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241 Technical Death Metal

That pretty much explains bands like Opeth and Death. It's a more progressive form of Death Metal. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

242 Horrorcore V 1 Comment
243 Pirate Metal

I love this genre, it's all about pirate things. try to listen to Alestorm and Swashbuckle, they're amazing...

Weird, but it's not bad and can be enjoyed, just don't listen to it in the Caribbeans(Obvious joke, if you didn't get it). - LargeDemon

244 Post Djent
245 Symphonic Black Metal

Black Metal with Synthesizers

Kill me now

246 Terrorcore
247 Speedcore

It is bouncy and with a hardcore beat

248 Frenchcore
249 Brony V 5 Comments
250 Christian Dubstep

Best type of dubstep ever. Artists like Onnyx, Oiwolf, Seth Beatz, JoshuaNicholas, and avenkae are the best in this genre.

V 2 Comments
251 Greek "Rembetika"
252 Mexicore

I love this genre so much because it subconsciously reminds me to eat more Mexican food and I love Mexican food!

You would understand this if you like pierce the veil (sorry if I spelt it wrong I can't really spell)

V 1 Comment
253 Dark Ambient

Not my favourite genre but should be higher. - Oliwally

254 Intelligent Dance Music

Hands Down: Best genre on the list.

255 Drone Metal V 1 Comment
256 Detroit Techno
257 Funeral Doom Metal

Depressing atmosphere, lyrics about grief, long songs, good doom metal subgenre.

258 Big Room

Never heard of it? /watch? V=T7Pe4v-ev0g&hd=1 here is a perfect example of it it's awesome music 100x better then dubstep

259 Acid Techno

This should be in the top 10. If it wasn't for music like this then music today would not be how it is.

260 Xote
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