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301 Terrorcore
302 Speedcore

It is bouncy and with a hardcore beat

303 Frenchcore
304 Brony

Umm this is a genre of music?

Hi I'm on 200

Haha Glaze for the win m/

I love brony music! I recommend:
The Living Tombstone - Pegasister12

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305 Mexicore

I love this genre so much because it subconsciously reminds me to eat more Mexican food and I love Mexican food!

You would understand this if you like pierce the veil (sorry if I spelt it wrong I can't really spell)

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306 Intelligent Dance Music

Hands Down: Best genre on the list.

307 Drone Metal V 1 Comment
308 Detroit Techno
309 Funeral Doom Metal

Depressing atmosphere, lyrics about grief, long songs, good doom metal subgenre.

310 Big Room

Never heard of it? /watch? V=T7Pe4v-ev0g&hd=1 here is a perfect example of it it's awesome music 100x better then dubstep

311 Teen Pop V 2 Comments
312 Xote
313 Yoik/Joik

If you would just sit land listen to the sammi sing...

314 Big Band
315 Easy Listening
316 Bluegrass

This is the best genre of music that I have ever listened to in my entire life.

Shouldn't this be higher - Jackal2272

I really like to listen to seems to take you back in time.i really like this type of music so much that now I'm learning the mandolin.

317 Chalga
318 Percussion

That's an instrument classification.

319 Bhangra

Ah.. so good to see Indian music

Mix of classic rock, synth rock, and punjabi immigrant dance music. So many great bands like new pardesi music machine, dcs, shoring, sahotas, achanak, toofan etc etc..

The world needs another hitt!

320 Post-Britpop
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