Top 10 Best Music Games

All the rhythm based video games the world has seen, and the best of them.

The Top Ten

1 Rock Band 2

This song is neck-and-neck with Guitar Hero III. I think this is slightly better. It is definitely better than Guitar Hero 5 (which is still a great game).

Yes! You can go around the world from a small-town local band, to becoming the biggest band in the world!

Great songs. Great tour mode. Definitely one of my favorites!

In my opinion slightly better than gh world tour but they’re both great.

2 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

I got this game the day I got my first Xbox 360. I was so confused about what this game was and how it was played. When I first started playing, I sucked at it. But after a while of practice I got better much better like I was really learning a guitar. This is the one game on this list that I still haven't beaten on Expert. I can never get past Before I Forget, it's a real pain. In short, this game is a masterpiece for its music choice and its difficulty. I love it and you should too.

3 Guitar Hero Metallica

Guitar Hero: Metallica is the most heavy-metal game ever played. It has the best of Metallica songs. It's unlike the other Guitar Hero games. I don't even know why this is the third one on the list. This should be the first!

4 Guitar Hero Smash Hits

Great songs

5 Rock Band
6 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
7 Guitar Hero 2
8 The Beatles: Rock Band

A great, easy-going rhythm game with awesome graphics based on the Beatles' music.

9 Guitar Hero 5

The song selection on Guitar Hero 5 is so diverse. The game developers clearly put some effort into deciding what was going into the product, which I appreciated very much.

Best music game seriously! it has Looks that kill, Lithium, You give love a bad name and many more awesome rock hits! Its way better then Rock Band 2!

10 Guitar Hero

The Contenders

11 UmJammer Lammy

Calling this game's main campaign the craziest thing I've ever played would be a bit of an understatement - xandermartin98

12 Guitar Hero Aerosmith
13 Osu!

Amazing game. Definitely should be at least in the top 5.

14 Dance Dance Revolution Supernova

Great music and characters. Diverse rhythmic levels. Really fun too, especially if your friends are rhythmically retarded. - xxdeadxeyesxx

15 Rock Band 3

This has to be the next best game. I mean, it has pro instruments to help me become an actual pro drummer, or guitarist, or keyboard player, or even singer. This game has some good songs, but this game is life changing and it helped me on my career (in REAL LIFE! ).

This is by far the greatest music game of all time.

16 Deemo
17 HarmoKnight


18 Gitaroo Man
19 Brutal Legend
20 Vib-Ribbon

Japanese pop rock + vector bunny girl = G E N I U S

21 Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour is the best extremely closely followed by Metallica. - moose4life19

22 Bust A Groove

PS1 rhythm based game from '98. Awesome characters and music. Great for people of any rhythmic level. - xxdeadxeyesxx

23 Green Day: Rock Band
24 Guitar Hero 2
25 Parappa the Rapper

Without this game all of these games above it might not even exist

26 Rocksmith 2014

Should be number one; No contest.

How could this not be on the list?!

27 Audiosurf
28 PaRappa the Rapper 2
29 Electroplankton
30 Amplitude

I'm surprised this game isn't on the list this game is when I first got into music games great game great graphics great EVERYTHING good song list too

31 Karmaflow

The first rock opera video game.

32 Sega Miku Hatsune Project Diva 2nd

One of the most underrated...

33 Lost in Harmony

Great soundtrack (available on YouTube), combined with an absorbing and emotional main story.

34 AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack
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