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281 Garage Punk
282 Horror Punk
283 Cowpunk

Cowpunk or country punk combines punk rock with country music in sound, subject matter, attitude, and style.

284 Symphonic Death Metal

Septicflesh, plain and simple. This subgenre of death metal is REALLY good.

285 Psychobilly
286 Surf Rock

This is less terrible than disco

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287 Protopunk
288 Punk Jazz
289 Gypsy Punk
290 Riot Grrrl
291 Synthpunk
292 Trallpunk
293 Taqwacore
294 Cello Rock
295 Calypso

A wonderful sound you definitely hear in the music of New Orleans. Example Proffesor Longhair

296 Zeuhl

The true music genre invented by the band Magma and followed by the bands Eskaton, Universal Totem Orchestra, Dun, Koenjihyakkei, Jannick Top, Offering and so on. Better than the progressive rock. The best combination of classical music, jazz, rock and something new which cannot be easily described. Try albums: M.D.K. , Kontarkosz, 4 Visions.

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297 Pirate Metal

I love this genre, it's all about pirate things. try to listen to Alestorm and Swashbuckle, they're amazing...

Weird, but it's not bad and can be enjoyed, just don't listen to it in the Caribbeans(Obvious joke, if you didn't get it). - LargeDemon

298 Post Djent
299 Depressive Suicidal Black Metal

Is that even a thing? I'm a huge metal fan, and have never heard of that. Heard of black metal before though, but what?!?

I would probably confuse this with atmospheric doom metal or funeral doom metal.

Best music genre ever of course

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300 Symphonic Black Metal

Black Metal with Synthesizers

Kill me now

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