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261 Hardstyle

If this list was made in Europe, hardstyle would be top 3. This is the kind of music you wish you had at your party.

This should be one of the best because its simply represent the fast dancing in the streets such as hard-style shuffling (the original shuffling)

All those kids think that the top 40 charts, especially in the UK, has the best tunes to dance to. I swear if euphoric Hardstyle was released into the mainstream it could get big. Right now it's still only supported by a niche group. Either way, HARDSTYLE IS KING!

Hardstyle is my life people out of my class say rap and trap but I think it's the best

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262 Progressive Dreamfunk
263 Clownstep
264 Brocore
265 Hardtechno
266 Easycore V 1 Comment
267 Crunkcore

no - wrests

More like number 1 hollywoood undead limp bizkit broken cyde

268 Sludge Metal V 1 Comment
269 Crossover Thrash

Heaven! My two favorite genres in one.

270 Thrashcore
271 Powerviolence
272 Nardcore

LOL, whoever put this on here might as well invent a new genre of music where everything is misspelled and usually is about gaming or cats. - LargeDemon

273 Street Punk
274 Jazz Metal

Jazz plus heavy metal. Two of the grestest genres by themselves merged with each other. Virtuous, hard, versatile. Do I need to say anything else?

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275 Delta Blues
276 Punk Blues
277 Texas Blues
278 Death 'n' Roll

Haven't actually listened to this but I've heard of it.

279 Reggae Rock
280 Crust Punk
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