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101 Halseyinators (Halsey)

It's actually not an official name yet, but the unofficial one is Young Gods. Halsey is life. I love Halsey. Her songs are so creative and meaningful that a lot of singers don't have - lovefrombadlands

102 Possessed
103 Inspirit (Infinite)

We are Inspirit! We love Infinite!

We love you all guys!
Keep spirit Infinite because Inspirit always there!

Infinite will give 100% for Inspirits and we will all's support them no matter what they do. Inspirits and Infinite are perfect for each other and together we will be the best group and fandom

Infinite must be the best.. , #InspiritIndonesia @af_recka


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104 Aff(x)tion -F(x) V 2 Comments
105 T-ara V 1 Comment
106 Smilers (Miley Cyrus)

We stayed with her all the time, because that's what fans should be, support your idol no matter what, and, that's what smilers do c: - ropanquecito

Because smilers are the most happiest, loving, sweetest, caring and especially they are the radiator of love!

We love you Miley! Haters are gonna hate, who cares? We love your music. You have an awesome fan base, girl.

I was looking and looking for smilers. Why are they at 108? So many people hate Miley, but we still support and love her. We always will so please get this higher.

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107 Aliens (Tokio Hotel)

Tokio Hotel may not be known worlwide but they are widely known in Europe and South America. They are slowly gaining popularity in Asia and as well as the North America. The fandom is strong especially when Tokio Hotel greatly needs us. If you heard of MTV's OMUSIC Awards (votings done online), Aliens won twice, straight in a row, the Fan Army for the win category. Proof that Aliens are strong supporters! And we are a family! Tokio Hotel forever!

Once an alien always an alien and we are the strongest and most devoted fanbase. We are devoted, and are like family. Tokio hotel forever!

Tokio Hotel we fans Arabia we love bill &Tom Always you R the 1

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108 Angels (Teen Top)

They are the best idols ever
They really deserve our love and support

I am Arab angel for teen top oppas thanks for this name I love it fighting

I am arab angel ^^ I wish The luck For TEEN TOP they really AMazing guys $_$ Oppa's Fighting

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109 Kamilias (Kara)

Kamilias are jjang!

This is a fanbase full of love and respect.

Kamilia may be a small fanbase but we have the biggest love for KARA.
More than you can imagine

I love KARA so much
I became a Kamilia 2 years ago and I am truly happy I did because I don't know how my life will be without knowing who they are

Immersed myself into their sweet melodies since I don't remember when. And until now, KARA never disappoint me. Wish them all the best! KARA jjang!

I'm going to vote for Kara and only Kara. They're the only K-Pop group I legitimately am a fan of which means they are my favorite group. They're just so cute.

Yeah they are very calm.
Even when another group bashing kara
They still calm and keep supporting kara what ever it takes.

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110 Mahomies (Austin Mahone)

Austin is super cool and I love him with all my heart because he's so wonderful to his wonderful fans and we return the love be give us because he is so adorable and loves his mahomies do much and we love him too I've loved him since he was just that kid on YouTube he deserves more cares than this guys!

Mahomies! I love them! They're so cute and never fight with each other or other fanbases! ^_^

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111 Fahrenheit

Please vote for this Taiwanese boyband. They're great performers and good role models especially to the youth. They are all inspiring and they deserve this!

Go Fahrenheit!

112 Teen Top
113 Rihanna Navy

The number 1 most die hard fans of 2013 according to
Won as the best fan base of 2014 in the iHeartRadio Awards.
Rihanna loves her fans (us) so much as she never fails to mention us in every award she gets, interacts with her fans on Twitter, sent help to the family of her young fan (murder victim) via donation, the sweetest during meet and greet as she always hugs and kisses her fans. The one and only Good Girl Gone Bad who was never lost in the game. Rihanna!
Navy or die.

114 Gleeks (Glee)

I love glee its just a big musical and it has many supportive fans that encourage plus they are not pushy or mean to other fanbases

I love glee, it's a very nice and I am gleek, but I am agree with this position, bevause the gleek are not very present on the web!

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115 Minions
116 Ramones

Basically anyone that likes music is a fan. - Punkrockmenace

117 Hunters
118 Zayner (Zayn Jawaad Malik)
119 Gillians (Liz Gillies)
120 LP Soldiers (Linkin Park)
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