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121 Polka

Polka is very very good with my favorite polka bands being weird al

Famous bands include Neutral Milk Hotel and The Radioheads (The Fridge Sessions era). It combines avant-garde Hip Hop and Post-Scaruffy core.

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122 Violin Pop

I have never heard of this, but pop is the reason why music sucks nowadays.

123 Folk rock

Neil young, The band! This is some good music!

124 Acid Rock

Just listen to Light my Fire by The Doors. People say its one of the greatest american rock songs of all time. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

125 Space Rock
126 Baroque Pop

Combining the grandiose sound of classical music and the catchiness of pop. Seriously amazing.

127 Latin

I like this genre too! Makes you feel happy and energetic with its fast beats! - Pegasister12

Latin music is awesome with it's happy upbeatness

Exotic, spicy, vibrant, rhythmical, what's not to like? Especially Cuban music such as Salsa, Cha-Cha-Chá, Rumba, Mambo etc. it always puts me in a good mood anyway! :D

128 Deep House

Okay this is easily one of the best music genres out there it has such a catchy beat and undertones that just makes you enjoy listenign to all the layers of the song its amazing its not super fast like some edm can be but isn't as slow as chill house its perfect to be honest house as a whole is amazing and I definitely think it shuld be much higher than this as I've noticed a lot of rock and metal is at the top which is far too negative and angry and just chaotic for me

129 Indie Folk
130 Free Jazz
131 New Jack Swing
132 Neotraditional Country

You can't beat the classics Alabama, George Strait, Reba, Garth Brooks, etc.

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133 Alternative Folk
134 Experimental Metal
135 Anarcho-punk

Why is this the worst genre of the list? We have here some good bands like Crass

It's not for the masses

136 Cold Wave
137 Plunderphonics
138 Mariachi
139 Hula Music
140 Grime

Grime is becoming cancerous throughout my local area's culture, in the 'road man' youths who think that because it talks about drugs and mess ups, that it's a good genre because they don't know what real music is.

Grime is people with no musical talent talking

Grime is life

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