Big Bang certainly is the one group that had the biggest impact on me. They are people I look up to and one of the many reasons I admire and respect them is that they have gotten where they are through their music, not by being the lovable type. I find all members' personalities something I can look up to, they are free and beautiful, they invest so much sweat in what they do and are really funny. However, the one thing they conquered Kpop was their MUSIC, not their good looks/personalities etc; they didn't promote perfection, but music - that's also the reason you see them so rarely on variety shows. I remember G dragon said in an interview that they didn't become better by appearing on shows and that is their goal: becoming better, great performance, good music. I also remember Taeyang once said he wanted to "stand on any stage in the world and not be ashamed, that's the kind of singer I want to be".

I respect Big Bang, I love Big Bang; they made me love them trough their ...more

Well in 2011, Big Bang went to a lot of scandals and problems. And when the MTV EMA awards came around, all the VIPs got together and worked their hardest to help Big Bang despite all the hater comments. Through everything that happened, the VIPs were the strongest and were always loyal and faithful. Big Bang and VIPs are promised to be together until whenever and that will never change. - katherinelo

Even if scandals break out VIP are understanding. We don't lie about scandals and admit if they are true or disregard them if it's pointless. Our job is to love, protect and encourage Big Bang and they give back by creating wonderful music and mesmerizing stages. Our group has mostly girl fans but also strong male fans because their music can be enjoyed from both ends. VIP hold Big Bang together as much as we hold one another together. Even if times are tough we have to have some laughs right?

Seriously VIP is the most chic fanbase. We are the true fanbase that always listen to our oppa words. Example: a true story from seungri (BIGBANG member) one day, a few VIP follow him around, when he can't stand it he asked them to go away. Surpringky the VIP really2 go away, he was so dumbfounded by our act Furthermore, although VIP fanbase are huge, but vote for BIGBANG always lack due to VIP laziness. We only looking forward to vote for an all-mighty ^^ grand award only 1 thing for sure, we will always support BIGBANG from shadow, forever ever after

Being a VIP means that you will always stand next to the members not matter what happens and no matter what others say. We are always supporting them and don't turn our backs on them when something bad occurs. (ex. Daesung car incident and G-Dragon's scandal) We've not just fans but we are friends and we respect them and all their work and choices. VIP fighting! BigBang forever! BigBang is VIP!

I always feel proud to be a V.I.P. because we're one of the the strongest fanbase in the world. We stand by our boys' side until whenever no matter what happended and will happen. BIG BANG is one of the most precious bands I have ever known in my life. I want to be with them till the end! And one last thing PROUD TO BE A V.I. P 'cause BIG BANG is V.I. P in our heart too!

Best fanbase ever, because bigbang doesn't just show their beautiful faces or their perfect bodies like other kpop, but they really prove us that they have talent! They can sing perfectly, every members have unique personality and ability which makes this group different from others. Fighting BIGBANG!

I think VIP and BIG BANG is really unity... We really close! Too many things we through, even it hard but we still be able to get it... We can't be separated, when the idol wrong we tell them and when we wrong they tell us..
And the beautiful thing is BIG BANG and VIP have a same thing we love MUSIC very much!

BIGBANG was the first one that got me attached to K-pop =) Because of their great talents, looks, and personality, I decided to be a VIP. I'm really proud to be one of their fans, supporting them as much as I can. VIP FOREVER

Vip are the best fandom in the world! And that is proven in mtv! We will never won best fan for nothing we surpass other foreign artist fandom and we make it to the top and bring the title home! We make our bigbang the best worldwide act on mtv ema!

Our fandom isn't really all that organized- Bigbang doesn't win as much awards as do the other groups because we (for the most part) don't bulk buy, etc. BUT, we'll still all be here to support them... Until Whenever.

Big Bang is the best boy band nowadays! They are unique, also they are so handsome! Mexico LOVES BIG BANG!

Never has a band touch my heart so deeply as BIGBANG! You can never imagine how fantastic BB it is! If you have been a speculator of their live show, absolutely you will find it is in the place that amazing happens!

Being a V.I.P. means that we're true fans we're always there for them because they give us such wonderful music to enjoy THANK YOU yg family for such wonderful artists

The VIP's are the fanbase that supports BIGBANG no matter what. And we support them, because there's no other group like them, and there will never be one. Their unique in every way. Their music reaches to milhons of thousands of fans that adore them. They've been in the music industry for nearly a decade, and there still slaying with their music. The VIP's are going with BIGBANG all the way!

I am proud VIP and I feel like V.I. P because our BB members have more closer relationship with us than any other group. When they say they love us, they mean it. They do think af their fans not just count with them. They need us of course but they want us as well. Hwaiting!

Malaysian loves BIGBANG! Love them till death.. Yeah, until whenever..

Personally I like all grouP but VIP just work together as one not Like sones and elf whose fan Dom always fight or have incidents

I'm so PROUD to be VIP

VIP is AMAZING PEOPLE, I LOVE VIP.. I was always proud to be part of the VIP

The best the best the best the best... No words to describe bigbang! Talented and a trendsetter! Different and unique!

I adore BIGBANG; the boys have been through so much and are so dedicated and focused in what they do that I can't help but improve my own self and my own life because of them. No matter what others may say... VIP forever~!

Being a VIP has made me stronger. Dealing with a number of stuff that happened to the guys, it was tough, and yet staying in the fandom has made us all stronger. BIGBANG has also became stronger. As a VIP, we don't always have to agree with what BIGBANG does, as they are humans top, and humans make mistakes. But we'll be there to watch them learn from their mistake, stand up and continue singing, and we shall learn from them in correcting mistakes.

Kwon Jiyong, Choi Seunghyun, Dong Youngbae, Kang Daesung, Lee Seunghyun. #BB5forlife, until whenever. The idols that were once boys are now men, bringing us better music and one thing I'll ever regret about liking BIGBANG, is not liking them earlier. Because I've been part of the yellow sea, and I will be.

I am already been a VIP for about almost 7 years, it started in 2009. What I've already seen is VIP is cool and chic fanbase that always keep supporting BIGBANG, even when Daesung and SeungRi were in their lowest point. They never give up on their idols, so am I until now. I never see VIP bash other fandoms or some pretty chic in their MVs. They always compliment those lucky ladies instead of threatening them to death. BIGBANG and VIP never dissapoint me

BigBang and VIP should be number 1 in this list! VIP is known as cool and chic fandom! VIP! Vote for us!

Because if VIP, they won the EMA awards. They supported them even through ups and down. And I'm proud of them for not hating them after what happened last year. I hope they will keep supporting them this year, and the future..