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81 Petals (Heechul/ Heenim Super Junior)

I am petals 4 ever, I love his voice and his face, kim heechul I love you

Heechul gives me life. He has been through so much just since Super Junior debut and he keeps coming back from everything for his group, his E.L.F. S, and his Petals. I love Heechul!

I've already voted for E.L. F, but seeing that my ultimate bias is also here made me smile widely :D Yeoksi, Wujudestar Kim Heechul!

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82 The Wanted

It really earned it's name! The members of that fan base look after each other and create bonds unlike anything else!

The wanted's fan base are known as the TWFanmily because because we really are a family. I think the fued between the wanted and one direction is childish much like 1D fanbase

The most amazing fanbase I've ever been a part of!

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83 Little Black Stars (Avril Lavigne)

We love Avril very much. She helps some of us through bad times, always supports us, inspires with her talent, teaches many important things, and we also are always there for her. She is our Queen. She is our angel. We appreciate her so much, and she appreciates us very much, too.

Little Clack Stars is such a great fanbase...Nobody insults other artists ( which is great) And they only care about Avril and her music. Of course we listen to other artists too but we never insult Lady gaga, Katy perry etc. We also don't take Avril like a goddess (which most of the fanbases do) like Directioners, Beliebers etc...But we have some negative things too... We don't support Avril that much eventhought some of us try...

We are rulers and we rule forever

LIttle Black stars were a great fan base before Hello kitty
Then people started to be really unfair and bitchy its not fun anymore I must tell you. but Avril Lavigne her self is very lovely

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84 Coldplayers (Coldplay)
85 Metallica
86 5sosfam (5 Seconds of Summer)

Directioners suck honesty (sorry it's the truth)

They should be higher up. The 5sos FAM is always there for the boys to support them. Also, the true fans accept people who weren't there from the beginning and help each other through everything.

We don't deserve to be in 266. We deserve higher. This fandom is the sweetest and does not send hate.

Eh sure there stuff kinda sucks but their fam (or whatever yoy call it is really commited) I'll tell you that kids

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87 Judas Priest
88 NezIndaClub (Agnes Monica)

She is the real diva
I love you Agnes

The best asian singer n the real superstar in the world, love agnes monica so much! Nothing gonna change y love for you NEZ

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89 Angels (Leeteuk/Park Jungsoo SJ biased)

How do I even begin to describe Lee Teuk? He is just pure perfection he is an angel without wings. I will always be an ELF and I am proud to say that I already voted for ELFs since I'm one lol - MMM_sjfreak

OoopaaA I love you I'm ELF from Saudi Arabia... You have fans in Arabia pleas kam in arabia,... We love teuk

90 Parawhores/Parafamily (Paramore)
91 Arianators (Ariana Grande)

I'm an Arianator and I usually don't choose to be in fabases, but it's different with Ariana. Everyone is so loving and supportive, dedicated and we respect her decisions.

Arianators stick with their Queen, don't betray and love each other. There's no hate in Arianator Island!

Ariana is THE VOICE! She is my everithing.

Love to me and all aritors

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92 The Saturdays

They may be a small fanbase, but they are the nicest! They support the girls, and never send hate to anyone! Even if they haven't released music in a while, they patiently wait because they are the definition of what a fanbase should be like.

93 Navy (Rihanna)
94 Cats (Cashmere Cat)
95 Cannibal Corpse
96 Snower (Super Junior's Kibum)
97 Panics (Panic! At the Disco)

We are called SINNERS for crying out loud!

I'm a panic fan I rule

98 Cher Crew (Cher)

Such a great big family.

99 Sepultura
100 Bigeast (TVXQ, DBSK)

Bigeast is Official FanClub of Japan which supports TVXQ. There is Bigeast with TVXQ forever.

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