 Halseyinators (Halsey)
286 Cosgrovenatics (Miranda Cosgrove)
287 3nators (3LW)
288 Backstreet Girls (Backstreet Boys)
289 *NSYNCer (*NSYNC)
290 Players (Play)
291 Dreamers (Dream)
292 Sabrinators (Sabrina Carpenter)
293 Victorians (Victoria Justice)
294 MariaIsabelistas (MarĂ­a Isabel Lopez Rodriguez)
295 PUP Fans
296 Dead Corps (The Dead Deads)

Fans of this band come for the music and stay forever! And they're also cool people.

The Dead Deads are a pretty heavy punk rock band that makes weird cool music. For shows, the five band members - Meta Dead (lead vocals), Hella Dead (keys), Daisy Dead (bass), Betty Dead (lead guitar), and Billy Dead (drums) - paint X's over their eyes. Their fans started doing that, too, and (if I'm not mistaken) that's how the "dead corps" started. They give their fans "dead names" (a nickname, usually "Something" Dead) and really just generally treat them well.

Because The Dead Deads are such awesome musicians who treat their fans so well, these fans go out of their way to support them. I see them constantly on Twitter and everywhere online talking about the band, always saying positive things. There are fans who have seen this band, live, MORE THAN FIFTEEN TIMES and they're planning to see them again. There are fans who drive for hours to see a show ...more - Lyssa

The Dead Deads are just awesome! Their fans (myself included) really love them. Of course I think we "Dead Corps" are cool people!

If there was a list for "Who Treats Their Fans the Best" the Dead Deads would be at the top of it...

297 Harajuku's (Gwen Stefani)
298 Harts (Haley Reinhart)
299 Keys (Alicia Keys)
300 Princess Jasmines (Jasmine Thompson)
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