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281 Big Band
282 Easy Listening
283 Bluegrass V 2 Comments
284 Chalga
285 Percussion

That's an instrument classification.

286 Bhangra

Ah.. so good to see Indian music

Mix of classic rock, synth rock, and punjabi immigrant dance music. So many great bands like new pardesi music machine, dcs, shoring, sahotas, achanak, toofan etc etc..

The world needs another hitt!

287 Electronic Body Music (EBM)
288 Aggrotech

This is good too.

289 World

World is amazing. I think the music industry needs more world in it. I love hearing the sound of western music with traditinal music. this genre should be number 1 its interesting.

290 Sadcore V 1 Comment
291 Neue Deutsche Härte V 1 Comment
292 Indian Classical

One of the purest forms of music. And I'm not even Indian... Oh wait, yes I am.

I don't care if I am the only voter for this... But being a musician and having explored numerous genres, I know that this is the richest form of music in the whole damn world... particularly the Karnatik Indian Classical!

293 Bollywood

Bollywood music is so fun

294 Screamocore

Screamo + Hardcore = Screamocore

V 1 Comment
295 Classic Latin
296 Chap Hop
297 Alternative R&B
298 Extratone

Man, this is just noise...this is coming from someone that doesn't mind Death Metal.

299 Deathstep
300 Southern Gospel
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