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201 Gospel Bluegrass

Though I can't say that I routinely listen to much more than bluegrass, I do get the impression that, for all the musicians involved, it takes significantly more skill to play than other music genres. Just listen to a bluegrass fiddle tune (like Orange Blossom Special) for proof. Banjo players must keep nearly perfect time and play at a fast pace. As for mandolin players, I am awestruck by looking at the speed of their fretting hand, let alone the hand they're picking with. Bluegrass as a whole is always very upbeat, praising the Lord or otherwise.
Gospel songs are among the best bluegrass tunes, and they are probably how the form of music started. Anyway, I suppose this genre's dismally low ranking reflects the interests of them thar' modern internet users

202 Post Modern Melodic Tech-Death Metal
203 Salsa

Too much rhythm. Some people can't handle that.

Can't believe is not in the list

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204 Reggaeton

How is this not at 300th place? - punkracioman

How the hell is this 139? This music is listened to all over the world.

How is this not top ten?

How is this not top 10?

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205 Instrumental Rock
206 Technical Death Metal

That pretty much explains bands like Opeth and Death. It's a more progressive form of Death Metal. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

207 Alternative R&B
208 Emo Pop

Oh good lord no don't let this demon of hell on this list

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209 Jazz Rock V 1 Comment
210 Eurobeat

I love my initial d music running in the 90s and gas gas gas are my favorites

Needs more votes, who doesn't like Eurobeat, everyday, I shall leave a vote on this site to let Eurobeat deserve what it should
Deja Vu
Gas Gas Gas
Crazy Little Love
Beat of the Rising Sun
Running in the 90s

211 Futurepop
212 Reggaeton-Pop
213 Motown

I guess Motown is basically R&B but it sounds cooler. Artist like Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, the Four Tops, Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and the Jackson 5 ruled for 25 years. Later, Boyz 2 Men and even later, Bruno Mars kept the music alive.

214 Conscious Hip Hop
215 Dubstyle
216 Cajun
217 Electronicore V 1 Comment
218 Mathcore

A great genre. Mix of Math Rock and heavy metal. Not actually about math homework lol. Check out some awesome bands like Blakfish, Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me. Very similar to progressive metal in many ways.

For the people who are curious about this awesome genre, here some of the most popular mathcore bands: The Chariot, Converger, The Dillinger Escape Plan

Oh my god. Never listend to this, but all I can imagine is some heavy ass death metal band singing about math and homework

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219 Samba

Alright, you people are kinda nuts that the fact is that samba is not on this list. It shoutld be on the top 10. Samba has a very fast pace, but with a soft mood. That is hard to get in music. It also has a latin beat and feel, mixed with an island feel. And also, once you listen to ti once, you get hooked into it.

Samba isn't the best, but really should be at the 10.

220 Glam Punk

No band can touch the New York Dolls in this genre.

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