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201 Progressive Dreamfunk
202 Salsa

Too much rhythm. Some people can't handle that.

Can't believe is not in the list

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203 Clownstep
204 Brocore
205 Hardtechno
206 Easycore V 1 Comment
207 Electronicore V 1 Comment
208 Mathcore

A great genre. Mix of Math Rock and heavy metal. Not actually about math homework lol. Check out some awesome bands like Blakfish, Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me. Very similar to progressive metal in many ways.

For the people who are curious about this awesome genre, here some of the most popular mathcore bands: The Chariot, Converger, The Dillinger Escape Plan

Oh my god. Never listend to this, but all I can imagine is some heavy ass death metal band singing about math and homework

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209 Samba

Alright, you people are kinda nuts that the fact is that samba is not on this list. It shoutld be on the top 10. Samba has a very fast pace, but with a soft mood. That is hard to get in music. It also has a latin beat and feel, mixed with an island feel. And also, once you listen to ti once, you get hooked into it.

Samba isn't the best, but really should be at the 10.

210 Sludge Metal V 1 Comment
211 Crossover Thrash

Heaven! My two favorite genres in one.

212 Thrashcore
213 Powerviolence
214 Nardcore

LOL, whoever put this on here might as well invent a new genre of music where everything is misspelled and usually is about gaming or cats. - LargeDemon

215 Skate Punk

I think it should be higher... I wouldn't vote for it (I already voted for punk rock), but its pretty popular.

216 Street Punk
217 Jazz Metal

Jazz plus heavy metal. Two of the grestest genres by themselves merged with each other. Virtuous, hard, versatile. Do I need to say anything else?

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218 Delta Blues
219 Punk Blues
220 Texas Blues
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