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1 Kerrang!

Well it's amazing! I have also found my true love here. It's extraordinary, specially when I AM SLEEPING AND WHEN I AM CLEANING MY HOUSE... THE DUST DISAPPEARS FOREVER...

Awesome, truely, awesome. And I'm 11! Love this show, it's brilliant. This is where I first found out My chemical romance

2 VH1
3 Scuzz

all kerrang plays is songs from emo bands. scuzz plays proper kick ass metal - wolphert

4 MTV Classic MTV Classic MTV Classic (MTVC) is a television channel that strictly shows music videos. MTV was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in New York, New York. MTVC is popular among 40-50 year-olds, especially Rock and Metal fans. Many celebs. have claimed to have been fans of MTVC, including Corey Taylor.

monsters of rock top 20 was amazing - wolphert

5 MTV Rocks

MTV Rocks alright right evey body MTV rocks it is gr8 channel alright every body I LOVE ROCK MUSIC

6 VH1 Classic
7 4Music
8 Viva
9 Starz
10 Channel AKA

This is a good channel dedicated to 90s-present hip hop, rap and grime music.

The Contenders

11 Bliss
12 Much Music

I great channel but it's for Canadians so you might not have heard of it. - booklover1

13 MTV Base

If you like rap music, this is the MTV channel for you, It's pretty much like MTV Rocks but with rap instead of rock.

14 Flava
15 The Vault

This channel plays modern love songs, teen pop, 10s pop and a few classic 90s & 00s throwbacks!

16 Music Choice
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