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121 Indie Folk
122 New Jack Swing
123 Synthpop
124 Alternative Folk
125 Experimental Metal
126 Gothic Rock

A genre most people stereotype with being popular among girls. Our society needs a complete overhaul and we need to have a mandatory music class where we teach people about all music genres.

I think more people would like it if they had any idea what it was. Bauhaus, Christian Death, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Souxie and the Bandshees, Virgin Prunes,etc.

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127 Industrial Metal V 1 Comment
128 Anarcho-punk

Why is this the worst genre of the list? We have here some good bands like Crass

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129 Mariachi
130 Hula Music
131 Chiptune

Why is this at 115? This should at least be at 30. - LargeDemon

132 Cold Wave
133 Latin

I like this genre too! Makes you feel happy and energetic with its fast beats! - Pegasister12

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134 Post Rock

114? You know what? Remove them from this list. Post rock doesn't deserve this. I get it, this genre is different for everyone, but they're not in the top 50 even. Please, check out a few bands in this genre. I don't have the words to describe what their music is like. Like if your heart was an instrument, and your mind was playing it, this is the music that you would create(apparently). It pains to see this down here. They don't deserve to be in this list. I mean it.

Post Rok at 83?!?!? You've got to be kidding me! There are so many incredible bands like Explosion in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, Sigur Ros and the list goes on. This is real music that makes you feel.

Such an amazing and diverse genre, often pushed away for the experimental style and complexity that makes this genre great. 65daysofstatic, If These Trees Could Talk, God is an Astronaut, Mogwai. I love it for the amazing and complex soundscapes these bands often create in their music, the irregular time signatures and beauty.

Amazing genre of music.

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135 Post Punk

Hardly anyone ever talks about post-punk anymore, I love it.

136 Glitch Hop

Creatively well done music

137 Neo Soul

You can just chill and do things listening to this unlike pop and rap.

138 Grime

Grime is becoming cancerous throughout my local area's culture, in the 'road man' youths who think that because it talks about drugs and mess ups, that it's a good genre because they don't know what real music is.

Grime is people with no musical talent talking

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139 Talk Music

Listener is the best example of talk music. Look listener up this very second, it will change your life forever! I love wooden heart and falling in love with glaciers. Talk music is easy to understand and if you like rap or Indie this is the place to be

140 Show Tunes

They're so versatile, and can be in many different styles of music. Some are pop-styled, rock-styled, all kinds of styled. And they're so catchy too!

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