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221 Death 'n' Roll

Haven't actually listened to this but I've heard of it.

222 Reggae Rock
223 Crust Punk
224 Celtic Punk
225 Oi!

That is a really strange name for a music genre. - Imreallyboredrightnow

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226 Christian Punk

No, just no.
Perfect for torture music, with jesus being said after every 5-7 words is an extremely good tool for annoying people and making them scream "MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! ". - LargeDemon

227 Garage Punk
228 Horror Punk
229 Cowpunk

Cowpunk or country punk combines punk rock with country music in sound, subject matter, attitude, and style.

230 Symphonic Death Metal

Septicflesh, plain and simple. This subgenre of death metal is REALLY good.

231 Glam Punk

No band can touch the New York Dolls in this genre.

232 Noise Rock

This board is infested with cancer, I'm actually glad my favorite genre is so low on this list

233 Psychobilly
234 Surf Rock

This is less terrible than disco

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235 Protopunk
236 Punk Jazz
237 Gypsy Punk
238 Riot Grrrl
239 Synthpunk
240 Trallpunk
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