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221 Japanoise
222 Splittercore
223 C-POP

I love this Genre. Without a doubt the most underrated and unknown to the outside world because other asian genres such as JPOP and KPOP covering it up its beauty

224 Technical Thrash Metal
225 Oldschool Jungle
226 Neo-orchestral
227 Dirty Rap
228 German Hip Hop
229 Bubblegum Dance Bubblegum Dance
230 Experimental
231 Future Bass

A very very underrated genre, it is very relaxing to listen to and can actually express feelings, especially sadness. The bass, strangely, creates a mental universe/space theme around you, that's what make it relaxing, unlike heavy metal and rock-and-roll which only causes general nuisance to the public. - MChkflaguard_Yt

232 Post-Trap
233 Latin

I like this genre too! Makes you feel happy and energetic with its fast beats! - Pegasister12

Latin music is awesome with it's happy upbeatness

Exotic, spicy, vibrant, rhythmical, what's not to like? Especially Cuban music such as Salsa, Cha-Cha-Chá, Rumba, Mambo etc. it always puts me in a good mood anyway! :D

234 Renaissance

Somebody suggest me some song on this genre...

235 Post-Grunge

I wish more people would scroll all the way down before voting. Guys, this genres includes bands like The Foo Fighters, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Red, etc. There's no reason for it to be this low!

Post grunge is 48? Three days grace? Breaking Benjamin? There rated this bad? This should be up there with heaven metal

There is a reason this genre be so low... I mean if you're talking about breaking benjamin it also falls in alternative rock which is at top 5. so can't complain...

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236 Southern Rock

The mix of country and rock is perfect songs are written about real life not just a reason to scream lyrics like metal the most talented singers are southern rock because within southern rock there are upbeat songs blues songs country type songs love songs basically a collective of influences from jazz to country to folk to blues and many others this is why southern rock is so good

With bands like the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, 38 Special, you can't go wrong! Southern rock has all the good bands

It's like country and rock mixed together.

Lynyrd skynyrd is one of the best

237 K Pop

I like to listen kpop when I want to throw up

K pop should be in the Top 10 positions!

Best genre ever

Listen to exo, bts, block b, 2ne1, blackpink and girls generation and tell me k-pop is bad I bet you can't

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238 Post Punk

Hardly anyone ever talks about post-punk anymore, I love it.

239 Screamo

Disco should be at the bottom of this list

Mix of good sound and screaming

Screamo is a good genre!

Why is emo not on here

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240 J Rock
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