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61 Barbz (Nicki Minaj)

Nick I can be up can be down same with fans


We're the best barbz of #TheKingdom

Luvly my queen Onika. that gyal in dem cully trinition, for real! - SammMinajj

62 Chili Peppers (Red Hot Chili Peppers)


63 Stitches (Shawn Mendes)
64 Tizzies (Ashley Tisdale)
65 Testament
66 Jonatics (Jonas Brothers)

The Jonas Brothers are so sincere. They're trying to do great music from the bottom of their arts, that's why I love them. I love what they're saying in their songs. They're all so talented!

The Jonas Brothers are the best and I'm proud to call myself their fan! Thank you JB for everything!

We're are the craziest and the most dedicated fanbase EVER... We love our boys to bits

The Jonatics the best fan base

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67 Katy Cats (Katy Perry)

Katy has taught me, as a woman, to stand up for what I believe in, even if others don't agree.

How can katycats are the number 89? They are the best and they're always appreciate other artist.

I'm katycat and I like it the taste of her cherry chap stick :D

Katy Perry

~Never give up~

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68 Jackson's

The Jackson's are always the best in my book! Jackson's for life and eternity!

This is the fanbase for The Jackson 5 right, cause I'm also in Michael's solo fanbase

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69 Killjoys (My Chemical Romance)

Proud killjoy! What I love about this community of insane teenagers, is that they can be anything. From a dead marching band to a comic book character, the killjoy fanbase love all generations of My chemical romance. The killjoys are different. They, although loving their own fandom, aren't rude to others. They accept you is you're a belieber, or a directioner, but they want you to join their fandom, so you can experience the feels too. On youtube someone asked if they could be a killjoy even though they liked them 3 years after *ahem* *tries speaking but cries* and everyone on youtube said "Yes! Welcome to the killjoy fandom! " I said I was new to the fanom too, but I'm as real a fan as anyone. - AnonymousChick

So proud to be a killjoy so sad My Chemical Romance split up

My Chemical Romance was a good band

My Chemical Romance RULES

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70 JLSters (JLS)
71 Arctics (Arctic Monkeys)
72 Deathbats (Avenged Sevenfold)

Avenged Sevenfold is the best! I will love them forever.

A7X is and will be my favorite band..It has a place to my head and my heart.I hope all deathbats continue admiring a7x with all their heart.

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73 Firebreathers (Imagine Dragons)

I'm an apostrophe, I'm just a symbol to remind you that there's more to see. - lovefrombadlands

Imagine Dragons; the best band ever. - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Firebreather and proud. - HufflepuffGeekGirl

IMAGINE DRAGONS! - lovefrombadlands

74 Team Grimmie

Christina grimmie for the win

75 Nightwishers (Nightwish)
76 Mayhem
77 BABY (B.A.P)

Babys/Warriors are like a BIG FAMILY, that are scattered all over the world, that would make groups hugs frequently(laugh out loud we are cheesy)! We are thankful for every Baby out there, for TS creating B.A.P. and obviously B.A.P. for always working hard for us!
I think every Fandom reflects the groups they support and Babys are a really hard working fandom

I only have one word to describe BABY's and B.A. P: 'Awesome'.

BABY'S WILL ALWAYS LOVE AND SUPPORT B.A. P, They are Best Absolute Perfect group ever!

I love B.A. P! They work so hard for us as Babys and they truly deserve the best.B.A. P fighting!

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Always support cn blue! Especially yonghwa oppa, they always make me happy with their song.. Cn blue fighting! I love them so much!

I can get pressures at times
But I am strong and I try to sing all night
I don't like same songs
And I don't like same sounds
I just love to try all night
I'm gonna try again, try again,
Back again try it all night
I never give up forever
Try again, try again, back again
Time to try
I want to try to show all night

CNBLUE Try Again Smile Again

They are well rounded, talented, they compose their own music, play musical instruments, and all good looking at that!

I love them all

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79 Wonderfuls (Wonder Girls)

Once a Wonderful, always a Wonderful
Sunlight, Yeparkie, Sunmijjanger, Manduful, Yubinian and LIMit FIGHTING!

Being a Wonderful is the only thing I won't regret in my life! Wonder Girls taught me lots of things that other idols can't! They are the most humble girls I ever seen! They are the best of the best!

Min SunYe, Park YeEun, Kim HyunA, SunMizzang, Ahn SoHee, Kim YuBin and Woo HyeLim are the 7 Wonders forever! Like Yubin said, "Once a Wonder Girl, always a Wonder Girl! " we WonderFuls are the same too!


The best thing in my life is be a wonderfuls..
Wonder Girls always give new spirit for me when I'm happy, sad and etc..
Fighting Wonder Girls...
We will support you till the end..

More like the wonder boners

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80 Ilvolovers [il Volo]

I really hate that everyone says they're the best fanbase, I don't believe there is such thing. The best fanbase will come from a group that will cause the world to change and whos music motivates everyone to be better. Now getting on topic...

Il Volo are italian teenage 19-20 year old guys. They appeal to not only teenagers but adults, seniors and even young kids. They are humble, caring, wonderful guys that know how to be performers as well as Pop-Opera singers.

We the fans call ourselves Ilvolovers because we see how talented these three guys are. We love them because they care so much about us and it's shown in eveything they do. Il Volo may not be at the level of Justin Bieber, Drake or Miley Cyrus but their fan ranges from kids to seniors, not just teenagers. The Ilvolovers all know that some day our guys will be recognized worldwide for their amazing god-sent voices and for being themselves, the great guys that they are and the great men they will someday ...more

These boys have talent above and beyond most of the groups listed above. And yes, their fan base covers ALL AGES! And they don't need any gimmicks or pyrotechnics, or to undress, or smoke or drink onstage as many of the others do. All they have to do is open their mouths and listen to their beautiful voices.

There are three wonderful boys, with a great talent but most of all humility and with the immense desire to change the world and bring messages of peace and love wherever they go, the fans are not only ilvolovers but a family that is united by music and love.

There are a great number of fan-groups supporting IL VOLO. It is difficult to select any special group as the best as I know at least three groups to which I would give this medal.

Ilvolovers (il Volo) is one of the oldest group I remember and finding them here I just vote for them. Continue your wonderful work supporting the love of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero with your love and spirit!

What does Il Volo sing and live up to? WE ARE LOVE!

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