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41 Metalheads

They should be #1

Unless you're an elitist then we're all pretty cool to be around

Most metalhaeds are annoying though..

42 Rakimers (Rakim)
43 Primadonna (FT Island)

Once a pri, always a pri. We will stand with our five treasures until the end! Even if we won't make it to the top, we will show them that our boys are the best!

Primadonnas please vote for FT Island~ as you were a prims please support them... Show that no matter what happened you are still a promadonna supporting FT Island...



Primadonna and ft island let's walk the path together even after we die.
Choi minhwan

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44 Avrileros (Avril Lavigne)

Avril Lavigne's fans are named "Little Black Stars" not Avrileros.. Please modify that! Thanks, however we are going to win!

Old fans are called AVRILEROS, it's Spanish. Little Black Stars is new, however every fan of Avril can vote!

I'm a little black star avril we could meet up one day

45 Echelon (30 Seconds to Mars)

Being a Echelon is not about how long you've know the band or how many concerts you've been to. It's about having a connection with other Echelons. It's about supporting each other through thick and thin, laughing together when we're happy and just being there for each other. Some people say you can't chose your family but we have chosen ours. And it's the best family I could ever wish for Even if the rest of the world walks out,30 Seconds to Mars and the Echelon will always be there Echelon forever

We are not fans, we are a family! It's an unique love, and care, and dedication! We just dream and support our life reason: 30 seconds to mars

During the past 2 years 30 Seconds To Mars have been touring I met so many new people and they each thought me something new. We traveled in groups far and wide to see the band play. Now we still keep in touch via Echelon meet-ups and/or casual drinks. I can say I made some awesome friends. Thanks MARS!

Echelon are a family and I am glad to be part of it.

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46 Ten Club (Pearl Jam)

You can't ignore die-hard fans of the greatest band of all time, Pearl Jam.

47 Motörhead
48 Spice Dolls (Spice Girls)
49 Bon Jovi

I have not heard of most of the bands that are ranked higher on this list.

My friend loves bon jovi so I'm getting her a bon jovi shirt for her birthday. - AnonymousChick

Why are the top 28 almost completely unknown?

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50 Good Charlotte

GCfam is simply awesome, I love that it's actually about music now. Band empasises the meaning of music and fans are down to eart, nice peeps.

51 Fall Out Boy

The FOB fandom has been nothing but incredible, sweet, and supportive to me and everyone else I know. We're less of a fanbase and more of a family. I've met some of my best friends through a mutual love of Fall Out Boy and really the fanbase never fails to bring me happiness on a daily basis.

I guess you could call them, the "Fall Out Boys". *bahdum*- be quiet.

I am a Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy are one of my favorite bands of all time. The same can't be said about their fanbase who will beat haters or ignorers to oblivion. Even I, as a Fall Out Boy, understand FOB hate. Others...not really. - WonkeyDude98

My sis loves fall out boy she knows loads of songs and she posts them so her friends can see which means she spreading the word so yeah

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52 Iron Maiden
53 Vfans (The Veronicas)
54 Beach Boys Fans
55 Bards (Blind Guardian)
56 MCRmy (My Chemical Romance)

The MCRmy have one thing in common and that is that we actually NEED my chemical romance in our lives, we kind of depend on it. And that makes us a very powerful family that love each other endlessly. Sure we might fight sometimes and have different opinions but that just means that we are independent and that is just what the guys My Chemical Romance want to teach us

Get this fanbase in the top ten now. We cry together, laugh together, and shut down haters together. The Killjoys are definitely the tightest fanbase on Earth.

Without a doubt an awesome talented band awesome live, they love their fans and are true gentlemen,

MCRMY rules and the band will live on

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57 Ilvolovers [il Volo]

I really hate that everyone says they're the best fanbase, I don't believe there is such thing. The best fanbase will come from a group that will cause the world to change and whos music motivates everyone to be better. Now getting on topic...

Il Volo are italian teenage 19-20 year old guys. They appeal to not only teenagers but adults, seniors and even young kids. They are humble, caring, wonderful guys that know how to be performers as well as Pop-Opera singers.

We the fans call ourselves Ilvolovers because we see how talented these three guys are. We love them because they care so much about us and it's shown in eveything they do. Il Volo may not be at the level of Justin Bieber, Drake or Miley Cyrus but their fan ranges from kids to seniors, not just teenagers. The Ilvolovers all know that some day our guys will be recognized worldwide for their amazing god-sent voices and for being themselves, the great guys that they are and the great men they will someday ...more

These boys have talent above and beyond most of the groups listed above. And yes, their fan base covers ALL AGES! And they don't need any gimmicks or pyrotechnics, or to undress, or smoke or drink onstage as many of the others do. All they have to do is open their mouths and listen to their beautiful voices.

There are three wonderful boys, with a great talent but most of all humility and with the immense desire to change the world and bring messages of peace and love wherever they go, the fans are not only ilvolovers but a family that is united by music and love.

There are a great number of fan-groups supporting IL VOLO. It is difficult to select any special group as the best as I know at least three groups to which I would give this medal.

Ilvolovers (il Volo) is one of the oldest group I remember and finding them here I just vote for them. Continue your wonderful work supporting the love of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero with your love and spirit!

What does Il Volo sing and live up to? WE ARE LOVE!

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58 Barbz (Nicki Minaj)

Nick I can be up can be down same with fans

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59 Chili Peppers (Red Hot Chili Peppers) V 1 Comment
60 Tizzies (Ashley Tisdale)
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