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181 Dangdut

Dangdut is amazing. try to listen to Rhoma Irama and Soneta, they're so awesome...

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182 Folk Punk

How is this so low? Folk-punk is such a real and raw form of music that actually shows real character. All of Pat The Bunny's bands (ramshackle glory, wingnut dishwasher's union, and johnny hobo) are fantastic. Other good artists include ghost mice, andrew jackson jihad, and 37 cents.

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183 Reggaeton

How is this not at 300th place? - punkracioman

How the hell is this 139? This music is listened to all over the world.

How is this not top ten?

How is this not top 10?

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184 Eurodance

Daft Punk, O-Zone, Akcent, Cascada, Eiffel 65 and many more. They have some of the best musics I've ever listened to. Eurodance is a mixture of House, Pop and Electronic, which makes it even better to those who like to dance or just bob their heads while listening to the music.

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B. G the prince of rap
Dj Bobo

185 Djent

Djent is the best! True abilities of musicians come out with djent! Oh, the riffs, the odd time signatures, the djent sound, I LOVE IT ALL! TesseracT, Periphery, Meshuggah, Animals As Leaders, Vildhjarta and many favorites. I'm wondering why djent is down here...

Tesseract, Plini, Animals as leaders... for the Love of Djent I vote here

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186 Ska Punk

Um... I feel like the reason this isn't higher is because people are stupid and don't realize that Sublime is ska punk..

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187 Instrumental Rock
188 Breakcore

At least it's here love it.

A really cool genre. Takes some listening to get used to, though. My recommendations are Reizoko Cj and LOLI RIPE.

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190 Trip Hop

Best genre of the 90's, pure and simple.

191 Moombahton

This is a great genre. It's more popular then you think as songs like 4U by aero chord and even Where are you now by skrillex and diplo was moombahton

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192 Doom Metal

Doom Metal was the first genre of metal ever created.

So this is 186th. Below 185 genres not as good as this. I bet I'm the only one here that has heard of Electric Wizard, or Pentagram, or Solitude Aeturnus, or Candlemass, or Saint Vitus. People have no taste in music. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

193 Nintendocore
194 Italo Disco

One of the best music genres hitting Europe in the 80's. Baltimore, Ken Laszlo, Eddy Huntington, and many more.

195 Emo Pop

Oh good lord no don't let this demon of hell on this list

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197 Industrial Hip Hop
198 Gospel Bluegrass

Though I can't say that I routinely listen to much more than bluegrass, I do get the impression that, for all the musicians involved, it takes significantly more skill to play than other music genres. Just listen to a bluegrass fiddle tune (like Orange Blossom Special) for proof. Banjo players must keep nearly perfect time and play at a fast pace. As for mandolin players, I am awestruck by looking at the speed of their fretting hand, let alone the hand they're picking with. Bluegrass as a whole is always very upbeat, praising the Lord or otherwise.
Gospel songs are among the best bluegrass tunes, and they are probably how the form of music started. Anyway, I suppose this genre's dismally low ranking reflects the interests of them thar' modern internet users

199 Cajun
200 J Rock
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