Top Ten Best Music Genres


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281 Bollywood

Bollywood music is so fun

282 Screamocore

Screamo + Hardcore = Screamocore

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283 Industrial
284 Electric Blues
285 Tropical House
286 Classic Latin
287 Crunk
288 Jazz Funk
289 Bebop
290 Chap Hop
291 Japanoise
292 Extratone

Man, this is just noise...this is coming from someone that doesn't mind Death Metal.

293 Splittercore
294 C-POP

I love this Genre. Without a doubt the most underrated and unknown to the outside world because other asian genres such as JPOP and KPOP covering it up its beauty

295 Technical Thrash Metal
296 Deathstep
297 Southern Gospel
298 Christian Rock
299 Christian Hip Hop
300 UK Garage
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