It's a crime that Electronic music is so low in this list, people just don't understand it and disregard it saying "it's not real music because it doesn't use real instruments". Electronic music is the sound of the future, stop judging it by what you hear on the radio.

I seriously think that the reason why so many people hate it is that they can't understand it yet, they are not used to concentrate on the melody and enjoy the vibe of the music. I love this genre - of course it's a wide expression, when we re talking about "electronic music" - and even though there are repetative, lame tracks, (as in every genre) this is the only form of music which can give me chills or energy when I need. It focuses on your vibes and feelings during listening, and this is what I love about it, and without deep/future/progressive house my life would get a much worse perspective.

This genre of music is amazing, I love it especially some of the older and more obscure music. People just don't appreciate this genre. This genre also has so many subgenres and people I believe just want the same old stuff. I also believe that Electronic does have a subgenre for everyone, you can also see the extremes of music, one electronic genre is super slow music while on the other end of the scale, you have fast aggressive music like Splattercore. This pretty much shows that electronic music has a subgenre for everyone. - DJSchollen

As someone who's never really tried this form of music for listening or for playing, is it hard to make a song of this genre? Like I imagine all that goes into it music wise is just someone at a computer just putting different sounds together. Is it more than that (and I don't mean "you have to feel what you're doing, you have to believe in your music" kind of stuff, I mean actually and physically what you are doing to record a song) or is that just it?

Electronic music is pretty awesome. So is pop, but electronic is still better in my opinion. If I could vote twice, though, pop would be my second option. But I do love my electronic music. I could jam any day to these funky beats. It can be made with all kinds of instruments! I have even written my own electronic song, and recorded it.

Very ahead of it's time, and it's pushing the limitations that traditional genres have used only as a side selling piece, but now we've been creating music in ways never thought possible, and I mean beyond the traditional popular setup which most people have been exposed to. Not only is there much more variety with endless amounts of possibilities, unlike limitations set by other genres, this has helped it from becoming stale. Take an electronic song from a certain year and compare it to other genres at that point in time.

Electronic music has so many possibilities that aren't even explored yet. Since it is on the computer there are a infinite amount of sounds to be created. This means each song will be more personalized and that there can be so many collaborations with different styles and artists

Electronic music is really modern and it has almost infinite possibilites, it can be melodic or repetitive, Slow or fast, Loud or quiet. And a lot of different Electronic genres from Deep house to trance and techno. Electronic music can be good or horrible as does other genres. it of course depends on the song and artist. Electronic music is the only genre that uses modern musical Instruments. Electronic music is the future of the music.

Absolutely the best for bad mood it makes me happy instantly because the instrumentals sound the way I feel and when combined with lyrics sounds so much better

I can say out of personal experience trying out other genres.(except country) that Electronic was the only genre I listened too that made me want to go out and live my life for what it is. To have fun and make memories. To work hard and try to be great in life. I know that Electronic will get the cred it deserves once people move toward analyzing and feeling every single beat that is played.

Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Knife Party, etc. While Rock is definitely my favorite type of music, electronic is a close 2nd and should be higher. Not #1, but definitely needs more recognition than this list is giving it! - Donut

Ytf is this only 34?!? Its evolutionised from rock, since now its boring & dated (maybe not the states, but especially in the uk) and do youse not like david guetta, calvin harris, fatboy slim, swedish house mafia, swedish? Its not just techno stuff it goes from disco to eurodance to house to the stuff david guetta does (dunno what its called) to dubstep to drum and bass! This is the best whole genre (like rock, hip hop and stuff) so far in the history of music! Make it number 1!

Techno electro dubstep are the best because you can move to the music. Best stuff ever guys. No jokes at all. The sad part it gets stuck in your head. I hate that. Techno is Beast.

Computers can do ANYTHING (not literally). It's impossible to say you don't like EDM, because whatever sounds you like can be incorporated into an electronic MASTERPIECE. - datrandomguy

It's the most creative genre with infinite possibilities, the creativity that is required for each artist to be able to make the addicting sounds they make is nothing short of masterwork.

So true, so many people generalize electronic music according to the popular artists of the genre, but they just don't know the tens of thousands other creators who are equally as good if not better. Truly a misunderstood genre!

Why isn't electronic higher? There is so much more than the normal "mainstream EDM" songs people usually hear. There are a ton of electronic songs with emotion and meaning. Just because it doesn't have "any actual instruments" doesn't mean it's beautiful.

Electronic music has evolved over so many years, it has influenced so many new genres and takes from so many other ones, it's hard to believe this genre is only placed on spot #16, it being one of the greatest in existence, EDM contains so many cultures and sub-genres it could be considered a whole other level of music entirely!

I love electronic music it's honestly amazing and I'm obsessed with dance music. Mostly because I love dancing and it cheers me up when I'm down. It's the number one genre I listen to on a daily basis.

BANGING! This is some of the greatest music around. But at the end of the day it all goes back to house music. You have to give the credit to house because Electronic is a sub-Genre of House music.

Best genre of music ever. I rarely get bored listening to an electronic music except if it is really bad. I rather listen to electronic rather then like rock or metal or something - DerrARC

Electronic music is a quite misunderstood and underrated genre, as the best subgenres (which aren't probably the most popular ones) allow infinite creative possibilities.

Electronic is the future. It is an amazing genre of music because it is very different. That's why some people don't like it, but I have a feeling that they will learn to.

I really love this type of music, because it is typically instrumental and works great with most action sequences and chase scenes. It's really a versatile genre.

Electronic 13th? Naw! I know it is a new genre but HOLY is there some good Electronic artists. My Favorites are Savant, and the kings of Electronic, Daft Punk.