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81 Parawhores/Parafamily (Paramore)
82 Arianators (Ariana Grande)

I'm an Arianator and I usually don't choose to be in fabases, but it's different with Ariana. Everyone is so loving and supportive, dedicated and we respect her decisions.

Arianators stick with their Queen, don't betray and love each other. There's no hate in Arianator Island!

No offense but I hate arinators because they can't take opinons they say haters are dumb idots,deaf,blind and on facebook one seleators says " I hope ariana grande is the next to die " and arinators says "i hope you and selena gomez is next to die" and they say"everyone is gonna pay millons for that donut licked by ariana" you will understand why I hate arinators because they are childish,mean and they can't take hate opinions they also throw tantrums to haters and this should be down on this list

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83 Navy (Rihanna)
84 Cannibal Corpse
85 Bigeast (TVXQ, DBSK)

Bigeast is Official FanClub of Japan which supports TVXQ. There is Bigeast with TVXQ forever.

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86 Kiss Me (U-Kiss)

I maybe a fan of other K-Pop groups too but I'm a solid Kiss Me. We may not be as numerous as E.L. fs, not as powerful as Sones, nor as hardcore as some V.I. ps, but we are exceptionally unique. Not everyone realizes the talent of U-Kiss. Yes, others are talented, in fact, more than U-Kiss. Everybody goes for the best right?

U-Kiss may not be number one in everything, but we support them. It's because we have this so called unique bond between the artists and fans.

Number one or last, famous or not, Kiss Mes are always there for U-Kiss.

Just as Kevin said, they're lucky to have us.

Iam a 4th month Kpop fan. And the thing is, I became kpop fan because of this amazing group, ukiss. They are simple yet awesome and cool. They are one and they love each other. They don't say bad things against anyone because it may affect their group. Its great to have them as my NUMBER 1 kpop bias. All the member in the group is my bias. Not like the other group, they only like a group if IT HAS A BEST FACE in it. -. - WHATEVER HAPPENS I'm GOING TO BE FRVRKISSME. EVEN if the time comes that they need to stop performing. They will be always in my heart and mind. :D FRVRUKISS.

UKISS will always have our love, please always support them and love them, for the past 4 years they have shown their love to us and have kept us happy for years, so I want to be able to show them my, no I mean our love and win them a music show award!


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87 Snower (Super Junior's Kibum)
88 Coldplayers (Coldplay)
89 Panics (Panic! At the Disco)

We are called SINNERS for crying out loud!

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90 Sepultura
91 Blue Bloods (X Japan)

We are X! X has the largest fanbase here. 333 And we are the biggest cult act. XDD X is bigger than all the bands/singers on this page. And the quality of their music is certainly higher. We are X forever!

Only one artist I know can make a whole audience filling the Tokyo Dome shout out "X" and jump st the same time. Blue Bloods are such dedicated fans, we've survived since the 1980's.

We are X!
X Japan is Japan's Number 1 Band ever... And never be replaced...
We love hideto matsumoto... He is the greatest guitarist...
And Yoshiki hayashi (drummer) ever make KISS's drummer kick his drum's...

92 Best Friend (Boyfriend)

Just look into their personality and their talent, you know what to say then%
Daebak-est thing in the world &

Kim Dong Hyun! Shim Hyun Seong! Lee Jung Min! Jo Young Min! Jo Kwang Min! Noh Min Woo! BoyFriend fighting!

All of Best friend will love Boyfriend forever
Boyfriend are so cute are you think like me?
I think they are so cute and sometime they so

The best ever. Talented + naturally good looking guys. Gotta see for yourself. Of course they have good personalities too.

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93 Jumpers (Hey Say Jump)

Jump forever! They good for me I Love Them!
So I think everyfan is going to support Jump
Now Jump will tour in Thai
And I want to go there

Jumpers definitely show the best support! (I also think they write some of the best fan fiction ever! ) Everyone has there own different bias in this group. Mine is Keito Okamoto because he speaks English and has decided to go to college where they speak English. They receive so much love, and honestly, it's rare that I hear anything bad about them. They are really putting in their all to try and make it big, and us Jumpers will always be there to support them!

Solid JUMPer forever.
We'll continue to support both JUMP and Ryu even if he already left.

I love you so much Hey! Say! JUMP.
So I'll support you and waiting for your concert.
Hey! Say! JUMP will be complete when they're 10 JUMP.

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94 Junus (SS501's Kim Hyung Jun)

We are not trying to separate as individual fanclub from SS501 group. But since each member had gone to have their solo activities, our Magnae Hyung Jun also would be proud to be supported for his own activities. Eventhough he's the youngest, he's great. Kim Hyung Jun, please keep fighting!

I love Hyung jun. He is so hard working and sincere ever. Always shows his strong yet cute appearance

Junus is official fanclub name (Junus = Jun Us)of Kim Hyung Jun (SS501)

95 Harmonizers (Fifth Harmony)

I love Fifth Harmony and I actually just recently became one. GET HARMONIZERS TO THE TOP.

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96 Inspirit (Infinite)

We are Inspirit! We love Infinite!

We love you all guys!
Keep spirit Infinite because Inspirit always there!

Infinite will give 100% for Inspirits and we will all's support them no matter what they do. Inspirits and Infinite are perfect for each other and together we will be the best group and fandom

Infinite must be the best.. , #InspiritIndonesia @af_recka


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97 The Stooges V 1 Comment
98 Janoskinators

Janoskinators are the most devoted fans there are and they are insaneee

99 Possessed
100 Aff(x)tion -F(x) V 2 Comments
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