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The cello or violoncello is a bowed or plucked string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.


To me, the cello is a perfect way to play like a violin, viola, and maybe even bass. Right now, I have been learning to play it for about 2 years now. For the beginners who have started orchestra or people in middle school who are thinking of orchestra, do the cello. it has one of the richest tones out of all the instruments, and can be easy once you've gone done with the first year of learning it. of course, you always have the option of not playing the cello, But in my opinion, go for it if you want to be playing, any genre; or really want to impress and make the violins, violas, and even bass jealous because you have the most scales, harmonics, and notes out of the instruments in orchestra. So if you are thinking of playing this instrument, I'd do it!

The cello is very underrated in my opinion. I think this is because cellists are a little few and far in between, but they're super cool. I love playing it. When I was in sixth grade, I didn't know if I made the right choice of instrument in orchestra. Now I know I did, and I am a proud cellist who has been playing for over a year and and a half. It is so unique and its not too high of a pitch (violin) or too low of a pitch (bass). And, you are required to sit down to play, a total plus when you're as lazy as me.

Cello is very versatile I play cello and I can play blues, rock, classical, jazz, swing, funk, metal, pop it's ridiculous. I play an number of other instruments but electric guitar is definitely not a musician's instrument they are not musician's, just want to be. Bass guitar takes more talent then guitar. I've played guitar and it takes like a day to learn. So anyone who believes that guitar is the best then they should check out other instruments.

While it may not be as versatile in the styles of music it can play as a guitar, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful sounding instrument there is. Because there are so many different layers to the sound, there are so many different tones you can create with each single note, and having this huge variety at your disposal means that you can be infinitely more expressive with the cello than any other instrument.

Most people don't notice that violin or viola is not good for the player's ear right next to their ear. And some people who knows this plays base, which I won't go for because it's very, I mean VERY big for most people to just cary around. Harp is also big and heavy like base. So my favorite is cello. Not too high, not too low, not too heavy, it's just right.

I love the cello! I don't know how to play it (yet) but I really love listening to the sweet sound it makes. Personally, I love the drums, the entire string family, and just using your voice to express how you feel. I hope that soon, everyone in the world will realize that music is a lot more interesting then war and terrorism, etc.

I like instruments for their versatility, and of all the strings, the cello calls to me the most. It can be Middle Eastern or British, low or high, moving or energetic, foreground or background. If you look up Zoe Keating's work, she shows that a cello can be every part in a piece and still keep it balanced.

I think that the cello is so awesome. It can play harmony really well. Especially in Pachelbel's Canon in D. You can bring out such beautiful tones with the cello. Melody on the cello can make people speechless. The cello is the most amazing instrument ever.

The cello has a large range, and sounds VERY beautiful. It doesn't sound extremely high pitched, and it isn't too low. Its just right. It's very comfortable to play as well. Surprised this isn't higher on the list. It's just such a beautiful instrument!

While cello may not be used as excessively across genres as the guitar, it has the nicest timbre. It's a tenor instrument, which means it's not too high, nor too low, and it is in my opinion the most expressive instrument. I'm a jazz guitarist, but still- cello is better.

The cello makes some of the best music. It shows expressions such as sadness, happiness, and despair. Although it is hard to master, it is worth the effort.

I love piano, violin, and all those other instruments-but to be honest, they're a little overrated. A cello is lovely, understated, and refined as well as elegant. It's imposing, expressive, and subtle-something many other instruments lack.

As a person who plays the cello, violin, electric guitar, piano, trumpet, and saxophone, I can easily say that the cello is the best out of all of them. No contest. Period. All hail the graceful, majestic, and fearless cello. That is all.

Yes, it's not often the main part of some symphony orchestra, but it makes the melodies even more beautiful. I've often wondered why bands don't sound as good as orchestras, and this is the reason.

The cello is a beautiful instrument with just the right tone to play almost any song. Everyone says guitar but cellos are like guitars but you have a lot more freedom to move your fingers and can get deeper sounds.

The cello makes the most classical sound in the world as Jeremy Clarkson said "a classical sound like a cello being played by an angel on a pillow of honey. "

Cello is the backbone to the string orchestra. Without cello, the orchestra would most likely fall apart. It's pitch is not too high or low, and can hold the melody, harmony or the beat of any song.

Never played one (yet) but I've been listening to them for years and I love the deep full sound that they can make when accompanying a soloist, or the fast bright passages being the soloist.

Clearly the best instrument of all. The cello has the largest range (can play a really low c to all of the violin notes using artificial harmonics). You can also express yourself in dramatic movements, and play light and free in fast ones. The ability to vary tone is a big plus for the cello! The cello should be number 1 on this list!

Why is this not higher on the list? It's range is very large and has a beautiful mellow tone to it. It's not too high and it's not too low, it's kind of in the middle.

The cello has a ways with words no other instrument can emphasize enough. It can mimic the sounds of human laughter, or the sadness of our tears. The cello is the best instrument.

The range of sounds that can come from this insturment; soft, loud, high, low, fast, slow, emotional, aggressive, and many more...always impress me making this one, if not THE, best instrument ever invented. The simply fact it has stood the test of time and even adapted to the modern age of music is very impressive as well.

The cello is truly an amazing instrument. Out of most instruments, it's the easiest to get tone out of, and after mastering it, you get a beautiful timbre that speaks more than any instrument. The cello also has the easiest fingerings to remember, until you get into thumb position. This instrument also has the greatest octavial range, reaching from C2 all the way to a C6, where violins have to shift into 3rd position in order to reach. Of course, that might not be the best sound, but if you master it, you can play something that no other instrument can play or express. I also like this instrument, because it goes high enough as to not break your eardrums, but not low enough to not be able to hear it. The cello definitely deserved to have a place on this list.

It is a really relaxing and calm

It is the kind of instrument that has to have a person to yell in your ear to stop listening to the music.