TripleS (SS501)


I liked SS501 maybe because the first Korean song that I heard was, one of their songs & on that time they were the first & only handsome, young, cute & pretty face boy band I knew! But after awhile I watched more music videos & started to know more bands I understand these 5, are not the only handsome, young, cute, pretty faces in the Korea & there are much more bands which are really famous & there isn't just "MY SS501"!
Now, it's been 3 years years ago I watched the first Korean music video & I like it very much & I like singers more! I don't know what's happening right now whit SS501 & I don't know how many bands & singers will be added to Korea music industry, all I know is, I will always be a fan of SS501 & I hope they always stay as "501" like what they want to be at the first!

SS501 and Triple S are always together forever and always

Triple S are a big family fanbase. We are always be beside our boys no matter what happen to them. We are always protect them! We also will wait patiently for them to comeback as SS501 again! We will also support and respect theirs solo activity now. "S. T 0.1 NOW"

Triple S, Greenpeace, Pretties%Let's united together!

Triple S fanbase is a very clam fans, we are a happy family fanbase, we are the most peace fanbase, we don't fight with each others, we always play together, we always share our happiness, we share information about our boys and we respect others fandom unless if they bash our boys we will bash them back to protect our boys.


Fighting Triple S and SS501! I am very pleased to be part of the Triple S family in Indonesia and in the world and I am proud of SS501. Triple S is the friends who are always pleasant and mutually reinforcing while SS501 was not doing activities as a boyband. Although each member of SS501 has a name fans themselves, but they still consider me as Triple S. Let the family of Triple S, we always pray and be patient waiting for the return of our beloved oppa SS501 back as though they have not been able to come to the country you come from and hopefully someday they can pay a visit to our country if only for a vacation.
'SS501 and Triple S around the world'

TripleS and SS501 are family... If you want to know SS501 watch "Thank You for Waking me up" and "M. Pick! -SS501" They compose a song for TripleS "Green Peas" which they show how they love their fans... Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon they are our Sun, Star and we are TripleS stands for Supporter forever!

Triple S my second family I'm happy to be part of this amazing fandom cause I know that true triple S always support the 5 of them and cause they support and believe in our boys.. Thanks you 4 always being so nice to me this fandom ROCKS cause we r still here for the boys and cause we will always be here NO MATTER WHAT WE WILL WAIT 501 YEARS if its necessary... Triple S keep supporting ss501 always and lets keep growing as a family and as a fandom for our boys

I love being a TripleS for one simple reason, because these 5 men always make me feel cherished. They are the only group I know of that has done so much for their fans, in both small and large gestures. They truly appreciate each and every fan, and I am certain that they will love all of us TripleS for the rest of their lives.

But not only do they appreciate our support, they love us as friends/family members as well. So often they have played with us during concerts, or fanmeets. They will have fun with us by cheeky and calling us all their "girlfriends" only to turn around and sing a song to us and labeling all of Jung Min's girlfriends as horses. Also, when they couldn't fulfill a fan's request to come to her birthday party because of scheduling conflicts they will send a lovely cake and video message singing her happy birthday as an apology. They forsook winning an award just so that their fans didn't spend money on texting in their votes, and wrote a beautiful song ...more

Let's support ss501 by supporting their number 1 fan base that has continued supporting our very own SS501... May this be a stepping stone for our favorite group to be reunited once more on the same stage because they will never be ss501 without each other... I am hoping to see them as one again soon... Go triple S..! Fighting!

Triple S will forever believe in our precious boys, and will forever see them as ONE because SS501 will forever be united as ONE; no matter where they are, no matter what they do, and no matter what others may say. The best evidence of our love is that the band has been inactive for about 16 months, yet Triple S still believe in them and still support them, and still LOVE THEM.

We will always support our oppas. Nothing will ever change our minds, no rumors, nothing! I'll always and Forever support them!
Be a Triple S... Is the best thing that ever happened.. Triple S house keeps in his heart the moments we have lived with each of the members.
They bring happiness... To each of us with just listen! They love their fans and us to them

Ss501 is the life of triple s! Triple s is the princess of ss501 triple s ss501 =forever! Ss501 the best! Triple s the best! Love ss501 4 ever, be triple s forever

I only got to know SS501 and Triple S few months ago. I cannot believe that I have never heard about them before. Like I was living in the dark. Since I got to know them I watched many videos, read thousands of blogs even joined twitter which I never understood. Just to be closer to them. It's 2013 and they manage to gather new members of Triple S. They inspired me to do something for less fortunate people, they inspired me to work hard, fight for dreams and never give up. They gave me hope in people when I stopped trusting and gave up on people. Simple song of SS501 can make me smile, even through tears. That's why I become and always will be Triple S! Not to mention that triple S are very respectful, dedicated, patient fandom. As I haven't been fan of any music artist for past 12 years, I am living proof what kind of miracle SS501 love can do

The kindest and warmest group on earth! And absolutely funny! They brought colours to my life! Proud to be a Triple S, proud to have SS501 as idols cum friends. DoubleTriple will always love and protect each other...

Leader, Prince, Eternal Center, Sexy Charisma and Maknae..
Super Stars Five Forever As One
Proud to be a Triple S!
We support SS501 members be it solo or group..
Trust and believing in them are the keys..
Triple S mansae! Love ya SS501!

We Triple S always believe in our SS501 Princes,
We Triple S always waiting for SS501's comeback,
SS501 Triple S = Forever For Love
Triple S, we must do the best for our princes, because they always give us the best thing too, so, let us support them forever

Triples will support ss501 4 ever. Nothing can change our opinion. Even if they don't work with each other. But still we are waiting for their comeback. Hope they have fantastic comeback. Ss501 fighting. Triples fighting

Triple S is always so proud of SS501, no matter whether they are as a group or solo, they are always so hardworking, humble, polite & doing their best for the fans... TS will always there to support them, love them and trust them & wait for them patiently for their comeback!

SS501, they are my idol! And TripleS are my family! TripleS are very lovely and sincerely! I love SS501 and I love TripleS too! We are always together, forever and ever!

I'm sure that TRIPLE S keep support SS501, always. Even though SS501 haven't re-unite yet and doing solo activity. SS501 TRIPLE S! MANSAE!

Best sisterhood I've ever met, hope they'll be united always and have that craziness. Hope to meet all of the Triple S around the whole wide world.

Leader, Saengie, Kyu, Minnie, BabyJun - We'll be waiting for the day SS501 & tripleS reunite! We miss you oppaa!
Wherever you guys are, however long it may be & whatever it takes, WE, TripleS, will be waiting for your comeback! That's our promise

#BestMoment-FIVE of you, performing together as ONE!


I'm proud to be a Pea Princess! Because we are so pretty!
We laugh & cry together..
SS501 is like a vitamin who always give strength in TripleS heart.
SS501 & Triple S just like a sunshine & rain, moon & star, day & night. We are so compatible for each other.
We here always waiting for you. Your star will never go away. SS501 is our blood.

Tripe S are the only fans who does not bash other bands and keep waiting for SS501's comeback patiently. I really hope that SS501 wont disappoint us and make a comeback as soon as possible SS501, FIGHTING! You are still the best for me Be brave and keep up the good work & Kim Hyun Joong oppa, CONGRATULATIONS for all those success you got in the solo promotions

To SS501: Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your life, for giving us the chance to know you, even if it is for just a brief second, and to love you with all of our hearts. Thank you for working so hard to make us proud. Thank you for sharing your laughter and tears with us throughout the years. For all of these reasons, we thank you and most importantly we love you

We want you to know that in 10 years, in 20 years, even in 501 years, we will always and forever be Triple S Green Peas.

SS501 for TripleS

TripleS for SS501






S.T.01 forever! Ss501 and triple S forever as one from now on! Keep fighting! Keep believing!