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201 Samba

Alright, you people are kinda nuts that the fact is that samba is not on this list. It shoutld be on the top 10. Samba has a very fast pace, but with a soft mood. That is hard to get in music. It also has a latin beat and feel, mixed with an island feel. And also, once you listen to ti once, you get hooked into it.

Samba isn't the best, but really should be at the 10.

202 Glam Punk

No band can touch the New York Dolls in this genre.

203 Noise Rock

This board is infested with cancer, I'm actually glad my favorite genre is so low on this list

204 Christian Dubstep

Best type of dubstep ever. Artists like Onnyx, Oiwolf, Seth Beatz, JoshuaNicholas, and avenkae are the best in this genre.

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205 Greek "Rembetika"
206 Acid Techno

This should be in the top 10. If it wasn't for music like this then music today would not be how it is.

207 Krautrock

The mixture between progressive & experimental rock elements makes this genre a necessity for anyone who wants an out-of-body experience.

I CAN write a comment but nothing CAN explain my love to songs like Yoo Doo Right, Halleluwah etc.

208 Lolicore

A subgenre of breakcore that uses samples, but then speeds them up & pitches them up. A bit of an acquired taste, but I like it! LOLI RIPE is by far the best artist in the genre.

209 Klezmer
210 Industrial
211 Electric Blues
212 Tropical House

How is this only 148? Kygo is one of the most innovative artists of the 2010s, in my opinion.

213 Crunk
214 Jazz Funk
215 Bebop
216 Japanoise
217 Splittercore
218 C-POP

I love this Genre. Without a doubt the most underrated and unknown to the outside world because other asian genres such as JPOP and KPOP covering it up its beauty

219 Technical Thrash Metal
220 Oldschool Jungle
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