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361 Strongs (Kelly Clarkson)
362 Lana Lovers (Lana Del Rey)
363 Weed Heads (Bob Marley)
364 Justin Lovers (Justin Timberlake)
365 Cats (Cashmere Cat)
366 Pop Stars (Hannah Montana)
367 1R Soldiers (OneRepublic)

This fandom is generally the sanest fandom I know of and I am proud to be a member. However, if you search up for OneRepublic fanfiction on Wattpad, THAT is another story for another day. The main premise of one fanfiction is that the singer (Ryan Tedder) gets seriously sick, but he still makes love to a tour manager MULTIPLE TIMES. These are the kind of fans you will NOT see on Instagram OR Twitter, so just stay in those areas to be safe. - ImagineDanse16

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