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261 Cello Rock
262 Calypso

A wonderful sound you definitely hear in the music of New Orleans. Example Proffesor Longhair

263 Zeuhl

The true music genre invented by the band Magma and followed by the bands Eskaton, Universal Totem Orchestra, Dun, Koenjihyakkei, Jannick Top, Offering and so on. Better than the progressive rock. The best combination of classical music, jazz, rock and something new which cannot be easily described. Try albums: M.D.K. , Kontarkosz, 4 Visions.

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264 Horrorcore V 1 Comment
265 Pirate Metal

I love this genre, it's all about pirate things. try to listen to Alestorm and Swashbuckle, they're amazing...

Weird, but it's not bad and can be enjoyed, just don't listen to it in the Caribbeans(Obvious joke, if you didn't get it). - LargeDemon

266 Post Djent
267 Symphonic Black Metal

Black Metal with Synthesizers

Kill me now

268 Terrorcore
269 Speedcore

It is bouncy and with a hardcore beat

270 Frenchcore
271 Brony

Umm this is a genre of music?

Hi I'm on 200

Haha Glaze for the win m/

I love brony music! I recommend:
The Living Tombstone - Pegasister12

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272 Classical Crossover

The best of everything, with lovely voices! - BobG

273 Mexicore

I love this genre so much because it subconsciously reminds me to eat more Mexican food and I love Mexican food!

You would understand this if you like pierce the veil (sorry if I spelt it wrong I can't really spell)

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274 Intelligent Dance Music

Hands Down: Best genre on the list.

275 Drone Metal V 1 Comment
276 Detroit Techno
277 Funeral Doom Metal

Depressing atmosphere, lyrics about grief, long songs, good doom metal subgenre.

278 Big Room

Never heard of it? /watch? V=T7Pe4v-ev0g&hd=1 here is a perfect example of it it's awesome music 100x better then dubstep

279 Xote
280 Yoik/Joik

If you would just sit land listen to the sammi sing...

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