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241 German Hip Hop
242 Bubblegum Dance Bubblegum Dance
243 Singer/Songwriter
244 Experimental
245 Future Bass

A very very underrated genre, it is very relaxing to listen to and can actually express feelings, especially sadness. The bass, strangely, creates a mental universe/space theme around you, that's what make it relaxing, unlike heavy metal and rock-and-roll which only causes general nuisance to the public. - MChkflaguard_Yt

246 Post-Trap
247 Euro Reggae
248 Latin

I like this genre too! Makes you feel happy and energetic with its fast beats! - Pegasister12

Latin music is awesome with it's happy upbeatness

Exotic, spicy, vibrant, rhythmical, what's not to like? Especially Cuban music such as Salsa, Cha-Cha-Chá, Rumba, Mambo etc. it always puts me in a good mood anyway! :D

249 Renaissance

Somebody suggest me some song on this genre...

250 Post-Grunge

I wish more people would scroll all the way down before voting. Guys, this genres includes bands like The Foo Fighters, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Three Days Grace, Red, etc. There's no reason for it to be this low!

Post grunge is 48? Three days grace? Breaking Benjamin? There rated this bad? This should be up there with heaven metal

There is a reason this genre be so low... I mean if you're talking about breaking benjamin it also falls in alternative rock which is at top 5. so can't complain...

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251 Rapcore

Yeah I like linking park.

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252 Southern Rock

The mix of country and rock is perfect songs are written about real life not just a reason to scream lyrics like metal the most talented singers are southern rock because within southern rock there are upbeat songs blues songs country type songs love songs basically a collective of influences from jazz to country to folk to blues and many others this is why southern rock is so good

With bands like the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, 38 Special, you can't go wrong! Southern rock has all the good bands

It's like country and rock mixed together.

Lynyrd skynyrd is one of the best

253 Dubstep

Everything before all that 2009 noise was great. Even though I like some of the new stuff these producers pull out, I think the early years of the genre were the best.

Go listen to Burial, Skream, Benga, whatever, and compare that to Skrillex. The difference is quite notable.

Get with the times, sure it may sound like a bunch of weird noises, but once you get a feel for dubstep it attaches to you like a limpet. People say it's not real music, but I think to be a dubstep artist you need to have some musical talent to string those sounds together and let it flow. So yeah, dubstep is a real form of music, and it's addictive!

Hear some of skrillex and agree with me - Mushroom99

Dubstep tells a story within the bass drops, techno-style notes and sometimes some lyrics. I like punk, metal, emo, rock etc, but all those tell a story with only lyrics, some songs even just tell a story that is so simple that it's like from a children's story book. If you listen to a song in dubstep, you will find that the song has no meaning. However, there is a meaning, but you need to find it out yourself. All dubstep songs can make you rave out and dance, and sometimes calm you down or make you feel better. Dubstep is the genre with the deepest meaning and it's the best raving music. Good job Skrillex.

Please keep your crazy-ass deepness to yourself. If you wanna go that far into it, just interpret Pink Floyd and Rush albums, or something. - MrWizard1234

Yes! - Merggy

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254 Post Punk

Hardly anyone ever talks about post-punk anymore, I love it.

255 Screamo

Disco should be at the bottom of this list

Mix of good sound and screaming

Screamo is a good genre!

Why is emo not on here

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256 J Rock
257 Oshare Kei
258 Hardstyle

This should be one of the best because its simply represent the fast dancing in the streets such as hard-style shuffling (the original shuffling)

If this list was made in Europe, hardstyle would be top 3. This is the kind of music you wish you had at your party.

All those kids think that the top 40 charts, especially in the UK, has the best tunes to dance to. I swear if euphoric Hardstyle was released into the mainstream it could get big. Right now it's still only supported by a niche group. Either way, HARDSTYLE IS KING!

Hardstyle is my life people out of my class say rap and trap but I think it's the best

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259 Progressive Dreamfunk
260 Clownstep
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